Effects of Moon in Vedic Astrology

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Effects of Moon in Vedic Astrology

Moon in Vedic astrology often gets mention whenever we analyse and try to make predictions based on that chart. In other words the Moon plays an important role when it comes to decide or predict the fate of a native. 

We humans on Earth are solely dependent on to luminaries in the sky i.e. the Sun and the Moon for our survival. They are the ultimate source of energy causing various seasons and formations of day and night on the earth. 

Therefore we can’t ignore their importance in our lives so is the scenario in astrology. The Sun is considered the king whereas the Moon has been designated the title of a Queen in astrological cabinet. 

These positions themselves narrate the importance of these luminaries in our kundali.

In this article we will talk about the Moon, its effects, significations and importance in astrology and also its role in deciding the general fate of the native.

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Moon represents the mind in Vedic Astrology. It signifies our thoughts and mental pursuits to behave in a particular manner. It represents our chitta i.e. our inner self that makes us the person we are in the outer world. 

It has gained a prominent position in Jyotish because after all it is the state of mind of a person which is responsible for all the emotional responses to life, and therefore defines the subjective perception of life. Influences on the Moon (Chandra) in the chart affect the thinking and sensory processes, mental skills and attitudes, and in turn responses to the outside world at large.

The Moon is a natural benefic planet and if well placed in an astrological chart may bless the native with fortunes and prosperity. It’s conjunction with Jupiter needs a special mention as it bestows the native with wealth and fame in life. 

However, the auspiciousness of the Moon greatly depends upon its transition phases and is considered benefic in waxing phase rather than the waning phase. It is generally considered auspicious from the 8th day of shukla paksha to the 8th day of Krishna paksha.

The Moon is the tenderest planet and it signifies love, care, emotions and beauty. All these traits are somewhere connected with our mother so, the Moon is the significator of our mother too. Its position in the natal chart can very well predict the nature and fortune of our mother.

In Astrology, the Moon rules the zodiac sign of Cancer. The Moon reflects the mother and feminine energy in general. The Moon depicts both our inner child and our inner mother, i.e. how caring we are? It is responsive, receptive, and reflective. 

The Moon represents our spontaneous and instinctual reactions. Things you possess without thought – intuitions, hunches, instincts – are the specifications of the Moon. A strong Moon makes us imaginative, creative, intuitive, joyous, sentimental, adaptable, peaceful, introspective, and protective. On the other side it may add negative traits like restlessness, depression, suicidal tendencies and irritability to our attitude.

In the natal chart, it is the position and the placement of the Moon that signifies which areas of life we feel the most “at home” or comfortable. Though it is the smallest planet but its closeness to the earth impacts us in varied ways turning us a social or solace lover. It is not out of the topic to say that if we have strong mann or positive emotions it will reflect outside and is responsible for the success or failure we achieve in life. Moon reflects the entire personality and the mental pursuits of a native.

In vedic astrology, the Moon has given utmost importance. It has been considered as an ascendant and a separate chart known as the Chandra kundali is cast to predict in more precise manner. The calculation of Vimshottari dasha system and others are based on the nakshatra your moonwas placed at the time of your birth. Kundli Milan which is an important aspect of astrology is primarily based upon the position of the Moon in the chart and the nakshatra it is placed in.

Planetary States of Moon in Astrology:-

Moon in Young Stage:- Planets are in their bala avastha or infancy between 1-5 degrees. In this stage they possess lots of energy, versatility, and eagerness to learn. This is considered a good stage for planets as it gives the tendency to rise. Moon needs growth in life to remain in a stable and intellectual state.

Moon in Adult Stage:- The adult planetary stage occurs between 6-25 degrees in any sign. In this state the planets are considered the strongest and give their results with full potential. Moon in adult stage gives good results as it is able to make mature and reliable decisions. This is the best stage for Moon where it gives the results based on the placement in the birth chart.

Moon in Old Stage:- Planets are in their old age are between 26-30 degrees in the natal chart. They are experienced yet slow, and they take their own pace in doing things. An old man has the wisdom, and when he works or takes on a task, he completes it in a responsible manner irrespective of the time taken in completing it. Moon in mature degrees gives stable mind.

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Health Significance of Moon in Vedic Astrology

Moon governs blood, water retention in the body, diseases of the mind like bipolar, depression, schizophrenia, ailments related to breasts and heart.

Moon - Health and Physiology:-

The enumerated effects on health & physiology will be positive or negative depending upon the placement of moon in the natal chart.

As per Parashara Text: The Moon signifies blood.

As per Phala Deepika Text: Excessive sleep, laziness, phlegmatic affliction, (Kapharoga), diarrhoea, carbuncle, typhoid, fever danger from horned and water animals, indigestion (Agnimandya), tastelessness Aruchi-Anorexia, trouble from women, jaundice, mental aberration, impurity of blood, danger from water; fear from Balagrahas, Goddess Durga, Kinnaras, God Yama, serpent and from female Yaksha may be expected through the Moon. 

The Moon brings on death through cholera, watery diseases (such as idodara-ascitis) or pulmonary diseases in general. The Moon governs your taste preferences (along with Venus). The Moon also signifies the left eye.

Professions of Moon in Astrology:-

As per Phala Deepika: If the Navamsa occupied by the lord of the 10th house be that of the Moon, the income of the person concerned will be through trade in water products (pearls, corals, etc.), through agriculture and cattle-farming, pigrimage to holy shrines, service under a damsel or trading in clothes.

As per Sarvartha Chintamani: If the lord of the Navamsha sign occupied by the lord of the 10th house is Moon, one earns from products of water, agriculture, from earth products, law suits, through pleasure affording matters (cinema etc), through the patronage of the royal females, or from the sale of cloth.

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The house of the Moon in your natal chart

Moon signifies the “inner self”. Out of the twelve houses in a horoscope, the house occupied by the Moon is the area where you seek emotional satisfaction. 

A careful astrological analysis of the strength of the house can help pin point the causes of the emotional unrest and dissatisfaction one feels at times. The area of the life affected by the Moon experiences lots of ups and downs due to Moon’s fast transitory phase. 

We need to learn to identify the specifications of the house and attach ourselves emotionally to it, as it is likely to provide us with inner satisfaction and happiness.
Moon house at the time of birth is the area of life where you feel most comfortable at. You are naturally attracted to the activities depicted through the specifications of the house. 

Due to the influence of motherly Moon, these activities are bound to give you inner contentment so naturally you get engaged in such activities. 

Indulging in the activities associated with the respective house provides a sense of security and stability just as you feel when sitting in the lap of your mother.

Despite the pressure of the world and other planets, one should not step back from these specifications. This is the need of Moon, and if you sabotage it, it will negatively affect your peace of mind and harmony in life. 

However, one automatically gets attracted towards these activities, as we are meant to satisfy our inner self naturally so if the house energy gives you satisfaction, you are likely to pursue it.

Along with Moon’s conjunction, sign placement and relationship with other planets, we also need to analyze the house where it is placed in order to make an accurate prediction.

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The results of the Moon in different houses

Characteristics of Moon in Astrology:-

Description: Very windy, phlegmatic, learned, a round body, auspicious looks, sweet speech, fickle-minded, very lustful
Personality: Person of 70 years
Gender: Young female
Nature: Malefic when waning (i.e. Krishna Paksha - Purnima to Amavasya)
Primary Ingredients: Blood
Aspect of Life: Mind, body, taste
Vision (Sun & Moon only): Left eye
Characteristic mark on body: On the left side, head
Apparel / Clothing: White cloth, relatively new cloth, white silken
Colors: White, crystal, tawny
Caste: Commercial Community (Baniya or Businessman Community), Vaishyas

Gunas: Satva or the goodness and purity, Sattvic
Relationship: Mother of the child born in the night, maternal aunt
Social Status: Royal status
Direction: North & North west
Primordial Compound: Water
Average Daily Motion: 13 to 15 Degrees
Rashi of Exaltation: Taurus 3 degrees
Rashi of Debilitation: Scorpio 3 degrees
Season: Rainy season, Varsha
Duration: Moments or two ghatikas or forty-eight minutes, a Muthura (2) ghatikas, muhurta

Grain / Pulse: Rice
Taste: Salty, saltish, brackish, mixed saline
Metals: Gems, bell metal, bronze
Dhatu / Mula: Dhatu (minerals), minerals (in own signs), vegetables (in other signs)
Ornaments: Ear ornaments, engraved gold chains or pearls-set chain
Precious Stones: Pure spotless pearl, Pearls
Stones: Chandrakantha
Shapes: A circle 
Plants, Trees and Food: Creeping plants, trees that are supple and blossoming, herbs milky trees and rubber yielding plants
Abode (Residence): Mineral soil, watery place
Deities: Water (Varuna), Amba (Parvati)

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