Can we remove Mangal Dosha in a kundali?

By: Future Point | 19-Apr-2022
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Can we remove Mangal Dosha in a kundali?

Every couple vows to start their journey of married life with auspicious wishes or Mangal kaamna! Here, in the very beginning of asking for the marital bliss, we wish Mangal or auspiciousness in our married life. We all know that Mangal is called the planet Mars in Astrology, so, here we can see how Mars supersede other planets when it comes to a blissful married life. 

According to the best astrologer in Delhi, Mars as a planet plays a crucial role in deciding the quality, tone and results of a married life in Astrology. Whether a couple will lead a blissful married life or will have to face challenges will be predominantly decided by the placement and association of the planet Mars before any other thing. Other factors are important as well but the foremost factor of identifying marital bliss in a couple’s life is the position of Mars in that native’s birth chart.

Mars is a dominant player in marriage Astrology

We often hear Astrologers using terminology like manglik or mangal dosha. This emphasizes the importance of Mars in finding out the happiness in a marriage. Mars is a malefic planet and is known for its aggressive, enthusiastic and prompt qualities. The person with strong influence of Mars is hot headed and quick to respond. The person doesn’t wish to think and just believe in reacting which sometimes leads to guilty. Mars is a warrior and possesses fighting spirit which is not desirable in the most loving and softest relation i.e. a Marriage. Mars also demonstrate negative emotions like jealous, secrecy, frustration and dissatisfaction which is again are not desirable traits. 

The best astrologers check the position of Mars in both the boy’s and girl’s kundli to assess the compatibility between them. The positive energy of Mars is required to maintain physical attraction and energy in their married relations. But if this energy is malefic in nature then Mangal dosha or Mangal yoga is formed in the kundli which may obstruct the happiness in a marriage. It is known by several names like kuja dosha, bhauma dosha or kalatra dosha.

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A Manglik person

The native born with Mangal placed in the first, fourth, seventh, eighth and twelfth houses of a kundali is called a Manglik person. A Manglik person has more of above mentioned negative qualities of the planet Mars. It is difficult to match their energy and enthusiasm levels and only a Manglik person may match those standards. It is the reason why a Manglik person should preferably marry another Manglik person. Mars being commander in chief gives strong possibilities of stress, mental tensions, aggression, restlessness, frustration and separation in a marriage. Mars in the second house also causes Mangal dosha as followed in South India.

Traits of a Manglik person:

  • Mangal dosha gives a volatile and unstable temper. The individual is not flexible at all and doesn’t compromise to others’ requirements. They can’t bend as per the will of their partners and are rigid personalities. 
  • The Manglik person is ruthless and frustrated most of the time.
  • The person has negative thought process making it difficult for him to trust others. He/she shares bitterness in relations with everyone around family and work place. 
  • The manglik person has to face several challenges and sudden pit falls in life.
  • Financial losses and challenges trouble him at every stage in life.

What afflictions Mangal may create in Manglik houses

First House- The health suffers which in turn affects the marital bliss in the horoscope. 

Second House- The speech gets abusive and harsh which eliminates mutual understanding creating communication gap between the couple. It is also the house of family and presence of aggressive Mars here creates arguments and fights in the family.

Fourth House- Mars disturbs domestic peace here as it is the house of domestic happiness.

Seventh House- Also known as kalatra bhava, this is the house of spouse and presence of negative energy like Mars may create problems and ego hassles with the spouse.

Eighth House- This is the mangalya sthaan for a female in Astrology. The bliss from marriage for a female is seen from the eighth house. The presence of Mars here creates problems and diminishes happiness from marriage.

Twelfth House- Any planet that goes in the twelfth house lands in the bucket of losses. Mars here doesn’t give good results and create problems in marital relations as it is also the house from where sexual life of the couple is analyzed.

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When Mangal dosha renders ineffective?

  • If Mars receives the aspect of two or more benefic planets like Jupiter, Venus or Mercury then the Mangal Dosha is reduced to a great extent.  
  • When Mars is placed in the signs of Aries, Scorpio, Cancer, Capricorn and Libra 
  • If any friendly planet is placed with Mars then this dosha is nullified.
  • When Mars is weakly placed in a birth chart means it is combust or debilitated in a chart.
  • Mars doesn’t give bad results in the rashis owned by Mercury i.e. Gemini and Virgo. 
  • When the dispositor of Mars is placed in trikona house then also the dosha nullifies. 
  • The Moon placed in the Kendra house also nullifies Mangal dosha.
  • Mars in the Scorpio sign in the 4th house cancels Mangal dosha.
  • Mars in the Capricorn sign in the 7th house cancels Mangal dosha.
  • The placement of Mars in navamsha or D-9 chart also modifies Mangalik dosha in a native’s kundali.
  • Rahu and Mars if placed together, reduces Mangal dosha to a very low intensity. 
  • Every person is influenced by nine planets and just Mars can’t rule someone’s horoscope as other planetary forces also have their respective parts to play. Thus, mangal dosha alone can’t be blamed for all kind of obstacles or challenges in a married life.  

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Inauspicious Effects of Mangal dosha

  • Delays and obstruction in marriage
  • Denial of a marriage at the last stage 
  • Lack of adjustment in the married life
  • Disharmony in relations with the spouse and in-laws
  • Possibilities of separation or divorce
  • Frequent failures in business or career
  • Huge financial losses
  • The effect of Mars becomes inoperative after the age of 28-32 years. 
  • It is believed that if a Manglik person is born on Tuesday, the negative effects are removed to a great extent.

To sum up

Mangal dosha is detrimental to marital happiness but with proper analysis of the kundali, the best astrologer finds out the yogas cancelling this negative dosha. Talk to astrologer to get a clearer view of the problems related to your married life. Mars is not at all completely negative planet for a marriage as the enthusiasm and energy that Mars provides is also needed to maintain excitement and zeal in a relation. A proper analysis of kundali can relieve you from any stressful situation in your married life. The negative effects of Mars are analyzed from the Lagna chart, Moon chart and from natal Venus as well. The most effective remedy to rectify Mars dosha is to worship Lord Hanuman and recite Hanuman Chalisa. He is the one who will safeguard the native from the ill effects of Mars and bring prosperity in life.

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