Imbibe the Magic of Vastu in Your Life to Witness Abundant Wealth & Prosperity!

By: Future Point | 06-Apr-2020
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Imbibe the Magic of Vastu in Your Life to Witness Abundant Wealth & Prosperity!

There are so many homes out there where the residents face constant problems like bickering among the family members, repeated illnesses and a discord in harmony in their lives, for no logical reason at all. Though the most puzzling and highly concerning phenomenon is the loss of wealth in a family which exerts a severely negative impact on the lives of the family members and dampens their prospects of growth & success.

Is it simply because of their fate or is there something else that is in play inside their house? Well, one must understand that a house is not just a structure that simply works as a shelter in people’s lives. A house has so much subtle & powerful going on inside it that one needs to pay attention to a science that deals with the geometry of a house and its implications in terms of the energies that affect the house in ways that are beyond our common understanding.

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The Science of Vastu

Vastu is a divine science that reveals the behaviour of different celestial energies inside a structure based on its geometry & design. As per the cosmic principles of geometry & architecture, every structure based on its overall design and the places of different functionalities inside it, develops a very strong affinity with certain energies of the cosmos and attracts those energies.

These energies can be both positive as well as negative and their impact on the lives of the people that are associated with that structure is so powerful that these energies change the very course of the fate of people that are in contact with that structure. This is why our house plays an extremely significant role in our lives and literally has the potential of shaping up our destiny in line with the cosmic energies that it eventually attracts!

The Five Primordial Elements and Vastu Dosh

As per Vastu Shastra which is the scripture that reveals the sacred science of Vastu, the five primordial elements- Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space are the fundamental building blocks of this cosmos. These five elements function in a very mystical way and govern certain specific directions. Subsequently inside a house, these five elements have pre designated areas as per the directions that they govern and it is extremely important to keep the behaviour of these elements in mind while choosing to establish a particular functionality inside the house.

If a particular element remains in a harmonious state with the functionality established in its direction, then there is no disturbance in the energies flowing in that part of the house and the end result is positive. owever, if an element becomes aggravated due to a disharmonious relationship with a functionality inside the house, then negative energies start to flow and bring problems in the lives of the family members.

Therefore, it is said that kitchen, bathroom, bedroom etc. should always be established inside a house by keeping the principles of Vastu in mind else the disturbance in the state of the five elements will give birth to “Vastu Dosh” or a flaw arising out of an imbalance in Vastu energies. However if for any reason the already constructed & functional house is not Vastu compliant, then a Vastu Shastra Expert must be consulted with on an immediate basis to prevent the disasters that a house with a Vastu Dosh can bring in the lives of its residents.

A Vastu Expert basically performs a careful & in-depth analysis of the Vastu of the house in question and prescribes certain highly powerful & effective Vastu Remedies that ward off the negative energies and ensure the flow of positive ones inside the house!

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How does Vastu Address the Issue of Financial Problems?

A house where positive energies flow in abundance- wealth, sound health, harmonious relations, success and prosperity are a natural consequence in the lives of its residents! Speaking specifically about money & wealth, we would say that a continuous flow of certain prosperity promoting energies inside the house is extremely important. The prosperous energies that we are talking about are the ones that have the characteristics of planets Venus and Jupiter.

We all know that Venus signifies luxury, money & affluence and Jupiter is a natural benefic that blesses with wealth, abundance & prosperous expansion. Hence, the Vastu remedies that result in attracting & storing the prosperous energies of Venus and Jupiter inside the house, consequently bring in unforeseen positive changes in the financial state of the people residing in that house!

But let us not forget that while it is important to have a steady flow of prosperity promoting energies inside a house, it is even more important to ward off the negative energies that bring financial troubles and put an end to their flow inside the house as well.

It is for this purpose, there are certain Vastu remedies that specifically aim at dispelling misery promoting energies that are brought inside the house by malefic planets such as Rahu (Dragon’s Head), Ketu (Dragon’s Tail) and Saturn (Shani). Hence, an all-round approach is followed by a Vastu Expert when giving Vastu tips for saving money and at the same time making recommendations or suggesting remedies to attract wealth.

In-General but Invaluable Vastu Tips to Attract Wealth

We absolutely recommend everyone to take the matters of finances very seriously and go for a proper & professional Vastu Consultation to know the specific Vastu remedies/tips that they can adopt for attracting maximum wealth in their lives.

Still for people out there who want to know what they can do to start the money ball rolling in their favour, we are providing these incredibly effective Vastu Tips for Wealth:

    • Pour some water in a copper bowl and put a lotus flower in it. Place that bowl in your puja room or near the idol of Goddess Laxmi. This brings in the blessings of the Goddess in one’s household. Do remember to change the water and flower every day or two.
    • Never place footwear or a shoe rack right outside or inside the house entrance as it restricts the flow of positive energies inside the house and attracts malefic energies.
    • Put up a Maha Laxmi Yantra on the almirah or safe where you keep money & valuables. You can also put up this yantra on the wall facing the almirah or safe. Doing this ensures the incredibly prosperous blessings of Maha Laxmi which results in a continuous rise in your wealth.
    • Get a painting or picture of gold coins, diamonds & jewels and place it on the wall facing the entrance of the house. This paves the way for the flow of wealth and luxury promoting energies associated with Jupiter and Venus in the house.
    • There must be at least one red piece of cloth always present in the room where the safe is kept. This cloth can be in the form of curtains, bedsheet, pillow cover etc. The idea is to make sure that the room where money/jewellery is kept must have a red coloured cloth present at all times.
  • The place where you keep the keys to the safe/almirah holding the valuables, must be absolutely clean.
  • Put some grains of raw rice coated in a little bit of Kumkum on a red piece of cloth inside your safe.
  • Remember prosperous energies do not like clutter at all, so keep on clearing clutter and unwanted articles from your house regularly.
  • Make sure that there are no plumbing related problems in your house. Constant water leakage from taps or pipes drains the positive energies that bring wealth in the house. Hence, there should not be any water leakage in the house.
  • Hanging a set of wind chimes in the North East corner of the house brings energies that promote growth & success in profession and make us victorious over our enemies or competitors.
  • Choose a soothing wall colour on the walls of your drawing room, puja room and main bedroom as dark or heavy shades on the walls of these areas of the house store dark or malefic energies.
  • Establish a Sri Yantra in your puja place and worship it regularly with a devoted heart. This yantra is the cosmic representation of Goddess Lalita Tripur Sundari whose blessings are known to shower unforeseen bliss, wealth, abundance & prosperity on Her devotees!
  • Putting up a painting of a prancing horse in the drawing room or hallway instills the virtue of hard work among the family members and keeps the energies that promote laziness & lethargy out of the house. This keeps the residents of a house energetic and in turn drives them towards professional success.
  • Last but not the least, place an aquarium with a pair of GoldFish in the North or North East corner of your house. This would ensure that there is always an abundant flow of liquidity in terms of money in your house.

We hope that you would find these Vastu tips for Finance useful and they would bring wealth & prosperity in your life.

While these tips are time-tested and have proved to be highly effective in the lives of countless people, the efficacy of Vastu tips for money problem that are specific to the house of a particular native, is simply unparalleled. This is because the exact state of Vastu in a native’s house would perfectly determine the Vastu remedies that are best suited for bringing wealth in that native’s house.

If you are really serious about making your home perfectly Vastu compliant then we would urge you to go for a professional Vastu consultation.

Vastu Consultant Dr. Arun Bansal is a highly respected and well renowned name in the Astrology & Vastu community. Dr. Bansal has over 40 years of experience and has an absolute mastery over the principles of both Vastu as well as Vedic Astrology. His Vastu based recommendations/tips are extremely effective as they directly address the root cause of the Vastu Dosh that is present in a particular house. Once the underlying Vastu Dosh is rectified, success & prosperity in the house follow naturally.

So, bring in the sacred wisdom of Vastu Shastra in your house and make your home a permanent base for wealth & bliss promoting positive energies! Also, try our Vastu Predictions 2020 to know how the Vastu energies are slated to affect you this year based on the yearly planetary movements in the Zodiac Belt.

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