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Get Lucky with the help of your Favourite Colours!

By: Future Point | 20-Apr-2019
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Get Lucky with the help of your Favourite Colours!

The compositions of the Colors of anything is very important. The best way to get your life moving is to bring in specific colours to achieve your desired results. Colour is an expression of light and many homes and offices are starved for light. So, you need to bring vibrant Colors for a better outcome. Auspicious colour brings good luck and inauspicious Colors bring bad luck, as has been explained through the Lucky Colour Calculator.

As per the colour composition in Astrology, each element is represented by a colour and carries specific energy with them, either positive or negative.

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Colours that symbolise different areas of life

There are different Colors for different areas and different Colors may be used or articles of different Colors may be placed to enhance good luck. Some of the colors for harbingering good luck are:

  • Green, red, violet and blue are related to Wealth.
  • Green, red and yellow is related to Fame.
  • Red, pink and white are associated with Marriage.
  • Green, Red and blue are associated with Family.
  • White, Golden is associated with Children.
  • Black, Green, and Blue are associated with Knowledge.
  • Black, White, and Green are associated with Business.
  • White and Black are associated with Advisor.

Feng Shui’s Color composition

According to the “Feng Shui,” Colors represent 5 elements of nature and each element has some colour correspondence with each of the five Sheng Shui’s elements :

  • The yellow and green colour is associated with wood.
  • Red, yellow, orange, purple and pink is associated with Fire.
  • Yellow and light brown is associated with Earth.
  • White and grey are associated with water.

Knowing about how to strengthen colours for yourself and your home is a complex subject and causes many confusions.

The concept of Lucky Colors for each individual does also prevail. But the question arises “ How to know your lucky colour?”.The answer to that is Lucky colour Calculator. There can be different results by these calculators as some of the calculators find Lucky colour according to the Date of Birth and some find lucky colours according to the name working wonders for them.

Feng Shui also discusses the activities of Yin and Yang and also how they help to change the situations. Yin is black and its darkness absorbs all the colours in it and yang is white and its whiteness reflects all the colours.

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Major colours and the qualities they represent


Red is the most powerful colour and delivers a strong message. Usually, the colour red is very lucky and is regarded as the colour of happiness and prosperity. The size of the room will reduce by red and the size of any object would be made bigger. This is used as a supporting colour. Red should not be used in the dining room, children’s bedroom, Kitchen and office. Its connection is done with zeal, affection, and prosperity.


It is considered positive and optimistic and also connected with knowledge and intellect. It excites the brain and enhances thinking and over anything. The colour of the energy source is Yellow. It gives brightness, inspiration, and pleasure. Properties of yellow are optimism, logic, quick decision making. It can be used in the corridor and kitchen. Avoid its use in bathroom and conference halls.

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Green is associated with peace and is in the middle of the rainbow. It is connected with development, production, and Goodwill. This colour is great for bedrooms and rides people away from stress. It is prohibited in drawing rooms. It is lucky for hospital rooms and bathrooms.


Blue is connected with optimism and safety and is also linked to the water element. It is regarded as the sky and the representative of the heavens. The properties of this colour are faith, trust, and stability. Blue is used for energizing rooms and is also connected with peace so can be used in yoga rooms, prayer rooms, and hospitals.


Violet is connected with intellects and high ideals. It has both the energy of red and the optimism of blue. It is the colour of grandeur. For improvement in life and glory, this colour is important. The properties of Violet are excitement, attachment, and orientation towards the aim. It is suitable for Yoga room and Bedroom, prohibited in the bathroom or kitchen. Violet has a deep connection with life.


White portrays a new beginning, purity, and simplicity. Its properties are cleanliness and freshness. White is almost a condition of colourlessness.


Black is related to the water element. It comprises all Colors in it. Black is also related to wealth. It is an independent colour. Its properties are power and attraction.

As we know all colors are either Ying or Yang. The balanced use of colours gives satisfaction and happiness:

  • Red, Orange, Yellow and black are Yang.
  • Green, Blue, and White can be Yin.

The correct use of both Yin and yang colours creates happiness and brings fortune to one’s life which might be the holy grail they have been searching for all along! As has been always believed, colours have the potential of influencing one’s happiness and being the benefactor in bringing good luck and charm in life. When we radiate happiness, there’s no way we wouldn’t attract good things in life. If you’ve been fishing for good news and exuberance your entire life, you can now seek all that and much more with the help of colours. Talk to Astrologer about why you keep facing failures in life despite all the efforts you put in. Instead of being disheartened, put on your rose tinted glasses and shine on!

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