Lal Kitab - Moon Effect in Various Houses and Remedies

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Lal Kitab - Moon Effect in Various Houses and Remedies

Moon is a very important planet with regards to astrology. It defines very important aspects of a person’s personality and their success and weaknesses. It has control over impregnation, conception, birth of child, and she represents mother her family, grandmother navigation, agricultural lands, love, mental peace, and heart. Whenever the moon is in different houses of the chart, it has different effects on the person’s life. Here is how moon behaves in each house and the Lal Kitab remedies you can use to decrease its negative effect:-

Moon in 1st house

Usually, it is Mars and the Sun that occupies 1st house of the chart. When the moon is present in the first house, these three planets give beneficial results to the native as they are friendly planets. The person with such a 1st house will always be soft-hearted with most of his attributions coming from his mother. This person should stay away from the colour green and sister-in-law as these represent Mercury and is an enemy of the Moon. Lal Kitab remedies he needs to follow are :

  • Not marrying between the age of 24 and 27. He should marry either before 24 or after 27.
  • He should not build his own house during the same age timeline.
  • He should always keep a silver plate in his house.
  • He should offer water to the roots of a banyan tree.
  • On the four corners of the blood, he should insert four copper nails.


Moon in 2nd house

2nd house is the house of Jupiter and Venus. Venus is the lord of this house and it is the permanent house of Jupiter. Moon will prove to be beneficial here too as it is very friendly with both Jupiter and Venus. A person with such a chart may not have sisters but more brothers. If the Ketu placed in 12th house causes an eclipse of the Moon here, the person will not be well educated or will have lack of male children. The remedies that the Lal Kitab suggests are :

  • Things that are related to the moon i.e. silver, rice, the mother, and old women will prove to be very lucky for him.
  • He should offer green clothes to little girls for 43 consecutive days.
  • Things connected to the moon, like a square of silver, should be kept at the entrance of this person’s house.

Moon in 3rd house

When the moon is placed in the 3rd house, it will be affected by the Mars and Mercury. Such a person will live a long life and will be rich. Remedies mentioned in the Lal Kitab for such person are :

  • Do not use your daughter’s money or wealth.
  • To avoid effects of a malefic planet in the 8th house, offer milk and water to guests and others.
  • Prying to Goddess Durga and touching the feet of small girls after offering them sweets and food.
  • After your daughter is born, offer in donation things related to the moon and after your son is born, offer in donation things related to the sun.

Moon in 4th house

When in the 4th house, the moon will prove to be immensely powerful. Such a person will have high reputation and will be honoured by the society. But the remedies of Lal Kitab he should follow to remain successful in life are :

  • If one sells milk for profit, it will have a negative effect on his life span, mental peace, and income.
  • He should stay away from adultery and flirtation.
  • Before you begin any auspicious work, place a pitcher full of milk in the house.

Moon in 5th house

When the moon will be in the 5th house, it will be governed by the Sun and Ketu. He will be a very rightful person and be very sincere in his ways. The Lal Kitab remedies for such a chart are :

  • One should never use abusive language during arguments or when in trouble.
  • One should never become greedy or selfish.
  • Doing a job n the public service will enhance the reputation of the person.

Moon in 6th house

In this house, the moon will be affected by Mercury and Ketu. A person with this chart will not receive proper education and will face many obstacles in life. The Lal Kitab remedies for this person are :

  • Serving milk to your father with your own hands.
  • Not taking milk during night.
  • Never give milk as donation but it can be offered at a religious place.

Moon in 7th house

Here the moon will be affected by Mercury and Venus. He will be drawn towards spirituality and mysticism and might be a poet or astrologer. The remedies provided in the Lal Kitab for this person are :

  • Do not get married in the 24th year of your life.
  • Keep your mother happy.
  • Do not sell milk or water for your profit.

Moon in 8th house

This house is governed by Mars and Saturn. The presence of the moon here will have a bad effect o the person’s education. If the education is complete, the life span of mother will shorten. Lal Kitab remedies for such a situation are :

  • Avoid gambling and flirting.
  • Don’t build any house after covering a well with roof.
  • Receive blessings from children and old men by touching their feet.
  • Offer pulses and grams in temples.

Moon in 9th house

When the moon is placed here, the effect of Jupiter and the Moon will add all positive aspects in the person’s life. He will live till the age of 75. Lal Kitab remedies for this person are :

  • Offer milk to snake and rice to fish.
  • Give milk to labourers.
  • Place things related to the moon in your house.

Moon in 10th house

10th house is governed by Saturn and when combined with moon, it will ensure the person will a very long life. Lal Kitab remedies are as follows :

  • Visit religious places.
  • Do not take milk at night.
  • Do not consume wine, meat or indulge in adultery.

Moon in 11th house

The effect of Saturn and Ketu here will weaken the moon and at the same will destroy its enemies. The remedies are as follow :

  • Give milk in Bhairo Mandir.
  • Grandmother should not see her grandson.
  • Throw 125 pieces of a sweet (peda) in a river.

Moon in 12th house

House 12th is also governed by Jupiter which is a friend to the Moon. The Moon will also have good effects on Mars and everything related to the Mars. The remedies are :

  • Wear gold in ear.
  • Drink milk after inserting hot piece of gold in it.
  • Do not offer milk to saints or religious places.
  • Do not open any school, college or educational institute.

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