Can Astrology Suggest Remedies to Avoid Cesarean Pregnancy?

By: Future Point | 23-Oct-2018
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Can Astrology Suggest Remedies to Avoid Cesarean Pregnancy?

A child birth in a couple’s family is always considered auspicious. Therefore, when there is a delay, it is usually a practise in India to consult a learnt and expert astrologer. Further, when an astrologer would examine they would not only predict the exact time of a new born, also predict if there will be a normal birth or a Caesarean/C-section birth of a child in the family. Thus, the horoscope of Kundali of the couples play a very important role in this. Here, the birth chart of the kundali of the couples would provide the minute details of the possibility of a Caesarean or normal birth of a child.

In fact, in the present age, whether planned or as a matter of medical urgencies, the native who undergoes Cesarean surgery to give birth to a new one, suffers from some medical ailment or the other. Especially post-surgery effects. However, the modern-day medical science states that usually a female who is overweight or obese has no alternative but to pursue a C-section or Cesarean surgery to give birth to the new born.

However, if planned Caesarean is carried out, then the native usually consults an expert and learnt astrologer before deciding the final step. Since, the pregnancy of the conceiving date cannot be predicted, however, the date of delivery of a new born can be planned with proper planetary alignment in a birth chart of the new born.

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How does astrology help to Avoid Caesarean surgery?

Thanks to the ancient science of astrology. In the Vedic astrology, the science has always helped the individuals to plan and raise a family with appropriate planetary alignment. Be it the support of Main and Sub period in the form of Dashas or the auspicious transit of Jupiter, gracing the native, with good health and immunity.

However, if this is not supported, there is a possibility of a C-Section. Again, if these planetary alignments do support, even then A Caesarean surgery is likely. Especially if the Female kundali or in Navaansh, indicate the same. It is here the first step where astrology would help the native to understand the probable outcome either though normal delivery or via a C-section.

Though it is always advised to avoid a Caesarean surgery since it leaves a perennial health problems to the mother. However, in unavoidable circumstances, the doctors insist the same.

The following are the effects of a child born through Normal delivery process or though a C-section process.

When Children are born through Normal delivery Process, from an astrological point of View, these children will have a very healthy life, both physically as well mentally. They will be strong mentally and will be prepared well in advance for any problem after birth.

On the other hand, those children born through C-Section or Caesarean Process, these children will face problem from the natal Moon and Jupiter throughout their lives. They may have health issues like problem with eye, backbone, stomach, poor weight gains and are usually hyperactive child.

Thus, the above is the usual difference which is seen with normal born or C-section delivered children. Now let us see some planetary combination that lead to C-section.

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Planetary combination:

  • If the 5th house of a kundali of the female, any malefic planet is deposited, then she may have to opt for Caesarean delivery.
  • If Shani or Mars affect the seventh bhava or a negative Jupiter and again these planets are not well placed in the Navamsa, then it will affect the uterus or development of cysts for the Female. C-section is unavoidable under such circumstances.
  • If on the day of delivery, if Moon, Rahu, Saturn and Mars are passing though the same zodiac signs, then C-section is un-avoidable. Since, these planets are highly inimical to each other the native which is the mother is sure to get affected from the same.

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