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Dussehra is the festival of victory of Good over Evil powers

By: Future Point | 15-Oct-2018
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Dussehra is the festival of victory of Good over Evil powers

In vedic astrology Dussehra is celebrated every year in dashami tithi of shukla paksha of ashwin month and it is prevailing during the aprahan kaal. This festival is the remark of victory of good powers over evils.

It is believed that on this day lord rama had killed ravana. Dussehra festival is also known as vijayadashmi at some places whereas at some places it also famous as ayudhapuja. Dussehra is the tenth day of navratri and navratri and Dussehra holds very important place in hindu festivals.

Dussehra mahurat

This important festival is celebrated on the ashwin shukla dashami at aprahan kaal. This kaal begins from the tenth mahurat after sunrise and ends befire the twelfth mahurat.

If dashami tithi is prevailing for 2 days and aprahan kaal is being covered by only during the second day then Dussehra will be celebrated on the second day.

When Dussehra is prevailing during the aprahan kaal of 2 days then Dussehra will be celebrated on the first day only. When Dussehra is coming through the 2 days but not in the aprahan kaal of any day the dusshera will be celebrated on the first day.

Story of Dussehra

As per vedic scriptures, it is believed that the festival got its name dussara because on this day, lord rama had killed the ten headed demon ravana. On this festival every year 10 heads of ravana effigies are burnt and each of them is considered as the manifestation of lust, anger, greed, delusion, intoxication, envy, selfishness, injustice, inhumanity and ego.

As per the beliefs, when lord rama began his journey for lanka, shami tree had announced the victory of lord rama.

Dussehra 2018 auspicious mahurat

Dussehra date : 19th October, 2018

Vijay mahurat : 13-58 to 14-43

Aprahan puja time : 13.13 to 15.28

Dashami tithi begins : 15.28 on 18th October

Dashmi tithi ends : 17.57 on 19th October.

Ram leela in Dussehra

Dussehra is vastly celebrated in north india. On this occasion great fervor and fanfare is organized. It incorporates ram lila, a gala theatrical enactment of rama’s life story. Effigies of ravana often alongwith those of meghnada and kumbhkarana are stuffed with firecrackers and set blaze at night in open fields.

Mysore Dussehra

Dussehra is celebrated in each and every part of India but in mysore the colors of Dussehra is different and vibrant. At the time of Dussehra this peaceful city erupts into life and every corner is bustling with activity. Whole mysore city is dressed with flowers, lights, stalls, music and the people. People flock the city at the time of Dussehra.

In Mysore city, Dussehra is starts with prayers and rituals being offered to the goddess chamundeshwari by the royal couple of the wodeyar dynastry. This ritual happens atop the chamundi hills, where the temple is located. A special private darbar is held at the mysore palace after it.

Himachal Pradesh, Kolkata and Orissa are also famous for the vibrant colors of Dussehra festival. Here the festival is preceded by week long celebrations. Pooja pandals is organized on the occasion of Dussehra and people wear new clothes and prepare traditional food and celebrate this festival with their family and friends. There are some places where plays are also organized which depicting the story of Ramayana which culminates in the killing ravana in this day.

In india, Dussehra is the most significant festival for hindus. Shardiya navratri also ends up with the celebration of Dussehra. It is believed that lord rama also worshipped Maa Durga to achieve success in the war with ravana. Dussehra is the festival which gives you happiness and can fulfill your dreams and desires. This festival embarks the victory of truth and positivity over evil and bad powers.

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