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Best Gemstones for Marriage

By: Future Point | 25-Oct-2018
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Best Gemstones for Marriage

Gemstones is a remedy recommended for any problem, since a long time. In fact, gemology and astrology are the two subjects that have been specifically mentioned in the Hindu scripts our Vedas. Hence when we talk of astrology, we discuss of predicting the future and when we discuss of gemology, we shall discuss the remedies as solutions for the predictive part. Therefore, one should know the exact purpose of using gemstone as remedies for a particular purpose.

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Accordingly, Gemstone for Marriage exist as a solution too. These gemstone as solution would also be good for leading a Happy married life. Now, let us understand the science of gemstone.

The science of gemstone:

As one would know, a gemstone is a mine which is extracted from beneath the earth. In this case, when extracted from beneath the earth, we get it in a raw form. Further the raw form is polished and processed for human use. Thus, when a gemstone is extracted and processed for human use, its weights, Colour, shape and size is considered into minute details. Since, when a gemstone is proceed, it is designed in a manner which is translucent. Which means, when the Sun light would pass, the radiance would pass though the size, shape, weight, colour and tough the body. When the Sun ray would pass though the gemstone, it is when the science of a gemstone is activated. Thus, the benefits of gemstone are blessed upon the native.

Now, how to decide the gemstone?

To answer this question, one should know, that each planet in the Nav-graha resembles a particular gemstone.

Planets Gemstone
Sun Ruby
Moon Perl
Mars Red Coral
Mercury Emerald
Jupiter Yellow Sapphire
Venus Dimond
Saturn Blue Sapphire
Rahu Hessonite
Ketu Cats Eyes

Now, the weight and size would depend upon each and every horoscope. Therefore, there is no standard solution to one and all horoscope.

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What happens when we wear a gemstone?

As mentioned above, the science of gemstone would get activated when the Sun rays passes though the gemstone. Therefore, when a particular planet in a native’s horoscope is weak, then to strength the same, a gemstone is recommended. So, as soon as a gemstone comes in contact with human contact, then gives immediate effect. This is also a case when Kundali matching is carried out. A learnt and experienced astrology would provide gemstone as remedy when in adverse is the case.

Which is the best gemstone for me?

When an expert and learnt astrologer, who could even be a Marriage consultant examines the kundali or horoscope of the native they would examine the 7th house in the horoscope. If the 7th house in the horoscope or its lord is afflicted, then the native would need a gemstone accordingly. Thus, to find suitable gemstone for love compatibility or to strengthen the prospects of encouraging love marriage in Kundli then following are some of the gemstones that are recommended.

For instance:

- Aries and Scorpio: as the 7th house and if either these houses or its signs lord, which is Mars is afflicted, then the native would a Red Coral to be worn to control the ill effects.

- Taurus and Libra: When these two signs are the 7th house from ascendant, then the native would need a diamond gemstone to overcome the affliction of this house or its sign lord which is Venus.

- Gemini and Virgo: When either of these two signs occupy the 7th house or bhava, then the ideal gemstone should be Emerald as this sign is ruled by Mercury.

- Sagittarius and Pisces: These two signs are ruled by Jupiter. Since, Jupiter is the sign lord of these two signs. So, if the 7th house is afflicted, or Jupiter is weak, then Yellow Sapphire is recommended.

- Capricorn and Aquarius: Since these two signs are owned by Saturn and if these two signs are afflicted or if Saturn is afflicted, then a Blue sapphire is recommended.

- Cancer: If Caner is the 7th house lord, then this sign is ruled by Moon. Pearl is the gemstone to this planet and if the house is afflicted, then the sign would require immediate remedy in the form of wearing pearl as gemstone.

- Leo: When the 7th house is the ruled by Lord Sun and its sign as Leo, then Ruby is the gemstone recommended if afflicted by any malevolent planet. Thus, in a nutshell these are some of the remedies which are recommended to the native.

Now, sometimes, marriage takes place at the appropriate time, but the problem of progeny is delayed considerably. This is usually seen when Rahu or Ketu is helmed in between any of the above-mentioned planets. Then the progeny is delayed. In that case, wearing a hessonite or a cat eyes does in childbirth, to the native. But to find the appropriate remedy only a learnt and expert astrologer would be helpful.

Thus, the above are some of the examples. To know more, readers can write to us at or visit our website As we at Future point are a team of expert and learnt astrologers and providing solutions for the past 3 decades.

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