Journey into the Zodiac: Where to Get Top Astrology Books

By: Future Point | 06-Mar-2024
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Journey into the Zodiac: Where to Get Top Astrology Books

Want to learn astrology? Starting your journey towards learning astrology can feel like exploring a vast sea of knowledge. Astrology is an ancient wisdom with its roots tracing back centuries. Vedic astrology uses birth charts to give information about our personalities, talents, and different life events. To make accurate astrology predictions, one must study it for years to understand its intricacies.

Astrology touches every aspect of life, from education and career to marriage and health. It guides our decisions regarding travel, business ventures, legal matters, and spiritual advancements. It serves as a guiding light to face and overcome challenges in life and find inner peace.

At Future Point, we understand the curiosity and desire to learn astrology. That's why we offer a wide range of astrology books. These informative books are authored by scholars with over 40 years of experience in the field. We aim to provide authentic astrology knowledge through step-by-step and easy-to-understand language, making it accessible to everyone.

Our library includes best-selling astrology books that cover various topics, ensuring you can learn and grow with good understanding. Whether you're a beginner or seeking to deepen your understanding, our books offer step-by-step guidance to help you learn the secrets of astrology.

Move ahead on your journey into astrology confidently, knowing that Future Point is here to support you at every step in your learning. Explore our collection of top astrology books and discover the wisdom that awaits you.

Future Point- A trusted name

Future Point has been in service since 1987, much before any other astrology service. Whatever comes from the house of Future Point has a factor of authenticity with it. The books, as offered by Future Point, are written by renowned astrologers, numerologists, Vastu experts and other experts in various occult branches. 

The institute provides books for astrology, numerology, vastu shastra, crystal healing, remedies, palmistry, and tarot reading. You can choose from their wide variety as enlisted on their website. We are enlisting their best-seller five books, and you can explore the rest on their website.

Text Book of Astrology

It is a great book for beginners trying their hands on astrology. The book contains all the basic information about the zodiac signs, planets, houses, etc. The readers can learn about casting of horoscopes, calculation of the dasha period and explanations of different planetary yoga. The book gives detailed information about the planetary conjunctions, helping students understand the results of the planets better. There is an elaborate explanation of each zodiac sign and the significations of the planets and houses to make students understand the basics clearly. The basics are necessary to foster the knowledge further. We recommend it as a must-buy to begin your journey toward learning astrology.

Divisional Charts

The divisional charts are as important as the lagna chart in astrology. The lagna chart gives a major overview, whereas the divisional charts give a minute view of life. Divisional charts are studies about the exact details of a life event. In astrology, many divisional charts are used for different life aspects, like Navamsha (D-9) for marriage, Saptamsha (D-7) for children, etc. 

There is very little knowledge available on the divisional charts. Future Point has published this comprehensive book consisting of detailed information about the meaning and usage of divisional charts. You can know how they support accurate predictions about different life aspects. It is a must-buy for those wishing to get deeper and more accurate knowledge of astrology and its usage in daily life.

Dashaphal Sutra

In astrology, the dasha system helps to analyze the good and bad times in someone's life. Once a person has a basic knowledge of all the components of the birth chart, he has to work towards learning dasha. Astrologers use dasha to predict the good and bad times in life. It is with dasha that you can predict the highs and lows in the native's life.

You need to know dasha or understand it to make accurate predictions. It forms the prime objective of Predictive Astrology. There are three important parts of a Kundli- - 1. Yoga, the astrological combinations promising good or bad results of different houses 2. Dasha is the activation of the lords of different houses through their period-sub-period 3. Transit or Gochara is the movement of the planes in the sky. Combining these three components allows a learned astrologer to make an accurate prediction. 

It is important to know about Yoga through reading Vedic astrology books because it is the basis on which the whole system of astrology relies. If there is no yoga or promise in the birth chart, no dasha or the transit can give you the desired results. For instance- if there is no marriage yoga in the birth chart, you can't marry no matter how supportive the dasha and the transit are.

Encyclopedia of Astrological Remedies 

The "Encyclopedia of Astrological Remedies" is a book that provides solutions for different problems. It contains remedies from ancient texts that are believed to work. Astrology aims to predict the future accurately, but it's also helpful because it offers solutions to our problems. This book discusses different remedies and spiritual products that can help us.

The book explains all astrological remedies like donations, worship, mantra chanting, yantra, wearing gemstones, roots, rudraksha, hawan, puja etc. to remove the ill-efefcts of the planets. You can know about the Kal Sarp Dosh Nivaran, Mangal Dosh Nivaran, Pitru Dosh Nivaran and rectification of other Kundli Dosha through reading this book. 

The book gathers remedies from Vedic Astrology, ancient texts, and other sources like Lal Kitab and Gemology. Future Point Pvt. Ltd. provides genuine information and products that are not easily available. Future Point is a trusted brand that has been around since 1987. They check every product to make sure it's good quality before it gets to you. They're known for their genuine gemstones and rosaries. Buy jyotish Books at Future Point if you want authentic astrology knowledge.

Horoscope Matching

Kundli Milan, also known as horoscope matching, is an essential part of Hindu marriages. There are two methods for kundli milan - Ashtkoota Milan and Dash Koota Milan. Kundli matching is important as it helps to know the compatibility between the partners. With this book, you can learn kundli milan in depth and understand its relevance. 

The book explains that kundli matching is not just mere gun milan but much more than that. So, this book is a must-buy to understand the meaning and relevance of Kundli matching in modern times. The book explains each of the Ashtkoota in a step-by-step process, explaining the relevance and effects in real life. It explains how kundli matching is important for finding the mental, physical, financial and sexual compatibility between partners.

Trust Future Point and start your journey towards learning astrology with their excellent courses and books available online. Learn from the masters to excel in various occult branches. It is a one-stop solution for all your astrology needs.

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