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Kab Hai Holi 2024 - New Beginnings According To Your Zodiac Sign

By: Future Point | 07-Mar-2024
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Holi 2024 Date: Holi, popularly known as the festival of colours, is a widely celebrated festival in India especially throughout North India. The festival of Holi, or “Vasant Utsav”, symbolizes unity in diversity while everyone looks the same, soaked in multiple colours. Holi has both religious and astrological significance. In this article, we will tell you how you can attract prosperity and luck on Holi 2024 by following some very simple astrological tips.

Holi- religious Significance

Holi is a festival that resonates with colours, spring and love. As per its religious significance, Holi celebrates the affection and love of Lord Krishna and Radha. The devotees recreate the scene of Lord Krishna playing and enjoying with the gopis and Radharani.

Additionally, the festival also signifies the victory of good over evil. On Holi, Lord Narsimha, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, killed Hiranyakashyap. King Hiranyakashyap wanted to kill his son Prahalad, who was an ardent worshipper of Lord Vishnu. It is to celebrate the win of noble and righteousness that "Holika Dahan", the burning of the pyre is performed. It is celebrated one day before 'Dulhandi' (badi holi) to symbolize the burning of Holika, the sister of Hiranyakashyap, who tried to burn Prahalad by keeping him in her lap but eventually got burnt herself.

Holi signifies the beginning of the spring season and the end of winter. Spring is connected with the blooming of flowers, lush greenery, and love. The Holi festival is celebrated for a day and a night, starting from the evening of the Purnima (full moon day) until the Pratipada tithi the next day.

Holi 2024 – Date and Timing

As per Hindu Panchang, Holi 2024 will be celebrated on:

Holika Dahan 2024 - Sunday, March 24th, 2024 from 7:20p.m. to 9:15p.m.

Holi 2024, Dulhandi – March 25th 2024

Astrological Significance of Holi 2024

First, there will be a Lunar eclipse on the day of Holi, i.e. March 25 2024. However, the eclipse will not be visible in India, but you still need to take precautions, as the Moon will remain malefic this day. You can read the free daily horoscope to know your fate on Holi 2024.

Secondly, Saturn, the influential planet in astrology, will rise on Holi, which has been under combustion since February 17, 2024. So, people will find a sudden change in their lives because Saturn, the Karmakaraka in Vedic Astrology, will affect masses with its good and bad significations, which have been dormant for a month. As per the Grah Sthiti on Holi, you must be cautious about your health and mental well-being. Holi is a festival of burning negativity; thus, people should aim to burn their inner negative emotions today.

So, coming to the most exciting part, we want to tell you that if you play Holi with colours suitable for your zodiac sign, you can get lucky this Holi! Use the colours suggested as per your zodiac to attract good luck.


If you're an Aries celebrating Holi in 2024, you should use red, copper, yellow, or green colours or gulal. These colours match the bold and energetic side of Aries, reflecting their enthusiasm and bravery. So, grab these shades to enhance your Holi spirit and show-up your adventurous side!


For Taurus folks celebrating Holi, wearing blue, pink, white, and green colours can be a great choice. These colours reflect security and stability, a prime desire of Taurus. The zodiac sign narrating wealth and growth will rock with using these colours. So, embrace these shades to have a pleasant and booming Holi celebration!


Gemini, the witty souls, can embrace colours like green, yellow, pink, blue and purple to show up their true spirits. The third sign in the zodiac is ruled by Mercury, showing intelligence and communication. The suggested colours match their personality and attract the blessings of your sign Lord, Mercury.


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As per their free personal horoscope, we suggest white, yellow, red, and green colours for the Cancer zodiac sign to match their emotional qualities. With a heightened sense of intuition, imagination, and creativity - these colours will make you peaceful and happy. Use these colours to be supported by the Lord Moon and get lucky this Holi.


For Leo natives, the colours like bold red, orange and gold will be idealistic. The Leo folks are highly energetic, bold and fearless. These colours will complement your qualities and bring the blessings of the Lord Sun.


Virgo, the practical, judgemental and Earthy sign, wants everything just perfect! We suggest earthy tones of brown, pale yellow, peach, navy and yellow-coloured gulal for them. The colours symbolize healing capabilities and stability and will surely make your soul happy.


Libras, under the influence of Venus, have a strong liking for aesthetics and beauty. Colours like violet, lavender, cyan, and powder blue represent harmony, peace, love and calm. The colours are ideal for these fashionable souls.


Scorpios, the mysterious sign of the zodiac, have their secret side with deep colours like black, red, burgundy, maroon, purple, and wine-coloured gulal. These colours show passion, depth, intensity, and secrets, making them an ideal choice for Mars-ruled Scorpio.


Sagittarius, the wise and religious sign, can embrace orange, yellow and bold red to show their adventurous and intellectual side. The sign ruled by Jupiter will get lucky using these colours, and it is even better if you use natural or organic colours.


Workoholic Capricorns can get lucky by using blue, charcoal grey, black, and green colours. They feel connected with these intense colours and are idealistic for them.


For Aquarians, the colours like green and blue will be appropriate. These social beings, however, can be happy with every colour due to their love for experimenting. With bright colours, they feel happy inside and attract luck.


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The Pisces love to explore and learn. We suggest colours like red, light blue, pink, and aqua green to match their deep desires. With an inclination towards spirituality, they might want to keep it minimalistic and try to find deep meaning in the festival. But show your curious side and get soaked in your favourable colours as suggested.