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Infuse the ‘Capital of Planetary Support’ into Your Business

By: Future Point | 04-Apr-2020
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Infuse the ‘Capital of Planetary Support’ into Your Business

All of us aspire to become our own boss and the idea of being self employed, entices us all. Running your own business means that you can make independent professional decisions and would have no upper limit to your earning potential. Unlike a salaried person, a business person is not bound to work as per a professional time table enforced by someone else upon him/her. Rather, when you are running your own business, you actually get the liberty to make your own hours!Isn’t it amazing?

Well, it surely is but do not forget the risk factors that come along a business and as soon as people start their own businesses, they are introduced to different complex scenarios out there pertaining to market regulations, competitions, brand management etc. However, once a person forays into the business arena, he/she becomes familiar with all the challenges that a particular business has, fairly quickly and learns to deal with them just as others do. So, why is it that not everyone in a business is able to clock the same amount of profits?

Why is it that despite working hard, there are people in the business community who are unable to maintain a healthy profit margin and eventually fail to keep their businesses afloat? That’s because when it comes to making money in a business environment, there is so much more than what simply meets the eye!

Planets and Their Effects

Planets are the cosmic bodies that have a tremendous role in deciding the result of our actions in literally every aspect of our lives. This is simply because the planets hold our karmic account from our past lives and at pre designated times in our current lives, provide us the results of both our good as well bad karmas.

It is therefore said that one must never underestimate the power & influence of planets in life and take decisions that are in alignment with the planetary will to ensure success in life! If planets signify positive results for a particular aspect of life e.g. business, then the native automatically gets the cosmic support that propels the business to newer heights of growth & success and if success in business is not favoured by planets, then it becomes extremely difficult to witness decent business income in life.

Remember the planets give their results at pre designated times in the life of a native and hence the native should take major decisions with respect to the event that the planets are signifying at the specific time of operation of those planets. When it comes to business, different planets “if favourably placed” in the horoscope of the native with respect to business, point out towards certain specific business fields that are poised to yield maximum success and hence it is crucial that a native must choose a business line that is signified by such planets.

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Your First Step Before Starting a Business

It is not wise to jump into the business arena without proper astrological guidance and a person should know beforehand, how the planets are positioned as per his/her horoscope with respect to business in life. Remember, going into business without the required planetary support could ruin the capital that is invested in a business and shatter your dreams of being self employed completely.

Therefore, before entering the complex world of business, one must Talk with Astrologer to know what the sacred science of astrology says about the business aspect of his/her life.

Houses that are Analyzed for Business

An astrologer performs a comprehensive analysis of the business horoscope of a native to ascertain how strongly business as a profession is signified by different planets in the native’s life.

However, the planets only give results of the houses that they signify and hence, it all boils down to whether the majority of planets (particularly those that are in operation at the time of starting a business) give the results of houses that are favourable for business or not. Following are the houses whose positive results are required by the planet/s in operation for running a successful & profitable business:

2nd House

It signifies “Accumulated Wealth and Bank Balance”. We all know that adequate capital is a primary requirement for business, hence the role of the 2nd house becomes crucial in business.

6th House

It signifies “Competition” and considering the constant challenges that come from business competitors, the 6th house must be very strong in the horoscope of a person who aspires to run a successful business.

7th House

This is the prime house of “Business and Partnership”. A positive 7th house is fundamental to the growth of any business and reveals whether one should go for partnerships in business or not.

10th House

It signifies “Name, Fame and Brand”. People who own very famous businesses or have a popular brand and usually those who have a strong 10th house in their horoscopes.

11th House

This house signifies “Gains” and in order to register big gains in your business, it is important to have a positive 11th house in your horoscope.

12th House

This is the house that represents “Expenditures” and we all know that expenditures are inevitable when it comes to running a business. This only question remains- “Are your expenditures yielding you meaningful profits in return?”

A balanced 12th house is key to determine whether you would end up making money after factoring in your expenditures or would incur a net loss.

Therefore, an astrologer needs to analyze the state of these houses and ascertain how many of them are signified by which planets and at which time in the life of a native before making an accurate Business Horoscope Prediction.

Jupiter, Mercury and Business!

When it comes to evaluating the prospects of business in a person’s life, no astrologer can afford to neglect the positioning of Jupiter and Mercury in the horoscope of that person. This is because Jupiter is a planet that signifies wealth, abundance and expansion.

Similarly, Mercury is a planet that represents transactions, commercial activities, trading and documents. So in order to have an all-round successful business, one must have these two planets in a very strong and positive state as per their placement in his/her horoscope.

Solutions for Problems in Business

Everything so far makes perfect sense, but there are those as well who are already in a business that they started without knowing what the planets signify for this aspect of their lives and are now facing a lot of problems.

What is the road ahead for them?

Well, the divine & ancient science of astrology prescribes certain remedies that are specific to the horoscope of the native and these remedial measures have the potential to directly & efficiently address the root planetary cause of a problem. Once the planetary issue that is causing the problem in the first place is fixed, the native gradually experiences a relief from the problem.

The primary job of a business problem solution astrologer is to correctly identify the planetary issue that is causing the problem in business and then suggest a remedial measure to the native that is specific to the problem in question. These remedies are incredibly powerful and if adopted wholeheartedly by the native, can turn the wheel of fortune in the native’s favour.

Sri Yantra for Unforeseen Prosperity!

A Sri Yantra is the cosmic representation of Goddess Lalita Tripura Sundari. It is a divine power house that attracts the incredibly positive & prosperous energies of the Supreme Goddess in our lives. If one manages to please Goddess Lalita Tripur Sundari by worshipping the Sri Yantra with utmost devotion, then abundant wealth and unforeseen prosperity are a natural consequence in the life of that person!

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Hence, it is recommended that people engaged in a business or frankly any profession for that matter, should bring home the Sri Yantra which is the divine form of Goddess Almighty and worship it wholeheartedly to get rid of all financial problems in life and make success, wealth & abundance, an integral part of life.

In the end, we would like to conclude by saying that business is all about making the right and smart decisions at the appropriate time. Get your horoscope analyzed by highly experienced astrologers and know what the planets are signifying when it comes to the business aspect of your life in terms of crucial periods of time that are pivotal for business, lines of business that could yield maximum profits etc. etc.

So, take the smart & prudent step of consulting with the best business astrologer and get the vital astrological guidance that will add wings of gains to your business!

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