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Kalratri Mata - Navratri Seventh Day

By: Future Point | 16-Oct-2018
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Kalratri Mata - Navratri Seventh Day

Nine days of Navratri are considered very auspicious and prosperous for each and every devotee on Hindu religion. On the seventh day of Navratri Maa Kalratri is worshipped. This form of Maa Durga is very strange. In this form Maa Kalratri looks very fiery and appears in a dark complexion.

You can say that she is the form of darkness and time. Maa Kalratri rides on an ass. She has four hands, two of which carry a torch or sword. The next two hands are shown in boon giving and showering blessings. Shardiya Navratri Date 2018 is 10th October. On this day pratipada tithi will begin.

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Seventh Navratri date and time

Seventh Navratri is held on 16th October, 2018. On this auspicious day Maa Durga’s seventh form is worshipped. Saraswati puja is also done on this day.

Maa kalratri origination story

Maa Durga this form is violent, fierce and repulsive. When Maa Durga peeled her golden skin to kill the demons the she was named kalratri. In this form Maa Durga looks very dark and terrible. She has the power to kill evils, ghosts and all the negative energies and fears.

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Maa Kalratri blessed her devotees and also protects them from evil eyes. She always blesses her devotees with the highest happiness and fulfillment of joy. She is also known as shubankari. She is the one who bestows auspiciousness. Seventh day of Navratri is very important for tantriks etc. They worship Maa Kalratri to get kaal jadu and these kinds of powers.

Maa Kalratri pujan vidhi

On the seventh day of Navratri devotees wear clean and fresh clothes after taking the bath. Now do kalash puja and invoke all gods and Maa Durga and Maa Kalratri. Offer red color champa flowers to Maa Kalratri. In bhog or Prasad pleased Maa Kalratri with milk, kheer or other sweet things. Now apply tilak on the forehead of the idol of Maa Kalratri. Burn incense or aggarbatti in front of Devi Maa.


Benefits of Maa Kalratri puja

Navratri seventh day has a great significance for tantric sadhna or tantra vidya. Sadhaks and tantriks eagerly wait for this day. If you chant the name of Maa Kalratri then all the evil powers and demons stay away from you. Planetary afflictions can also remove by the worshipping of Maa Kalratri. Her devotees are free from fire, water, animals, enemy or night etc. All sort of fear can remove by Devi Maa this form. On seventh Navratri donate some sweets made from jaggery to get rid of poverty and money related problems.

Maa Kalratri pujan importance

Shani or Saturn is the ruling planet of Maa Kalratri. She is the goddess who dispenses the merits of good and bad deeds done by people. Saturn is considered to be the planet of justice. Like Saturn Maa Kalratri also never fails to recognize the hard work and sincerity. If you want to protect yourself from shani afflictions or bad effects then you should please Maa Kalratri.

Flowers for Maa Kalratri

You should use night blooming jasmines for the puja of Maa Kalratri. In the procedural manner and with full devotion perform the seventh day puja. Offer shodasopachar puja to Maa Kalratri and ends the puja with aarti.

Maa Kalratri mantra

"Om devi kalratryai namah"

"Om devi kalratryayi namah ekveni japakarnpoora nagna kharaasthita"

"Lamboshthi karnika karni tailaabhyaktshariirini"

"Vaam paadollasallohlata kantakbhushnaa"

"Bardhan moordham dhwajaa krishnaa kalratrirbhayankari"

Maa Kalratri prathna

"Ekaveni japakarnapura nagna kharasthita"

"Lamboshthi karnikakarni tailabhyakta sharirini"

"Vamapadollasalloha latakantakabhushana"

"Vardhana murdhadhwaja Krishna kalaratribhayankari"

Maa Kalratri stuti mantra

"Ya devi sarvabhuteshu ma kalratri rupena samsthita"

"Namastasyai Namastasyai Namastasyai namo namah"

Maa Kalratri dhyaan

"Karalavandana ghoram muktakeshi chaturbhujam"

"Kalaratrim karalimka divyam vidyutamala vibhushitam"

"Divyam lauhavajra chaiva dakshinodhvaghah parnikam mam"

"Mahamegha prabham shyamam taksha chaiva gardabharudha"

"Ghoradamsha karalasyam pinonnata payodharam"

"Sukha prasanna vadana smeranna saroruham"

"Evam sachiyantayet kalaratrim sarvakam samriddhidam"

Maa Kalratri stotra

"Him kalratri shrim cha klim kalyani kalawati"

"Kalamata kalidarpadhni kamadisha kupanvita"

"Kamabijajapanda kulinartinashini kula kamini"

"Klim hrim shrim mantrvarnena kripagama"

Maa Kalratri kawach

"Om klim me hridyam patu padau shrikalratri"

"Lalate satatam patu tushtagraha nivarini"

"Rasanam patu kaumari, bhairavi chakshushorbhama"

"Katau prishthe maheshani, karnoshankarabhamini"

"Varjitani tu sthanabhi yani cha kavachena hi"

"Tani sarvani me devisatatampatu stambhini"

On the seventh day Maa Kalratri puja will remove all the fears in the devotees and clear all the obstacles to progress and development. Maa Kalratri also cures incurable diseases and bestows mental tranquility and peace.

With the blessings from Maa Kalratri all your sins will be removed. The seventh day of Navratri is also called as maha saptami. You can also read Navratri 2018 hindi.

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