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How To Win Love This Valentine's Day 2023?

By: Future Point | 31-Jan-2023
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How To Win Love This Valentine

Valentine's day is a day to express and feel love. It is not about your love partner only; it signifies self-love also. Valentine's spans for a whole week, and in your love horoscope 2023, each day has something special for you!

How will you spend your Valentine's Day? What is the relevance of the day if you are single? Valentine's Day 2023 will be celebrated on February 14, 2023. Many can take it as an opportunity to woo your dream partner. If you wish to know what will the ideal gift for your love partner or whether the stars will remain in your favor, then read further: 

Special days in Valentine's week 2023

Everyone has their own specific way of celebrating Valentine's Day. Here, we are giving the list of the days falling in Valentine's week. You can choose an appropriate gift as given in the suggestions for each day. The right gift is your first step towards a successful love relationship.

Rose Day: Valentine's week initiates with Rose day. Giving a rose is an age-old way to express your love to someone, and what better way than Valentines can be? You can give roses of different colors that signify different meanings. The red rose is for romance, and yellow is for casual entertainment or joy, white signifies friendship, etc. Rose day 2023 will be celebrated on February 7, 2023.

Propose Day: The next Day in Valentine's week is called Propose Day. It is the second Day of Valentine's week. Those aspiring to propose to someone can choose February 8, 2023, for proposing to their love partner. If you are already in love, then it is a suitable day to give a marriage proposal to your lover as per the best astrologer. A romantic outing followed by dinner is a great way to show your love and care. 

Chocolate Day: The third Day in Valentine's week is the chocolate day. It is a day when lovers exchange chocolates. There is end number variety of chocolates in the market, and you can choose as per the preference of your love partner. Cute-looking heart-shaped chocolates are a safe bet! In 2023, Chocolate Day will fall on February 9, 2023. Don't waste time thinking about flavors, go and get the most eye-catching one!

Teddy Day: The next Day in Valentine's week is teddy day which falls on February 10, 2023. You can gift your love partner a soft, cute teddy this day. Your partner will remember you whenever she hugs the teddy gifted by you. So, it's a great way to show your unconditional love.

Promise Day: A promise of love can transform your life! Make a promise of selfless love to your partner. Promise Day will fall on February 11, 2023. Depending on your preference, you can promise a long-lasting relationship or a small date. 

Hug Day: A hug is a great way to show your affection for someone. One can show his affection by hugging someone tightly. On hug day, February 12, 2023, you can show your partner how much you love him by giving him a hug. A warm embrace can lighten your Valentine's Day! 

Kiss Day: Lovers express their love and affection through romantic kisses. Kisses are of different types, and you can choose between a soft to a passionate kiss. This simple expression gives depth to all love relations in the world. Kiss Day falls on February 13, 2023, and it is a suitable day to tell your partner how much you love him.

Why do we celebrate Valentine's Day?

Valentine's day has been celebrated since the middle ages. The day was initially celebrated to honor the early saint, Valentinus, in Western Christian culture. It is since the 19th century, and the day has been celebrated as a popular commercial romantic day in several cultures. 

Scholars are still not sure about its origin, but few believe that it originally started in ancient Rome as the celebration called Lupercalia, the lord of fertility. Few others believe that it started on the martyr day of Christian saint Valentine; the Day was February 14. Today, the day symbolizes love, celebration, and joy globally. 

We can associate common symbols like hearts, doves, roses, and cupids with Valentine's Day. The red color symbolizes desire, love, and passion. 

What to do on Valentine's Day in 2023?

Valentine's day shows love and romance. You can take your love partner for a romantic dinner. Whether you go for a fine, dine, or something unusual, going out with your partner can make him feel special. 

As per the zodiac sign, you can also give surprise gifts like clothes, flowers, bags, chocolates, purses, jewelry, or some electronic gadgets.

You can make a collage of your pictures and present it to your partner for a more emotional and personal touch. It is a great idea to write a few heartfelt messages on it. 

Spend quality time together. It can be anything from watching a movie, walking, or playing naughty on the couch.

If you are confused about what gift you should I give on Valentine's Day, then we can help you! You can choose from popular options like chocolates, roses, flowers, and other apparel. Personalized gifts like a photo album, t-shirts, or cushions will also add fun to your day. The gift should be such that your partner holds it forever.

All zodiac signs and Valentine's Day 2023


Aries like to leap. So, come forward and express your love to your partner. On Valentine's Day 2023, show your passion and courage in saying whatever you feel for your partner. Your boldness and confidence will impress your partner. 


As Taurus natives, you appreciate calm and composed relations. Say it with love, and your partner will agree! You can gift flowers or perfume to impress your partner. If your partner is a Taurus ascendant, too, then you can never go wrong with a luxurious dine-out. Kundli matching for marriage explains Taurus makes the best couple together. Fill your life with love on Valentine's Day 2023.


Gemini shows fun, entertainment, communication, and social life. Woo your Gemini partner with an adventurous outing. Talk and share your feelings in the best possible words. Gemini natives can have the best romantic day if they channel their energy properly. A social outing where you hang out in a group can uplift the mood, and then you are ready to say whatever you have to say!


Cancer natives generally feel shy in expressing their feelings, but if you don't dare, you'll lose! Open up your heart. You can take your date out for some movie and then express your love for her. Your charisma won't let your partner leave you. So, make optimum use of the day and have fun in life!


You don't need any help when it comes to expressing your love. You are the show stopper, and your partner already falls for your charisma and attraction. You just need to be humble and say politely whatever you feel for your partner. Arrogance may spoil the game, so stay calm and maintain your charm. 


Virgo natives, stop being judgmental and overprotective. Your love for perfection can ruin your day. So, be calm and enjoy things as they come. You are an impressive personality and can impress your partner with that perfect gift you chose for her. 


The Libra is the most balanced sign, and they weigh their talks before they deliver them. It has no harm, but today, get flexible and enjoy the moods. Taking your partner for a luxurious dinner is a great way to win their hearts. You can impress anyone, as the stars are in your favor today.


Scorpion is a sign that is like a surprise. Scorpio natives have immense courage, and they love to experiment. You can impress your partner using these traits. On the darker side, if you doubt your partner, then the day can prove terrible. Talk nicely, and keep your Martian instincts inside for today!


The zodiac sign of Sagittarius is the most generous and positive sign. We suggest you take a thoughtful gift instead of a luxurious one. It would help if you showed your creative side to impress your partner today. Express your love and emotions most carefully to win your partner forever!


Valentine's Day is the day to find your dream partner. You will meet someone special today. The day can allow you to see deeper inside and explore who you truly are. Take advantage of the supporting stars and say whatever you feel for your partner today. Today is a great day to propose to your partner for marriage as well.


You are an innovative person who loves to experiment. Today, use your creative abilities to impress your partner. Your dressing style will make a lasting impression on your partner. You can take hand-crafted cards and other art and craft articles to make a long-lasting impression on your partner. 


Don't feel scared; come forward with a brave face! Hold your emotion and gather yourself to say whatever you feel today. Your insecurities can hold you back but with determination, you can overcome them. Talk effectively with your partner to make him understand your feelings for him.

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