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Easy Method of Marriage Timing

By: Future Point | 27-Jun-2018
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Easy Method of Marriage Timing

Every individual is born on a certain date of birth. This is one of the prime input in astrology to draw a birth chart of a native. Followed by is the Time and Place of birth. However, the latter two can occur only after the former, which is the date of birth. Hence, date of birth is given the first importance in gathering birth details of an individual native.

Thus, if the birth date is wrong then the entire details will go wrong. As the planetary position on the date of birth is important to understand the various events in a native’s life. This will also give a gypsum to the 7th house of the native’s horoscope to analyse the possibility of marriage and the time of marriage age. Is it possible? Can one analyse the possibility of marriage through birth date and their horoscope? Yes! it is possible. Let us try to understand how it is done.

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When a native is born, the date of birth gives the planetary position. The time of birth gives the correct position of ascendant, Moon and the calculation of Navamsa chart. Navamsa chart is a very calculative method which means that it is the 1/9th of a birth chart. It is this Navamsa chart which enables one to understand the possibility of marriage, the success of marriage, if there is more than one marriage and to conclude the exact timings of marriage.

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The timing of marriage is aligned with the Mahadasha, Antradasha and Partyantdasha. It is at a particular transit of a Planet say, Jupiter, Sun or Saturn, will lead to the exact timing of marriage.

However, before coming to this, one would have to analyse the horoscope of a native. While analysing the horoscope, one must check the ascendant, moon sign and the 7th house (house of marriage) in a birth chart. Similarly, analysis is to be taken on the Navamsa Chart. The various placements of planets in a Navamsa chart will decide the event. Here an expert astrologer will analyse the various facets in a horoscope and Navamsa chart to give prediction.

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For example, in a native’s horoscope, the Mahadasha and Antradasha supports marriage, then the exact event will occur when Jupiter will transit through the 1st, 2nd 5th, 7th and 11th house either from Ascendant or from Moon sign. Along with Jupiter, even Saturn’s transit is important for timing the marriage of an individual. Some time when Saturn give the results of Sade sati, a native enters nuptial knot. Therefore, these analyses are very important to draw a conclusion on marriage timings of an individual.

Along with these, an expert astrologer will analyse the possibilities of Dosha or Yoga in a native’s horoscope. Dosha is a curse which can delay marriage in a native’s horoscope. Similarly, a Yoga is an auspicious combination of planets in a native’s horoscope. These doshas or yogas form every day. Therefore, with the date of birth, one would find out the exact dosha or any auspicious yoga which can uplift the fortunes of an individual. Incidentally, a Dosh will delay or deny marriage and a yoga can expedite the matters all together. In fact, if one would further delve deep with the time of birth, this yoga or dosha will give more details of the time of marriage.

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