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How To Stay Zen-like When You Have An Irritating Boss

By: Future Point | 25-Jun-2019
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How To Stay Zen-like When You Have An Irritating Boss

In this modern era, money is one of the most important things in life. No one is satisfied with by earning the bare minimum. They aspire for all the comforts and a life full of leisure. And for the comforts and such a life, a person needs to earn a sufficient amount of money. Everyone works day and night to reach a respectable position with handsome remuneration. But how would you feel if you’re working hard and yet your work is not being recognized? Your boss thinks of you as a lazy employee and is always shouting? With Career Astrology you will be able to understand the factors wherein you lack at the workplace, making you an easy target for your boss.

A good leader is the one who encourages you to work hard and praises your work whereas a bad leader would never be satisfied with your work and would always be complaining. One always wants to work under a boss who understands his/her situation and acts accordingly. It is really tough to conversate and express your feelings to a tough boss. An irritating boss is one of the major reasons why the work environment becomes toxic for a person.

When someone is standing on your head 24*7 there is a great possibility that you will feel irritated from them. You cannot express your feelings and your frustration keeps increasing. This leads to a mental breakdown and a person starts feeling irritated. Is switching job the best option during that time? But there exists no guarantee that your next manager would be a good leader and you can’t keep switching job because of this reason.

Here are some of the tips that might help you deal with your irritating boss and stay calm at all points of time:

1. Try To Pinpoint The Thing Where Your Boss Is Irritating

Your boss might be irritated by a lot of things, but don’t consider your boss irritating because he expects you to finish your work off within the stipulated time. There can be various effects on your mental health and staying at the workplace becomes unbearable, disrupted, frustrating, etc. Some of the signs which help you to recognize that your manager is irritating are:

  • a. A manager who is not supportive and discourages the staff.
  • b. A manager who lies about the work of the workers and fails to praise the workers when the work is done well.
  • c. A manager who threatens the workers for small things.
  • d. A manager who publicly humiliates, bullies, or verbally attacks you.

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2. Don’t Let The Attacks Affect Your Self-respect

You need to understand that the verbal attacks that are made are in respect to your work and should not be taken otherwise. This is not at all a personal attack and is just made to make your work more efficiently. You need to understand that even your boss is accountable to somebody and just wants to ensure good results from his/her team.

3. Lower Your Expectations Of A Boss And Focus On What Is Good For You

The more you expect of your boss, the more you’re going to disappoint yourself. You need to focus on the good points. There would be things that make you stay in the organization, focus on them and ignore your manager’s harsh words. Work in an efficient manner but do not expect your manager to praise you and help you in any form. Take help from your colleagues and work in a team.

4. Follow all rules and be a Model employee

Know about the work protocols and follow them. Understand the principles behind what you do and this way you would be able to have an alibi for whatever you do. When you work according to the rules, this stops your superior to rattling you further.

  • a. Be fully sure about your job description. Make sure that you are able to work according to that. Whatever you do must fit in those parameters. This may sound silly but many employees are bullied by their manager because they are not clear of the job description and are not able to perform the work that is assigned to you.
  • b. You can also earn respect by performing your work in the correct manner and displaying confidence at work.
  • c. Make sure not to make any situation where your annoying boss has to call you for breaking company laws or policy. Make sure to complete all your work before the deadline.

5. Display Your Skill Without Being Rude

Let your boss know about your skills and expertise. Aim to highlight your specialization and prevent an annoying boss to rant you further. If your expertise is rare and highly respected, your boss would back off, as they would know that a petty argument can make them sound stupid.

6. Maintain a professional distance with your manager

Becoming too familiar with managers who display negative leadership qualities forms a perfect situation for a disaster. Here are some tips on how to maintain a professional distance from your boss:

  • a. Avoid talking about personal things with them or revealing any personal information that could be used against you.
  • b. Avoid meetings with your boss, wherever it is possible.
  • c. Don’t try to become one of the boss’s favorite. This position can change in seconds and you could be ranted at, without any further thoughts.

Everyone has many problems that are prevailing in their life and having an irritating boss adds on to that. If you’ve tried everything and still can’t get rid of your boss or the negativity they bring along with them, you can Talk to A Career Astrologer and figure out the best way you can steer clear of politics at work. With Janam Kundali Predictions you can know the correct path for you to stay on and have a great work life!

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