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Excellent Vastu Tips to Brighten Your Home This Holi!

By: Future Point | 25-Feb-2020
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Excellent Vastu Tips to Brighten Your Home This Holi!

Vastu Shastra is an ancient art of planning the design of a home in a way that it promotes wealth, health, and prosperity by integrating architecture with nature. Vastu involves a detailed study of the site’s location and direction based attitudes. Based on a complete survey of proper and ideal positions of the room, including all the considerations of entry and exit along with how the furniture would be placed are determined, as per Vastu principles.

Holi is of the most prominent festivals celebrated in the country, and it is celebrated throughout the country with immense joy and a lot of colors. Holi is generally celebrated on the last full moon day of the Phalgun month, as per the Hindu calendar. By keeping things in accordance with Vastu, this Holi, you can achieve good health and attract positive energies in your house. Vastu helps in well being and good health of a person. Adequate and correct Vastu is the first step of entering into a healthy life with decreased stress, and it also is able to attract positive vibrations from the surroundings.

Vastu Tips for Holi 2023

One can make there Holi more auspicious by following these simple Vastu tips in their home:

An Idol of Radha Krishna

It is believed that Holi must begin with the worshipping of Radha and Krishna. Devotees perform dance and sing around their idols. As per Vastu, it is really auspicious to have the idols of both these gods in the front yard of the home, along with a colorful background. It is also believed that one must offer sweets and colors to their idols before starting their celebration of the festival and applying colors to each other. One must worship them with full devotion, and it would incorporate highly auspicious results.

Offerings to Ganesha

Holi is incomplete without the tradition of serving cold milk with dry fruits. In Vastu Shastra, it is considered that such type of offerings must be made to Lord Ganesha first, and later be served to guests. Ganesha is also known as the lord of prosperity and is responsible for bringing prosperity and happiness in one’s home. An idol of Lord Ganesha in the house can be a perfect way of attracting his blessings in the house. And his blessings help one to ensure that all this festival season ends well and with full prosperity.

Color Pink

In Vastu Shastra, it is considered that pink color is the most soothing color to the eye. It is considered as a suitable color for heart and mind. According to the experts, this color can be used for furniture, and thus it’s benefits will be enhanced. This color doesn’t become dirty quickly despite when people sit on them with Holi colors put on them. Though the best way to play Holi is by staying outside the house, but refreshments and food cannot be served outside. So it becomes necessary for people to come inside and they can play Holi without worrying about floor and furniture. Using pink colored furniture is the best way to keep one’s house neat and clean.

Shoe Rack

As per Vastu Shastra, it is believed that shoes should not be left to lie in front of the front door. When the shoes are left outside the house, it drives away good fortune and fate. One must place a shoe rack in their house, during the time of Holi, as there are a lot of guests walking in and out of the house during that time. The entrance of the house must be cleared of all objects, and the positive energies should be allowed to enter the house.

Presence of Small Water Bodies

Vastu has always emphasized the presence of a small water body outside the house, in your front yard. It is known to bring peace and harmony in the lives of people living residing in that house. Placement or construction of a water body in the yeard will add fun to the celebration of Holi, and also it will attract the Vastu benefits.


A rangoli made of bright colors is considered to be really auspicious. As per Vastu Shastra, one can use colors of red, orange, and yellow to make rangoli of flowers. One can also opt to make some auspicious symbols on the ground, instead of a rangoli. This rangoli must be made on some raised platform close to the main door so that no one really steps up on the rangoli, and it can be noticed by everybody. Rangoli is expected to bring happiness and prosperity in the house and also serves as a welcoming decor.

Rising Sun

The adorable caricature of the rising sun is known to establish healthy social relations, and Holi is the best time to improve your social life. One can display their hosting skills by keeping their guests entertained during this time. When guests visit one’s house, they will look for decor and will surely be impressed by this caricature, placed in the east direction of the house.

Plants at the Entrance

Along with shoe racks, plants also must be placed on the entrance of the house, and it seems like a perfect way for welcoming guests. These colorful plants add on to the festive vibes and bring positive energies for a person. According to Vastu Shastra, green plants present in the east direction is great for maintaining harmonious relationships with people and guests.

A house radiates energy, and in order to have good health, prosperity, and good vibes, it needs to emit the right kind of power. The person living in that house dwells in the same energy emitted by the house, which in turn influences or affects him in one way or the other. Therefore it is very crucial to understand the relation between the energy that is radiated by the house and its effect on the person.

One’s house must be free from Vastu Dosha, and Vastu Shastra is the only way to do that. One can search for Vastu Consultants near me to get an expert to visit their home and suggest remedies that will help uplift the dosha. Alternatively, you can talk to an astrologer on call for curing various Vastu doshas related to your home to bring happiness and peace this Holi.

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