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Know your best-suited profession with the help of Vedic Astrology

By: Future Point | 10-Apr-2019
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Know your best-suited profession with the help of Vedic Astrology

Each one of us requires a guiding path to walk upon in life. When it comes to career everyone wants the best piece of advice which can help them excel in their field. One has many doubts about what career path to follow in the early days and to not waste time and energy in something which he/she is not capable of.

Getting some early bits of advice and knowing the correct path to follow one can be more dedicated towards their work, reaching their desired destination and avoiding all the confusion one is going to face about the different career prospects available to them. In this modern day world, no one is satisfied with just bread earning occupation. Each person is pushing themselves day and night to get promotions and move faster than others.

In this forever continuing race a person has to be clear about their goals prior hand so it is easy for them to follow. Money is not the only satisfaction required in career terms, other things such as status, post, position, standard of living, office atmosphere, relation with superiors and subordinates, prospects to grow also helps in providing a job satisfaction to a person. A great career provides professional and mental satisfaction. Where do you get the best advice for choosing your career?

The best advice you can get is from your own Janam Kundli. Kundali Reading for a career will help you know what profession suits best for you and also let you know about the other aspects that’ll give you greater professional satisfaction.

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Kundli Reading will help you as there are many things associated with the placement of planets in your kundli. Some of which are:

The study of the 10th house in your “Janam Kundli” which is the house of karma, will reveal what is the fate of a person when it comes to work or service-oriented professions. If you’re considering business as an option the Study of the 7th house might help you know about the fate of the success or failure of your business.

Vedic Astrology can reveal which profession suits one the best according to their aptitude and personality. The 1st house will help reveal your personality type and its study along with the 10th house is important for recommending careers. The 6th house of destiny will also help to know where your fate will take you in the coming years, and also the reading of that house with the different planets will help you know about your career destination.

What do different planets indicate in your JANAM KUNDLI?

An expert astrologer can do your career astrology and let you know about the different planets present in different houses of your Kundli.

Some of the basic career predictions are as follows:

Ø A strong sun in the horoscopes indicates that a person is well-placed for government jobs. This solves a question which revolves around everyone’s mind: “Will I get a government job?”

<pØ The strong sun with raja yoga gives a good chance for entering in the IAS and if they have strong Jupiter or sun in 6th house, the chances of clearing the competitive examinations for Government Jobs are higher. <pØ Saturn or Shani indicates army related occupations. <pØ The presence of Jupiter in your Janam Kundli indicates that you can go in professions like teaching, tuitions and work with telephone, electricity companies. <pØ Ones with the strong moon can go into any profession which has a strong interaction with the public like PRO etc. <pØ Strong Mangal or Mars indicates professions related to police are the best suited. <pØ Strong mercury is linked with professions like postal and banking services.


  • The presence of planets placed in the different houses of your Janam Kundli.
  • Positioning of Planets in 1st, 10th, 7th and 6th house.
  • The strength and placement of the planets.
  • Beneficial or malefic planets.
  • The current dasha running in your horoscope, and its effect on career.
  • Formation of new yogas formed through specific planets, that would be beneficial in the career.

Reading about your Career Horoscope according to your sun signs, weekly or daily, might also give you a brief idea about the same.

By interrelating these aspects and with career astrology consultation one can know about:

Ø Suitable career path which is best for a person

Ø Profession or business which is more profitable

Ø Relationship with subordinates and superiors

Ø The success phase of your career, easy success or lots of struggle in career

Ø Changes in your career, foreign projects, etc.

Ø Possibility to earn higher income, promotions.

Getting the help of a Career Astrology Consultation in your early days will help you a lot in this state of dilemma and will answer most of your questions about your career. Once the options are clear in your head, you can move on the correct path, work on the required field, enhance your skills and get on the best possible position.

Vedic Astrology Suggests the Best Career as per your Kundli

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