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Hanuman Jayanti 2022- Seek strength and fortune for the whole year

By: Future Point | 14-Apr-2022
Views : 2203Hanuman Jayanti 2022- Seek strength and fortune for the whole year

The most revered deity of Hindu religion and most adored divine figure Pawanputra Hanuman is going to have His birth anniversary in the month of April! Popularly known as Hanuman Jayanti, the auspicious occasion is of great religious and spiritual significance to the Hindu devotees.

Lord Hanuman is an epitome of strength, power, devotion, sacrifice and victory in Hindu ideology. He was the main Hero of Indian Epic Ramayana, who actually helped Lord Rama achieve His goals. He is an ardent devotee of Lord Rama and we may garner blessings of Lord Rama by worshipping Lord Hanuman as well.

It is believed that one who has blessing of Hanuman can conquer any difficulty in life. The blessed native turns victorious even in the most difficult times of life.

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Astrological significance of Hanuman Jayanti

In Astrology, Lord Hanuman signifies the planet Mars and all those who are troubled with bad impact of Mars take refuge under his powerful shelter. It is believed that all effects of Mars can be removed with keeping great faith and devotion in Lord Hanuman.

His worship and prayers are known to control ill effects of the most malefic planet Saturn, which is the biggest fear of most of us. Just remembering Lord Hanuman with strong faith and trust may help you overcome any given miserable condition. He is also the 11th incarnation of Lord Shiva, who with His special abilities may help you control negativity and poisonous conditions in life.

Here, we are talking about the poisonous planets Rahu and Ketu. Worshipping Lord Hanuman may relieve you from their ill effects as well because Lord Shiva is known to bring down their evil effects in life. 

You will attain miraculous and immediate results by remembering His name during your daily chores and work routine. It is for this reason, that Hanuman Jayanti keeps an important place amongst Hindu devotees who may remove all troubles in life by remembering Him this day!

Read on to know how you may utilize the day to gain luck and prosperity in life!  

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Hanuman Jayanti 2022, Date and Time

As per the Hindu calendar 2022, Hanuman Jayanti approaches on the full Moon day of Chaitra month (March-April) called Chaitra poornima. As per ancient panchang calculations, Hanuman ji was born on chaturdashi i.e. the fourteenth day of Ashwin month early morning. This year, Hanuman Jayanti will fall on:

Date: 16th April 2022

Beginning of full Moon (poornima) tithi: 12:00 A.M. on 16th April 2022

Ending of full Moon (poornima) tithi: 08:03 A.M. on 17th April 2022

Since Lord Hanuman took birth at the time of sunrise, birth celebrations of Lord Hanuman start before sunrise in the temples and they continue for the whole day till sunset.

 Why do we celebrate Hanuman Jayanti?

As mentioned above, Lord Hanuman gives us utmost strength to overcome any problematic situation in life. The legends state valorous stories about his herculean tasks like moving mountains, crossing seas while flying, changing sizes, flying at the fastest speed that no one in the world could defeat, intruding in Lanka’s territory, getting sanjeevani and endless examples.

A perfect example of wisdom and power, Lord Hanuman blesses his devotees with his qualities so that even they may turn victorious of miseries in their lives. Lord Hanuman removes malefic effects of the planets Mars and Saturn and also keeps the natives safe from pessimistic feelings by infusing great valor in them.

Hanuman ji helped Lord Rama to kill Ravana and establish Ramrajya in those times. If we seek his blessing on his birth day or janam utsav then he is sure to give us required strength nad abilities to attract fortunes and prosperity in life.

Legend about the birth of Lord Hanuman

It is mentioned in ancient texts that the servant of Devguru Brihaspati named Punjikasthala was given a curse to be born as a female monkey. It was announced that only if she could give birth to an incarnation of Lord Shiva that she would be released from the curse. She then was born as an Apsara named Anjana, she performed vigorous tapa or penance to impress Lord Shiva. She succeeded in her goal and pleased with her devotion; Lord Shiva granted her the desired boon of begetting His incarnation.

At the same time, king Dashratha of Ayodhaya was performing a yajna to seek divine progeny. He also after pleasing Agni devta was blessed to have four divine children. The Lord of fire gave him a bowl of sacred kheer to be fed to all his four queens as Prasad after which they will beget king’s divine children. While the queens were consuming the sacred kheer, a kite came to snatch a little part of the divine Prasad to drop it near Anjana, where she was meditating. Lord Pavana, the God of wind then put the prasad into her hands. Anjana consumed it and gave birth to Lord Hanuman. It is the reason that Lord Hanuman is also called Rudra Avatar of Lord Shiva. With Lord Pavana as his godfather, he came to be known as Pavanaputra Hanuman.

Hanuman Jayanti 2022 Puja Vidhi

We all know that Lord Hanuman is an ardent devotee of Lord Sri Rama and thus, it is believed that if you wish to have blessings of Lord Rama to eliminate all your miseries and sorrows in life then you may reach him only through worshipping Lord Hanuman. In the state of Andhra Pradesh, followers begin 41-days of Diksha on Chaitra Purnima that ends on the tenth day of vaisakha month in krishna paksha. The followers observe celibacy, sanctity and righteousness during these 41 days. Even in different parts of the country, devotees are instructed to follow these traits while worshipping Hanuman ji in any form.  

The devotees worship Lord Hanuman with great enthusiasm and festive fervor. The day keeps extreme significance for Hindu religion, especially for celibate people or Brahmacharis, bodybuilders and wrestlers. It is because they all use bodily strength in their area of work which can only be endowed by the supreme powerful deity, Lord Hanuman. The devotees seek not just for bodily strength but also for mental strength. Lord Hanuman has several names like Bajrangabali, Mahavira, Pavanasuta, Anjaniputra, Balibima, Sankat Mochan, Maruti, Anjaneya and Rudra. The devotees pay homage to Lord Hanuman for their prosperous future.

    • The devotees get up early in the morning and wear clean clothes after taking a bath. They then visit the temple nearby or some specific and powerful temples of Lord Hanuman located in different parts of the country. Some also keep a day long fast that day. It is important to follow brahmcharya that day.
    • The worshippers perform puja by offering sindoor or vermilion and red clothes to the Lord. The garlands of flowers like roses and marigold are liked by the Lord. There is a ritual of offering churma, motichoor laddu, banana and halwa to the Lord as a bhog and prasadam. 
    • The devotees recite Hanuman Chalisa, bajrang baan, Sundarkand paath and Ramayana to seek blessings of Lord Hanuman. 
  • People light ghee lamps and perform abhishekam of Lord Hanuman with jasmine and mustard oil. 
  • People distribute besan and motichoor laddoo outside the temples as Prasad.
  • It is very important to read Hanuman Chalisa and perform aarti of the Lord.
  • In some temples, religious processions and gatherings are also organized.

Powerful Mantras of Lord Hanuman

  • Om Hanumate Namah
  • Mangal Bhavan Amangalhari Dravahu So Dashrath Ajir Vihari
  • Om Anjaneyaya Vidmahe Vayuputraya Dhimahi? Tanno Hanumat Prachodayat
  • Om Daxinmukhay Panchmukh Hanumate Karalbadnay
  • Aum Aeem Bhreem Hanumate Shree Ram Dootaaya Namaha

The auspicious day of Hanuman jayanti instills positivity and prosperity while eliminating evil and negative effects from our lives. Happy Hanuman Jayanti!