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Consult with an Expert Astrologer and get solutions to all Marital & Financial Problems

By: Future Point | 26-Feb-2019
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Consult with an Expert Astrologer and get solutions to all Marital & Financial Problems

Marriage and Finance are arguably the most important aspects in the life of a person. It is marriage and the financial condition that plays a decisive role in determining the level of joy & success in life.

Without these two in good form, the entire life of a person in the worldly arena becomes useless and quite frankly a pain point that keeps on bothering the person. But we all know that problems are a part & parcel of life that keep on sprouting up in different domains of life including marriage & finance.

We would seldom find a person who can claim to have a perfect marriage and financial condition throughout life. Every once in a while or in some cases at multiple times in life, a person faces challenges in marriage and or finance. Now, everybody has their own reasoning and explanation for these unwanted frictions in marriage and finance but the real answers lies somewhere else.

Where can one find the "Real Solution"?

The truth lies within the sacred science of Vedic Astrology which reveals the will of planets for a person and presents a surprisingly clear picture of the state of different aspects of a person's life. The planets simply provide us with the results of our past karmas and the results are directly proportional to the nature of those karmas. It is the genius of an astrologer that deciphers what the planets signify for a native by analyzing the horoscope of that native.

It is this horoscope that contains all the information about the 'likely' future trajectory of a person's destiny. The reason why we say 'likely' is because in the end it is the planets that give results of the karmas assigned for accountability to them and if by some means, the troubling effects of negative karmas are removed or minimized and the beneficial effects of positive karmas are enhanced then it is possible to steer the future towards success & bliss.

Sound fair!

But the only question that remains is: "How do we pacify the planets that are giving results of our bad karmas and strengthen those that are giving results of our good karmas?" Vedic Astrology has the answer to this question in the form of incredibly powerful remedies that are derived after carefully examining the horoscope of a native. An experienced astrologer factors in the specific planetary alignments as per a native's personal horoscope and applies the principles of Vedic Astrology prescribed to find such remedial measures that have the potential of burning the negative karmas of a person so that the root cause of the troubles associated with those karmas is destroyed.

While analyzing specific domains/aspects of life, specific horoscopes are referred. For example, in order the decode the condition of marriage in a person's life, his/her 'Marriage Horoscope' is analyzed. Similarly for the state of finances, the 'Finance Horoscope' of that native is analyzed. While analyzing the marital domain of a native or a couple, planet Venus is looked at in great details as it is the natural significator of love, relationship and marriage. When it comes to money or finance, the placement and aspect of planet Jupiter and Sun are always the focal point for an astrologer. This type of focussed analysis provides pin pointed and accurate results.

The significance of "Kundli Matching"

When it comes to marriage, especially in the Hindu community, an age-old process that has always yielded best results is followed. Yes we are talking about Kundali Matching for Marriage. This process involves a comprehensive analysis of the horoscopes of both the boy & girl and determine the true levels of their compatibility with each other.

Match-Making by horoscope analysis is the main reason behind the extremely low rate of divorces in the Hindu community, even though the marriages happen in an arranged manner. But the benefits of this amazing process doesn't stop here. If by some chance the couple got married without matching their horoscopes or for some tedious karmic effect that came out of nowhere, the couple is going through some problems in their married life, then an experienced & able astrologer would find out the relevant remedies that can be performed to bring relief from those problems. Thus, Vedic Astrology holds the key to marital happiness.

How can Vedic Astrology remove Financial Problems?

Vedic Astrology evaluates the condition of the houses of a horoscope that are associated with money & finances such as:

2nd House: It signifies 'Accumulated Wealth' and 'Bank Balance'.

6th House: It signifies Job.

7th House: It signifies Business.

8th House: It signifies Sudden Gains/Losses.

10th House: It is the prime of 'Career/Profession'.

11th House: It represents 'Realization of Desires' and 'Gains'.

12th House: It represents 'Expenditures' and 'Losses'.

If the above listed houses show weakness in terms of malefic planets positioned in them or aspecting them, then finances get disturbed in an individual's life. Also conjunctions that are negative for money & wealth or formation of harmful 'Doshas' (Planetary Flaws) such as the dreaded 'Kaal Sarp Dosha', bring enormous turmoil in the financial aspect of a person's life unless treated timely & properly.

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When it comes to such crucial aspects of your life, do not leave things on chances as living at the mercy of destiny is not an approach that would let you experience real success & joy in life. Contact the highly experienced and brilliant astrologers of Future Point to get your horoscope or kundli analyzed and get incredibly powerful remedies suggested, that have the potential of turning the tide of time in your favour! Considering the advancement in the field of technology, Future Point also provides online kundli analysis by best online astrologers.

Based on the feedback given by clients from all over the world, Future Point provides the best online astrology services. So what are you waiting for? Contact Future Point and make your life a living reality of marital bliss, financial freedom and a thorough happiness!

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