By: Acharya Aaditya | 26-Oct-2018
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Dhanteras or Dhan Trayodashi is celebrated on the thirteenth lunar day (tithi) of Kartik mas. It happens to be the first day of the five day Diwali celebration in India and it is considered as one of the most auspicious days in the Hindu calendar. This year the shubh muhurat for celebrating Dhanteras would be between 18:05 pm to 20:00 hrs.

During the course of the day a lot of activities are performed to please Goddess Lakshmi, Kuber, Dhanvantri and Yama to get rid of poverty, ongoing financial problems, health related issues and gain prosperity, marriage, progeny and success in professional life.

Traditionally this day is considered very auspicious to buy gold, silver, new utensils, new vehicle. House warming, setting up a new temple at home, Dev moorti sthapna, installing Shri Yantra, inaugurating a new shop/business etc. There is a prescribed method to attain desired results on this day in the form worship and it should be undertaken in the following manner.

  • It is wise to worship Lord Dhanvantri followed by Lord Yama then Lord Kuber and finally Maha Lakshmi on this day.
  • All worship starts by worshipping Lord Ganpati so place his idol and chant “OM GAN GANPATAYE NAMAH” and offer flowers and sweets to him.
  • Keep a Lord Dhanvantri photo/Lord Vishnu idol along with a mud created elephant figure and offer snan with water. Then offer flowers followed white coloured sweets. Recite the mantra “OM DHANVANTARAYE NAMAH” atleast 21 times. You can also recite Dhanvantri Stotra to gain disease and ailment free life.
  • Next worship Lord Yama by lighting a diya made out of flour dough using mustard oil above a pool of raw wheat grains. Place this diya on the threshold of entrance of your home.
  • Next worship Lord Kuber by creating a swastika on your money safe/tijori or any other box/place where you keep your valuables and cash. Invite Lord Kuber by chanting “OM KUBERAYE DEVAYE AVAHYAMI” and offer flowers to the money safe. Chant “OM KUBERAYE NAMAH” atleast 21 times and request him to stay in the allocated place forever.
  • Finally worship Maha Lakshmi by placing an idol/ Shri Yantra and offer desi ghee lamp along with flowers and white coloured sweets. Chant “OM LAKSHMI DEVYE NAMAH” followed by recitation of “Shri Kanak Dhara Stotra”/”Shri Suktam”.

This way your worship would be completed in the correct manner and you would receive your choiced blessings. Beyond this there are a set of remedies that can be performed on this auspicious day to gain prosperity and ward off ongoing physical and financial problems. Some of the important remedies are shared below.

  • Offering kamal gutta mala to Maha Lakshmi yields financial prosperity
  • Buy gold/silver coins with Maha Lakshmi image embarked in it. Worship it and apply kesar along with some rice grains. Keep it in youe safe and you’ll be gaining financial prosperity for one complete year.
  • Worship a Kuber Yantra and keep it in your money safe wrapped in a red cloth. It also ensures financial prosperity.
  • Buy some haldi ganth and worship it and then wrap it in a red cloth to be kept in your money safe/tijori.
  • Light 13 lamps/diya inside your home and yet another 13 lamps near the place at your home where birds come to feed. This is known to invite Maha Lakshmi and Kuber in your home and bless you with financial prosperity.
  • Sowing coriander/dhaniya is also believed to yiled financial prosperity. Bring some coriander seeds and sow it afresh in a mud pot.
  • Feeding a cow with fodder/hara chara also wards of financial and physical troubles.
  • Seeking blessings from a eunuch/hijra and taking barkat in the form of coin or currency note also bestows financial prosperity.
  • Reciting “Rin Harta Mangal Stotra” eradicated ongoing loans and debts quickly.

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