Kundali Matching Suggests Your Equation with Mother-in-Law

By: Future Point | 12-Oct-2018
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Kundali Matching Suggests Your Equation with Mother-in-Law

Marriage has been considered as a union between two individuals since ages. However,in Indian culture marriage isn’t just a bond between the couple but it is expected that both the respectives families should like each other. Especially the bonding of the groom & bride with the In-Laws is given a lot of importance. Since India, even today is a country of values, the parents of the groom expect that the couple should stay with them as a family.

Thus, there is a growing need to check not only the compatibility between the prospective bride and the groom, but between the bride & In-laws too, especially the mother-in-law. Thus, presently when a learned and expert astrologer does a horoscope matching or Kundli milan, they even check the compatibility between the mother-in-law and the daughter in law. Since, many times the misunderstanding between these two individuals also leads to many family disputes.

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How to determine the equation with one’s mother in law?

This is a technical question; however, we would try to simplify it for the benefit of our readers. When a Kundali is matched by a learned and expert astrologer in India, he/she follows the Ashtakoot Method. This is a calculated average of 8 different parameters, expressed in points scored out of a total of 36.

If this method gives satisfactory results, then the learned astrologer would examine for any specific dosh, such as Mangalik Dosh, Kaal-Sarpa Dosha, etc., This would also involves checking of the 7th house from Moon sign and the Ascendant. This would provide him/her an understanding if there is any dosha in the horoscope which is pulling down the ability of the native to adjust in the matrimonial life. If no, then the native can proceed with the alliance.

Now, when the prospective bride is curious to know about her in-laws, particularly Mother-In-Law, then the leant astrologer would examine the 4th house of the Prospective groom, 7th house of both the bride and groom and the 10th house of groom. Since, the 4th house is the house of mother, the 7th house is for spouse and the 10th house is considered as the house for mother in law. because it’s 4th house from the 7th house. Thus if this house is not strong or afflicted by any malefic planet, including aspects, then the relationship won’t always be cordial with each other. This would lead to much strain in relationship and would lack cordial behaviour.

Other important houses:

There is another aspect which is considered by learned and expert astrologers. In this case, the 8th house of the prospective groom is also studied in great details. Since the 8th house in general is treated as the house of in-laws, any affliction to this house can also cause strained relationship of the native with his in-laws in general. Thus, the matchmaking exercise is very detailed and only a learned and expert astrologer can address these queries. Some of these expert astrologers can also provide kundali matching by name to the native.

To know more in detail, readers can write to us at mail@futurepointindia.com or visit our Website www.futurepointindia.com for more details. We at Future Point are a team of learnt and expert astrology, who have been providing astrology solution to one and all. We even provide online horoscope or kundali online services to the native by our team of expert astrologers.

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