Combination of Pearl and Red Coral: Auspicious or Inauspicious?

By: Future Point | 24-Jun-2019
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Combination of Pearl and Red Coral: Auspicious or Inauspicious?

According to astrology, it is advised that a person should wear a Navratna gemstone (Nine Gems) for getting the benefic effects of the planets and to get rid of their malefic effects. These nine gems are so powerful that it enhances a person’s self-confidence and gives him/her a positive outlook to deal with situations. But many people consult different astrologers instead of relying upon one. This takes them nowhere and as a result, their situation gets worse instead of getting better.

If a person wears a combination of two gemstones with complete opposite nature, then not only physical and financial problems arise but it also starts changing a person’s nature. In the Navratnas, the Coral Gemstone and the Pearl are the only two gemstones that are considered important. Coral gemstone is worn to remove the malefic effect of planet Mars. Whereas, Pearl is worn to remove the malefic effects of planet Moon. Hence, both these Gemstones are worn to get the auspicious impact of their Master Planets.

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The Benefits of wearing Red Coral (Moonga):

  • It enhances a person’s self-confidence and increases the dignity of the person in society.
  • It also makes a person bold and fearless.
  • These gems help in keeping the person energetic and enthusiastic.
  • It is also used in many Ayur Vedic medicines.
  • It provides victory over enemies, it gives the necessary courage to overcome obstacles and fight with enemies.
  • It helps in overcoming laziness and increases the concentration level of a person.

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The Benefits of wearing a Pearl (Moti):

  • The moon symbolizes the mind, happiness, balance, and peace. This Gemstone brings positivity in life.
  • Pearl controls a playful mind, provides mental balance and is also considered to be the factor of fertility.
  • If the moon is auspicious and is at a high position in the horoscope of a person, then it strengthens that person mentally and emotionally and the person remains healthy.
  • Pearl helps a person in gaining something in life and this Gemstone is worn to get the auspicious effects of the planet Moon.
  • It enhances the powers of the Moon and thus gives more softness, calmness and stressfree life.
  • It increases the glow and beauty of ladies and also keeps them happy.
  • It is worn for eradicating health problems and it is seen that it brings good fortune.

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The combination of Pearl and Red Coral is auspicious or not?

    • Mars is considered as an aggressive planet, whereas Moon is considered as a cool planet. But because of friendly relations between the planets Moon and Mars, wearing the gemstones of Mars and Moon together is considered as auspicious. Therefore, Pearl and Red Coral can be worn together. By wearing both these Gemstones together a person doesn’t get any inauspicious effect of any kind.
    • The people who are aspected by the planet Mars are always doing efforts, hence Mars is a symbol of strength, courage, decision-making ability and firm belief, so by wearing this gemstone, the person starts getting an auspicious effect from the planet, Mars.
    • If the planet, Mars is giving an inauspicious effect in the horoscope of a person then Red Coral is proved to be a beneficial gemstone for avoiding the inauspicious effect of Mars or to strengthen the planet.
    • The nature of the Red Coral gemstone is warm and the nature of the Pearl gemstone is cold, the Red Coral enhances courage and strength, while the Pearl gives mental balance, therefore it is very beneficial to wear both these gems simultaneously.

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Benefits of wearing Red Coral and Pearl together:

  • Even though they are friendly planets, Mars and Moon still differ in nature. But if the planetary positions are right in a person’s Kundali then it will not cause any harm. If a person wears both these gemstones together then there’s a possibility that the person will get good health, wealth and peace. So, without any doubt, both these gemstones can be worn together. There’s no harm in wearing both these gemstones together.
  • These nine gemstones can make a person’s life happy and prosperous, so a person should definitely wear them and also Pearl is a gemstone that can be worn by anyone. And anyway, today all people suffer from stress and mental imbalances. Therefore, Moon’s gemstone, Pearl provides peace and mental balance to a person. Therefore, Red Coral and Pearl can be used to remove the mental and physical suffering of a person, and these two gems possess the ability to make the life of a person happy.
  • Mars gets weakened when it enters in the cancer sign which is symbolized by planet Moon. Whereas Moon gets weakened when it enters the sign, Scorpio which is represented by Mars. The purpose being, that their natures are quite different from each other. Aspected by malefic planets, it can lead to weakening planetary positions compelling the need of these Gemstones in some cases.
  • Mars and Moon’s combination is a powerful combination in the birth chart. This is a great combination of big business, strong political background and also for heavy gain and success.

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