Vastu tips for Finance and loans pay off

By: Future Point | 01-Mar-2018
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Vastu tips for Finance and loans pay off

With the advent of latest technologies and added luxuries attached, the need for money has grown exponentially and has been intensified to meet our daily requirements. There is a common saying nowadays that “Money is everything”. Well, this statement stands to be true at some valid check points. And to meet this earnest desire of having more and more money & wealth, we sometimes take the aid of loans and debts. But, at times it may happen that we are not able to pay the due amount of money in time and this adds up to the already accumulated stress and tensions in our lives. For all this, you need not to worry, as Vastu can help you with paying off your debts and also increase your financial stature. Below, are some of the simple Vastu remedies to get rid of the stress due to unwanted loans and debts.


  • The person who has taken a loan or is under some kind of debt should always sleep in a room which is in the southwest direction.
  • One of the simplest and effective vastu tips would be to keep a bowl of salt in the corner of your bathroom to nullify the ill effects and the current prevailing finance related dosha in the house.
  • It should be noted while constructing the house that the slope of the house roof is in such a planning, that the water of the rain flows in the north direction.
  • If your home has an internal staircase in any of the rooms, hang a crystal showpiece to avoid and weaken the negative energy in the home.
  • If you have freshly taken a debt or a loan, make sure that you pay its first instalment on the day of Tuesday.


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Also make sure that the colour of your kitchen wall should never be painted blue. Doing so can intensify the financial and economic crisis in the house.

One of the effective vastu remedy for loan is to place a mirror on the north east direction of the home. This vastu remedy will help to invite and attract good luck, happiness, wealth and prosperity in your home and life.

Placing an idol of Lord Kuber or Goddess Lakshmi in the temple particularly in the north direction of the home will definitely help. Also worship them with full faith and religiously to attain the best of divine blessing from both the gods.

Another important and effective vastu remedy for debts is to place and combine all the expensive items such as jewellery, excessive cash, money and every other expensive items in a cupboard which should face be facing the south west zone or direction in the house. Following this remedy over a long period of time will help for a growth in business and there will less stress in the life of the debtor.

Also, make sure that there are no windows or gates in northwest or south west direction of the house, it this is the situation, then keep all the doors and windows closed. Doing so will not let the negative energy to enter in the house.

To avoid a situation or a circumstance where there arises a need to even sell your own house, always construct the south west zone wall of your home a little higher than the others. Else, you can also consider creating an iron angle/brick construction in that area. This will ensure your home to become debt free.


While planning and newly constructing a house, always make sure that the inflow of the money is always directed towards the north direction of the house. You can also consider creating an underground water tank in this same direction. This will help you with paying off your debts and loans quickly.

Also, make it a point to never place a heavy object in the north or east direction of the house. Placing heavy furniture of this direction will account for huge financial losses. Also ensure that the north direction of the wall should not have high boundary walls, reduce the walls height if such is the condition. Make the walls a little inclined towards the north, east and north east direction.

The above vastu remedies can surely prove to be extremely beneficial in paying off loans and debts quickly, if followed with the accurate procedure and determination.

Vastu Tips for bringing Wealth and Prosperity in Life

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