Kushmanda Mata - Navratri Fourth Day

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Kushmanda Mata - Navratri Fourth Day

Navratri’ fourth day maa Kushmanda is worshipped. Kushmanda means the one who has created the universe. Maa Kushmanda rides on a lion and she has eight hands and seven deadly weapons. So lets’ know the Navratri date and time.

Fourth navratri 2018 date in india

In navratri 2018 on 13th October, 2018 fourth navratri is celebrated. One should wear green color clothes on this day as it is considered an auspicious color for maa Kushmanda.

Story of maa Kushmanda

Maa Kushmanda is also known as devi aadishakti. It believes that she is the creator and originator of universe. She rules the planet of sun. Kushmanda meaning the tiny egg refers to the cosmic art of mother Kushmanda creating the first egg of the universe from which the entire creation emerged out. She is the one who has power to give light to the sun. Her smiles send the vibrations of life bliss and hope in all directions of this world.

Importance of maa Kushmanda

According to vedic scriptures, maa Kushmanda gives the direction and energy to god of light, 'sun'. if you are afflicted by the bad effects of sun in your horoscope then you should worship maa Kushmanda to resolve all your problems which are created by sun. With the blessings of maa Kushmanda the individual secures relief from all diseases and ailments and attain fame and name in the society.


Maa Kushmanda has 8 hands in which her carrying chakra, sword, gada, bow, arrow, amrit kalash, kamandal and lotus. She is also called ashtabhuja because she had 8 hands. She represents the anahata chakra or the heart chakra in the yogic form of meditation.

Maa Kushmanda pujan vidhi

On fourth day of sacred navratri offer pumpkin and red color flowers to maa Kushmanda. Also offer saree and bangles to her. Worship her with green cardamom. On this day use green color asana during puja as it considered to be auspicious. Now worship the kalash and seek blessings from devi maa and pray to bless you with wealth and good health. After this offer bhog of fruits to goddess and then distribute the Prasad to other members of the family. For navratri 2018 food one should follow satvic bhojan.

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Flower for maa Kushmanda

For maa Kushmanda pujan auspicious flowers should be of red colour. Contemplate on the effulgent form of maa Kushmanda and do shodasopachar puja. Now pray for the welfare of your family and seek blessings from her to attain high social status in the society. Goddess Kushmanda signifies the radiances of divine light in this universe. Her bright grace Illuminate around all directions in the universe.

Maa Kushmanda mantras

"Om devi Kushmandayai namah"

"Om devi Kushmandayayi namah suraasampoorna kalasham rudhiraaplutamev cha"

"Dadhaanaa hastpadmaabhyaam Kushmanda shubhdaastu me"

Maa Kushmanda prathna

"Surasampurna kalasham rudhiraplutameva cha"

"Dadhana hastpadmaabhyaam Kushmanda shubhdaastu me"

Maa Kushmanda stuti

"Ya devi sarvabhuteshu maa Kushmanda rupena samsthita"

"Namastasyai Namastasyai Namastasyai namo namah"

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Maa Kushmanda dhyan mantra

"Vande vanchhita kamarthe chandrardhakritashekharam"

"Simharudha ashtbhuja Kushmanda yashasvinim"

"Bhaswara bhanu nibham anahata sthitam chaturtha durga trinetram"

"Kamandalu, chapa, bana, padma, sudhakalasha, chakra, gada, japawatidharam"

"Patambara paridhanam kamaniyam mriduhasya nanalankara bhushitam"

"Manjira, hara, keyura, kinkini, ratnakundala, manditam"

"Praphulla vadanamcharu chibukam kanta kapolam tugam kucham"

"Komalangi smeramukhi shrikanti nimnabhi nitambanim"

Maa Kushmanda stotra

"Durgatinashini tvamhi daridradi vinashanim"

"Jayamda dhanada kushmande pranamamyaham"

"Jagatamata jagatkatri jagadadhara rupanim"

"Charachreshwari kushmande pranamamyaham"

"Trailokyasundari tvamhi duhkha shoka nivarinim"

"Paramanandamay kushmande pranamamyaham"

Maa Kushmanda kawach

"Hamsarai mein shira patu kushmande bhavanashinim"

"Hasalakarim netrecha, hasaraushcha lalatakam"

"Kaumari patu sarvagatre, varahi uttare tatha"

"Purve patu vaishnavi indrani dakshine mama"

"Digvidikshu sarvatreva kum bijam sarvadavatu"

Benefits of worship maa Kushmanda

Devi durga after taking form of maa siddhidatri, she started living inside the centre of the sun so that she can flow the energy to the whole universe. Since, then goddess known as maa Kushmanda. She has the power and capability to live inside the sun.

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If you’re suffering from lack of concentration and cannot concentrate on your study and work then you should praise maa Kushmanda on the fourth day of navratri. She blesses her devotees with wealth and good health. All kinds of problems can remove from the worship of maa Kushmanda.

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