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Weekly horoscope (25 March – 31 March)

By: Future Point | 24-Mar-2018
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So, let's see what your stars have in store for you this week. Take a deep breath! Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Find out if love is in your future, if you're headed towards a change in your career, or how the planet's alignment will effects your outlook on life. All you have to do is to go to your Zodiac sign, dig up what this week is bringing for you and stay conscious if it’s bad and enjoy if it's good! So, let's get started!


Stars may make you restless and worried, this week. Relax, as worrying will not help you much, Mercury and Venus are placed in your Sign now, which will help you think ahead. Your health will be fine this week, but mental pressure will squeeze you! So, enjoy your weekend with a proper sleep and get back on the battlefield from Monday to deal with your career related problems like a fierce warrior. Things are going to be stressful and hectic on the work front. Try to keep your temper and aggression in control. Since the exalted Mars aspects your Sign, you will be full of energy and viguor.


Time is not going to be easy for study and research. Money can't buy happiness, so give some time to your family and wife. Health wise, you could have headaches due to some mental pressure. Relax, and deal with the problems calmly. Mars moves through Capricorn, the 9th House from your Sign. This will fill you with positive thoughts, but Saturn’s influence may continue to cast a gray shadow. Monetary flow will be fine. Health wise you will be perfect.



Monetary gains at the beginning of the week will cheer you up. A pleasant and enjoyable time on the family front will make you happier. Your tensions will be dissolved by happy vibes, which will be brought by love and romance. It's time to spend some time with your wife. You will also gain from meditating and sending positive thoughts – as this will refresh and rejuvenate you.


The week begins on a hectic note. Business persons may manage to strike a profitable deal. You I'll charge like a mad bull in your workspace on the Monday. Not every Mondays are boring. Tides are necessary to reach the shores, hard work and dedication are the major ingredients of success, and Keep doing your actions you will surely taste success. Singles will remain concerned about their future progress, so love and friendships may have to remain on the backseat, for now.


Leo natives, a hurdle of some extra work is waiting for you on Monday, so this is the moment enjoy it! Moreover, planetary disturbances may cause hurdles in everyday life. Singles will be keen to start a new relationship. Short term flings are possible too. Don't let the issues of personal life to bother your during your work station. Do spend time with your loved ones, this will cheer you up.


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Enjoy the limelight – do make plans to go out with friends, if everything’s dull, otherwise. Some praise and recognition may come your way too. Your health will be fine. You I'll make some new monetary sources this week. But, do care about your expenses. Stay focused on the tasks at hand. Research and study projects will need extra efforts – and you should be prepared to do so.


Health remains unaffected largely. Some family matters will not let you enjoy your romantic life. You've to keep your married life and work life in your different pockets. Creativity, new relations, conception related plans may suffer a setback. Be careful, for a new person may not be the same as they seem. Avoid any major decisions, for a few days. Mercury will start moving backwards, as the week ends.


Not a good cosmic configuration for your health. Guard against diseases, and keep a strong eye against old health issues. Work-wise, things remain good, though you may have an awkward/ angry brush with an authority figure. Something is on your mind – but you will be cautious – and may hold back. Post Tuesday, you will feel more independent – free even – so this may be the time, when you would say it, probably. Monetary flow is fine. Expenses are coming watch out!


Take good care of you and your loved ones’ well-being and safety. Sun moves to Aries, mid-week. It meets Venus and Mercury in your 5th House. You may have chances to meet your soul mate this week, maybe in some religious functions or puja. You will shine in creative pursuits – and Thursday is a great day for a stage performance. Kids will be the shining light of your life now.


Something deep inside you is bothering you, talk to your dear ones and puke out what's going on inside your mind. Cupid is flying around you this week, keep your eyes open, you may get bump with your better half. The only cause of concern, then, shall be your own personal health. Don't ignore it! Your home life takes the centre-stage, but your health remains vulnerable. Give it the first priority.



Aquarius natives, if you're planning to get married may face some resistance from their loved ones. You may also be meeting your mom or maternal relations, at this time. Health will be fine. It's high time to think where you really want do in your life. Hold the horses of your mind! Everything will be fine.


You I'll be more ambitious and career focused, may be because of your parental lectures. Good, now you are on your right track. Just keep going and you I'll taste success. You will be full of energy and drive in work and material plane. However, be careful, as you may be prone to getting injured. Health will be fine and monetary flow will be perfect this week!