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How to Prepare for a Tarot Reading

By: Future Point | 03-Mar-2018
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How to Prepare for a Tarot Reading

As mentioned in previous article of mine Tarot cards are a pack of 78 cards that constitute of 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana cards. Major arcana cards deals with life's major issues and minor deals with day to day happening. Minor arcana cards have fleeting influence but Major arcana brings some drastic changes in one's life.

Tarot gives insight into a person's life in general. Tarot can be consulted before taking a decision whether it would be suitable or not. Tarot can save many embarrassing situations. Tarot can be consulted before making a choice between two or more options. Tarot can be consulted before deciding about a potential life partner.

Tarot can be consulted before making an important business deal. Tarot can be used as a tool to understand our emotions, desires, dreams and also help us give a route plan how to reach them.

It can save us from fraudulent deals, help us decide if a name will work for us or not. Tarot can help us know about the aura of room. Tarot can be used to communicate with deceased. Tarot can be used a protective tool or totem or it can be used as a meditative article. Its uses are unlimited and one needs to be imaginative enough to dig deeper and bring out pearls from the treasures.


How to prepare for a tarot reading as a querent or One who is inquiring ?

    • You should be sure that you need a tarot reading means you have an issue which needs guidance. A lot of people treat tarot as a game or fun. Its a sacred healing tool and should be respected otherwise full benfits cannot be derived.
    • Be prepared to pay. Most of the people get ready to to receive free readings and ask absurd questions. When asked to pay some also offer moral lessons to the reader which is an absolute no no. Energy exchange is must for keeping karma in balance. So like one pays for food charges in restaurant, bills in mall, one should be ready to pay for a tarot reading as well.

      Free readings does not bring much help as without paying the required karma to the giver and ultimately Universe one only receives what he paid for, in the case of free reading not much and many a times nothing hence reading goes wrong and the reader gets the blame or if it goes right he ends up paying on the behalf of the client.
    • Be clear how many questions you have! A lot of people are confused, they can't seem to decide. So before going for a reading make a list of questions that you really need to ask or if booking an hour, half an hour session schedule session in such a way that all your required questions get answered and you only pay for what you need to.
    • Be punctual. In the case of going for a booked session please be on time. Value others time and DO NOT ask for extra time if you reach late. As it affects the schedule.
    • Have faith in your reader. Do not interrupt while he or she is explaining the meaning of cards or answering your question. As most of the times they are not just reading out the meanings but channeling readings from the akashic records so on interruption the connection can get broken and the reading can get negatively impacted missing on some important message or disconnect. So let your reader speak and do not interrupt while reading until and unless off course asked to tell next question.
    • Have Full-fledged Faith in Tarot and reader otherwise you won't take any advice. Do not compare your reader's style with that of other readers. Most of the times I hear my clients say that other tarot readers makes the client pick out the cards so why on earth I picked the cards on their behalf and also that I should have taken out 3 cards instead of two or why I picked one card instead of 4 that I picked for previous questions!!

      Well a doctor knows how many doses are to be given a patient. Not all patients get same medicine and same number of doses. So again have faith. Asking such questions can irritate the reader or make him disconnect from the reading.

      Cards catch the frequency of the client through the reader who is reading for him and also from client himself so no worries. Tarot cards are done for people sitting in remote areas as well because of energy flow. So after reading tarot for 15 years I can surely say its a myth spread through TV, Serials, Movies that a client has to pick cards himself.
    • Please Do not keep your hands on the table cloth or cards for support as its disrespectful and I have personally seen some clients digging their nose and then using same hand to pick cards or touch the cards and clothes, so please be respectful.It makes the reader very uncomfortable and that too definitely affects the mood of the reader and can affect the reading.
    • Do not brag about other reader and how he or she did the readings. Well, you chose the reader so remember that everyone is different and so doing tarot can be different as well.No two tarot readers are alike. All are different, so do not compare.It shows lack of faith and again is very rude.
    • Avoid asking for discounts until and unless there is some really genuine reason. Your reader also need to pay his or her bills. Remember they are also humans even though they channel higher frequencies.
    • Do not ask 2-3 questions in one question. Be very clear and specific in framing a question.The more clear and specific the question, the more precise will be the answer. Example a question like "WilI get married this year and ilI be happy with XYZ and does he love me?" is a very confusing question as its NOT one question but 3 questions in one.

      So instead of focusing on saving some bucks one should focus on asking clear question so that precise answer can be received from tarot as that is the goal. Trying to trick the reader will not help at all as the client may save some money but will get confusing reading and it will ultimately help no one. Questions like "will I get married this year?" are specific or even " will get married this year to the guy I want ?" will work fine.
    • Be receptive towards receiving suggestions from the reader. A reader can also help you frame questions from his or her experience.
    • DO NOT consult a tarot card reader if you want to know about these 3 things as these are unethical due to some spiritual reasons.

1. Death of anyone.

2. Gender of an unborn child.

3. Reading for a child younger than 5 years of age.

How to prepare for Tarot card Reading as a Reader ?

  • Clear the space where you are about to read the Tarot of any previous energies.
  • Charge the Tarot deck by some prayer or sound of bells. One can cross over the cards in incense Fragrance,or Keeping it under pillow or moonlight.
  • Ask your angels guides or guardian angels to assist you in readings.
  • Meditate before reading to get clarity of mind and to get into the mode of trance.
  • Cast a shield around oneself and also the client before hand before his arrival through affirmation or prayer from any unwanted energy that might come around though generally it does not.
  • Keep crystals or some Feng Shui articles create energy,keep a diya or candle burning or a votive, light an incense stick and also keep a bowl of water to create elemental balance.
  • Have a very strong feeling to help the client and for that mentally say "Higher being please through me guide this person".
  • Keep phones on silent.
  • Be ready in mind to offer your service.
  • Keep all different types of Tarot or oracle decks ready as they may come handy if different types of questions are put up.

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