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Is Rahu Impacting your Career? Find out Now

By: Future Point | 04-May-2021
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Is Rahu Impacting your Career? Find out Now

Considered a shadow planet in Vedic Astrology, Rahu has always been a top contender among the most feared planets. People often believe Rahu in one’s Kundli can only wreak havoc, however that is far from the case! A planet that gives results based on the karma of the native, Rahu & Ketu are both mathematical nodes, i.e. they don’t exist as per astronomy. In Vedic Astrology, Rahu (Dragon’s Head) and Ketu (Dragon’s tail) lie opposite to each other i.e. at 180 degrees signifying the two points of intersection between the Sun and the Moon.

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Considering the position it acquires in your horoscope, Rahu can greatly impact how you react in certain situations, especially in moments of crisis. It is imperative that you learn if Rahu is playing an auspicious role in your life, or is associating with a stronger planet to put down more pressure on you. 

While posited in different houses of one’s Kundli, Rahu can cast a huge shadow on not just your life, but the people in close contact with you- your kith & kin. 

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Learn what the position of Rahu in your Kundli predicts for your career & future prospects.

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Rahu in 1st House/ Ascendant

Rahu in the 1st house majorly signifies a skilled professional who majorly enjoys their work and shares a passion for improving the world. They enjoy being in the limelight where they can make a difference and influence others positively. As far as career is concerned, a native with Rahu in the first house will entertain the possibilities of sharing the centre stage with females. They’ll likely earn their bread through their sheer luck and might even trade their hand at betting. Financially, they’ll be more adept at making informed decisions and coming up with innovative ways to utilize that penny! 

Rahu in 2nd House 

A really lucky position of Rahu for someone who wants to become wealthy in life, the second house can provide a native with numerous ways to accumulate wealth. With money, sometimes arrogance accompanies- and in this case it will be true to its nature! Those with Rahu in the second house of Kundli will most likely stay away from their family. A true capitalist at heart, you will particularly enjoy travelling; however, arrogance will cripple you and the relationships you surround yourself with. Prone to lie occasionally, they are likely to earn money from foreign sources. Misery might accompany you for the better part of life; however enormous amounts of money will more than make up for it. 

Rahu in 3rd House

A skilled person with an inkling towards power and money, a native with Rahu in the 3rd house attains a highly influential position in life through sheer determination. They accumulate wealth through their foes and are able to get by life through their royal ties. Business is well suited for people who have Rahu posited in their house; the influx of prosperity in life is substantial. The person has an inclination towards spirituality and can make the most out of any situation. However, the penchant to lead a luxurious life can drive a person towards seeking materialistic comforts over emotional ones. 

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Rahu in 4th House

Rahu in the 4th house is generally not considered a good guest; a hermit at heart- such a person remains without friends and indulges in friendships with lowly-people. However, on the upside they get to enjoy their time travelling and often earn their livelihood through foreign sources. Chances of settling abroad are also high for such natives. In order to get success and abundance in life, you can take up a career or a vocation that is involved in jewellery business. The peak years when the native will soar high in prosperity & abundance start between the 36th year of their life and last till 53rd year. Money or material wealth will not be a troublesome factor throughout life, but living a life in the absence of friends & family might make one feel alone sometimes.      

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Rahu in 5th House

Rahu in the fifth house of the Kundli generally provides a native with ample opportunities to outshine in their work environment. They tend to take a great deal of interest in spiritual & divine studies. Academics at heart, they love to learn about new things and beliefs. However, this inquisitive nature sometimes makes them job hoppers as they navigate through different jobs and options. They are hard working and diligent in whatever work they do, but this does not equate to their salary pay as they settle for low-paying jobs. A person with Rahu in the 5th house of Kundli does not do well with money management; they are more prone to make the mistake of wasting their money or that of their family due to mismanagement. 

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Rahu in 6th House

With the presence of planet Rahu in 6th house of one’s kundli, they can expect many great things coming in their life. However tackling difficult situations and coming out victorious isn’t going to be their strongest suit. Such a person is highly ambitious in life with their scholarly pursuits intact, they enjoy an almost cult-like following. This often gives them a king-like presence. Their peak years give them a chance to outshine their enemies through their might and power, along with sound knowledge. Careers suitable to these natives are linked to these aforementioned qualities & skills. 

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Rahu in 7th House

When Rahu is positioned in the 7th house of one’s Kundli, they can expect a bit of a temper to always come in their conversations. Such a native tends to have a sharp tongue, is greedy, and cunning to the T. They lose their temper quite frequently and have no problem while spending money, oftentimes at their own expense. This spending in the later days turns to incurring losses and bearing the brunt of the thrift. Careers suitable for such natives are a business venture with someone from the opposite sex. However, a check on the spending & expenditure is a must to earn profits and make the ends meet.  

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Rahu in 8th House

When planet Rahu is posited in the 8th house of a natives’ kundli, they tend to be involved in business ventures that have ties to foreign sources. Wealth in life is abundant, but happiness along with peace is going to be scarce. Such a native gets to enjoy in the lap of luxury, but there is a high probability of amassing this wealth through wrongful means. Highs and lows in life will be a frequent occurrence. Careers suitable for these natives include trading, exports & imports, or a secure job in a multinational corporation.  

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 Rahu in 9th House

When planet Rahu is positioned in the 9th house of a natives’ kundli, they are likely to be inclined towards philanthropic causes and working for a better society. They are creative and tend to work in fields that are related or somewhat related to the same field. The true period when their career shines brightly is after the age of 37, wherein they enjoy the fruits of their labour. Lucky to the core, they always have the stars in their corner throughout their life, so whatever it is that they want, all they have to do is just manifest it and the universe will work in tandem with their fate to make it happen. These people also have a deeper connection with aquatic life, so a career in the same field could also bore great fruits.  

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Rahu in 10th House

Wealth, abundance & cunning without a doubt, a person with Rahu in the 10th house of Kundli has no problem accumulating wealth and fortune. Due to money’s prominent presence in their life, they are arrogant and often come out strongly as snooty to the people in the society. They are jealous beings, who dream of amassing a fortune through any means possible. They are more likely to cheat & deceive others for money than anyone due to the position of Rahu in their kundli. Such a person is mighty, powerful, and is respected by the society due to the social status they have acquired over the years. Careers most suitable for them are linked to drama, poetry, or theater. These people also have the penchant for travelling and often avail extra benefits from the government sector.  

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Rahu in 11th House

Rahu in the 11th house is generally considered auspicious in money related matters. With a charming and attractive personality, the person often has a dusky or wheatish complexion and has an inclination towards the spiritual and divine aspect of life. They are highly motivated, with a keen sense of interest in businesses that are related to food, clothing, ornaments, money, animals/ livestock, vehicles, and automobiles. When they put their mind to something, it becomes pretty evident that they are going to achieve it. Some of these natives might also earn money through royal patronage. 

 Rahu in 12th House

Planet Rahu when positioned in the twelfth house makes one a hard-working individual. They like to indulge in businesses that are related to foreign lands, maintaining it as their sole source of income. However, on the down side- they face a really hard time managing their wealth due to their foolish attitude and utter neglect for profits. In case you have Rahu positioned in the 12th house of your Kundli, you needn’t get paranoid and seek help from an expert Astrologer. You can Consult a Career Astrologer online or get your complete Career Astrology Report prepared by them.  

It is of importance that you understand these results and predictions are based on a loose and generic sense. With regards to the position of Rahu in your Kundli, there are a myriad of other factors that are equally (if not more so), responsible for your life and how it goes forward. If you wish to seek true purpose of your life along with the career path you must embark on- we highly suggest you Talk to Dr. Arun Bansal- one of the Top Astrologers in India over phone. These results will not only be accurate and precise, but will also provide you with the answers you have been looking for. 

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