Importance of Baby Name as Per Astrology

By: Future Point | 06-Aug-2018
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Importance of Baby Name as Per Astrology

A name of an individual is associated with their identity. Hence the importance of given a good name to a new born has been an age-old practise. Though in certain community, the importance to name a new born with that of a divine god or goddess is considered auspicious.

Though this is still in practise, there is another set of community who would believe that the ancestral name should be followed repeatedly. Which means, a new born will get the name of his/her grandparents. Thus, there are varied practises.

Even today, In Indian society, the above practises are in existence. However, with slight modification. Here the importance of name as per the Astrological guide-lines is followed.

Since, in astrology, it be well documented that the name of the personal, when christened as per Vedic guidelines will reap maximum benefits. As Astrology it self is an off-spring of the Vedas, the importance of Sound and Pronunciation seen in the Vedas are given equal importance in astrology too.

Thus, the present generation has followed the tradition of naming their Child as per the earlier practise, followed by their ancestors. But with the only modification of given importance of astrology in it.

It has been a proven science that when a name of a native is pronounced in a certain manner, the vibration caused by the name will generate positive energy and their aura will take the native to a far-reaching pedestal in the society.

Thus, when a new born or even prior to their birth, a list of permutation or combination is worked out for naming the child. These are done to remain well prepared as in the present age, a new born is supposed to apply for birth certificate. So, their parents or their relatives have limited time to work any suitable combination.

For this, only a learned and expert astrologer can come to rescue the native. Here, the astrologer is also supposed to understand astro-numerology which is very helpful while naming the child or the new born.

Why, Astro-Numerology? Since in this case an expert should know the nuances of both the science Visa Viz: Astrology and Numerology. The following is explained in two parts.

As the date of birth and time of birth is very important to decide the name of a new born. This will become input for Astrology. This is explained below in the following two steps.

In the first step, at the time of birth, the native will have a Moon sign. Moon sign is the sign where Moon is placed in a particular Zodiac. In astrology, every zodiac has a certain set of alphabets or character attached to it. These set of alphabets are very important as this will form the basis of naming a new born. For example: If any one is born with Gemini Moon sign.

In that case Gemini will have the following Alphabets or Characters to name an individual. These alphabets or characters are: A, H, Gh, Ka, Ke and Ko. This will form the starting alphabets while naming the native. The knowledge of astrology is very important here.

In the second step the length of a name is decided. In this case, the help Numerology is important. Since, this will decide the length of the name, in alignment with the date of birth of the native.

Suppose, a boy was born say on 1st house any month. And in the Moon sign of that new born is Gemini. The native can be name say “Amit”. Here, both the above conditions are satisfied. A+M+I+T = 1+4+1+4 = 10 =1+0= 1. Again, since the native was born with Gemini moon sign, the condition of astrology is also clearly satisfied, which is, his name would start with the Alphabet “A”.

The above example is a simple example as how a native can be named with Astro-Numerology. Since with this, the positive vibration of a native will be clearly seen as the Native would grow in his entire life time.

Thus, the name of an individual will also bring luck and fortune to the native. In fact, one would go even further, where the nakshtra or the constellation of the individual is given importance along with Date of birth and Moon sign.

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