Is your Boyfriend really a Marriage Material?

By: Future Point | 30-Sep-2020
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Is your Boyfriend really a Marriage Material?

For a girl, being in a relationship with a boy who kindles her heart is arguably the best feeling in the world. It is perfectly normal for a girl to expect loyalty, commitment and unconditional love from her boyfriend because a girl does expect to be in a relationship with someone who would be perfect to eventually become her soul mate.

However, every girl must understand that just by being in a relationship with a boy for whatever amount of time you think it's sufficient, you cannot really ascertain whether your boyfriend is the perfect match for you or not. To know what the incredibly powerful planetary bodies have in store for your relationship, you must consult with a Marriage Astrologer.

That is right! Astrology is an occult science that decodes what the planets have in store for various domains of a person’s life including relationships and marriage as well. 

You must understand that things may appear to be perfectly rosy on the face of it but you need the help of Astrology to know the actual plans of destiny for you as signified by the placement of planets in your natal Horoscope or Kundli. Therefore, you must Talk to Astrologer to get your horoscope properly analyzed and know the plans that fate has for you. Also, know the astrological remedial measures that are specific to your horoscope and have the potential of steering your life away from the hurdles that are initially slated to appear in your life.

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How does an Astrologer Determine the Success of a Relationship?  

In Vedic Astrology there is a very profound & result oriented process called Kundali Matching that perfectly evaluates the real future of a relationship that a boy & girl are currently into or are planning to enter as a married couple by tying the knot.

This process which is also known as Horoscope Matching for Marriage, reveals what the planets are actually pointing out when it comes to the compatibility factor between the boy & girl. Make no mistake, it is this incredible process that has always kept the rate of divorces in India to a minimalistic level and have helped in knowing about whether a relationship has a tangible future or not.

For those who upon consulting with a Marriage Astrologer, come to know that their relationship is slated to hit multiple roadblocks in life or those who are already going through a turbulent time with respect to their relationship, can timely incorporate certain powerful remedies that would address the root planetary issue that is responsible for all the relationship related problems that they are going through. 

Not only this, apart from pacifying the ill placed planets of the horoscope that are responsible for troubles in life, these remedies also strengthen those that are favourably placed and enhance their positive effects in life too. Thus, warding off problems as well as attracting success with respect to a particular domain/s of life simultaneously!

So, in order to have a relationship that would turn into a lifelong union that is full of bliss, unconditional love, joy & happiness, go for the phenomenally beneficial process of Online Kundali Milan right away!

Few out of the many things that a Marriage Astrologer looks at in the horoscopes of the boy & girl to ascertain their compatibility with each other are:


The Ascendant reveals the overall personality of a person and for a girl it is extremely important to be in a relationship with a boy whose personality compliments her own. For Example- A girl with a Capricorn Ascendant would find a boy with an Aries Ascendant as suitable for her because Capricorn signifies being introvert and Aries signifies a bold personality. Hence, in the overall scheme of things both will compliment one another and strike a perfect balance between their individual natures.

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5th House

This is the house that signifies Love, Relationships and Children. Hence, it is extremely important that the 5th house in the horoscopes of both the boy as well as girl must not be weak or have the negative influences of malefic planets like Saturn, Rahu or Ketu. Similarly, Mars which is considered as a Cruel Planet must not have its volatile influence on the 5th house otherwise the couple will face frequent bickering in their relationship which could even lead to a break up.

7th House

Couples who are into a serious relationship and wish to come together as a married couple in their lives or even those who wish to tie the knot by means of an arranged marriage, must have a strong 7th house that is free from all malefic influences as this house represents life partner or spouse.

There are numerous parameters in the process of Kundli or Horoscope Matching upon which the ultimate compatibility of a couple is determined as per the exact planetary placements in their respective horoscopes such as:

  • Innermost or Real Nature
  • Health
  • Sexual Compatibility
  • Childbirth
  • Finances

And much more…

Therefore, if you are already married and going through a rough patch in your marriage, we would urge you to consult with the Best Astrologers for Marriage Problem and adopt remedies that would bring your marriage back on the track to bliss & happiness again.

Plus, if you are into a relationship with what seems to be Mister or Miss Perfect to you, it is time that you take the help of Astrology to determine whether you share a successful future with that Mister or Miss Perfect in your upcoming life or not!

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