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Perfect Gemstone for a Blissful Marriage

By: Future Point | 25-Oct-2018
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Perfect Gemstone for a Blissful Marriage

Marriage is a bond, a commitment to love through sickness and in health, through the good times and the bad, until death does part. Sometimes love isn't the problem, but communicating through the gaps, getting along, or just feeling like you are at different places in your lives than the one you would like to be at. Whatever the problem is, deep down the love, never dies. A gemstone is one such Astrological remedy that is recommended for fixing any marital problem. Astrology predicts the future and gemology gives the solutions to the predictions.

Hence, one should know the exact purpose of using a gemstone as the remedy of any problem. Marriage counseling can also help in strengthening the bond with the partner with the help of suitable gemstones. Some healing gemstones are perfect for mending the cracks in a marriage. Even if there are no difficulties, these Gemstones are perfect to bring you closer to your partner and strengthen your relationship. Therefore, Gemstone for Marriage is one of the solutions too. These gemstones as a solution would also be good for starting a happy married life.

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How to decide the suitable gemstone for yourself?

One should know that each planet in the Nav-Graha resembles a particular gemstone. The gemstones which are known for marital bliss are:

  • Planet Sun- Ruby Gemstone
  • Planet Moon- Pearl Gemstone

Moon represents peace, beauty, serenity, calmness, emotional quotient, fidelity, and confidence in each other and honesty in a relationship. Those who have these blessed virtues in their relationships live an excellent life full of love and pleasure.

Planet Mars- Red Coral Gemstone

Mars is the planet of Energy, Vitality, Courage, Initiative, Protection, and Ambitious This is the planet that enables a couple to work as partners/teams to achieve life goals together in harmony without entropy. It gives them the drive to complement each other, motivate each other and stand for each other come what may. This powerful gemstone also acts as a strong protective shield against jealousy, animosity, and competition.

Planet Mercury- Emerald Gemstone

Mercury is a Genius planet and command over communication, wit, entertainment, camaraderie, and joy and what would a relationship be without these virtues. Emerald helps in having great communication between the couples. It is an ancient tradition that if newlywed couples gift each other Emeralds on the wedding day their love keeps increasing every day.

Planet Jupiter- Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

Yellow Sapphire Gemstone carries the energy of a benefic Jupiter, the planet of abundance, knowledge, and wisdom blesses the Woman with a caring, compassionate, protecting and an understanding spouse. This Planet and stone are also blessed with maturity and understanding.

Planet Venus- Diamond Gemstone

Venus is Love and Beaty. It is the planet of romance, love, beauty, passion, luxury, style and panache.

  • Planet Saturn- Blue Sapphire Gemstone
  • Planet Rahu- Hessonite Gemstone
  • Planet Ketu- Cat Eye Gemstone

The weight and size would depend on an individual’s horoscope. Therefore, there is no standard solution for different horoscopes.

Effects after wearing a gemstone?

To strengthen the weak planet in a horoscope, the best gemstone for marriage is recommended. Once a gemstone touches the skin, it starts giving immediate effect. A learned and experienced astrologer can suggest the best gemstone in adverse cases of marriage.

Which is the best gemstone for me?

When an expert and learned astrologer, who could even be a Marriage consultant examines the kundali or horoscope of the native they would focus on the 7th house of the horoscope. If the 7th house in the horoscope or its lord is afflicted, then the gemstone will be suggested as per the intensity of the problem/situation. Thus, to find the suitable gemstone for love compatibility or to strengthen the prospects of encouraging love marriage in Kundli then following are some of the gemstones that are recommended:

Aries and Scorpio: As the 7th house or its sign lord, Mars is afflicted, then the native is advised to wear a Red Coral Gemstone to control the ill effects.

Taurus and Libra: When these two signs are in the 7th house from ascendant, then the native is suggested to have a diamond gemstone to overcome the affliction of this house or its sign lord, Venus.

Gemini and Virgo: When either of these two signs occupies the 7th house (bhava), then the ideal gemstone is Emerald as this sign is ruled by Mercury.

Sagittarius and Pisces: These two signs are ruled by Jupiter (lord of both the signs). If the 7th house is afflicted, or Jupiter is weak, then Yellow Sapphire is highly recommended.

Capricorn and Aquarius: Since these two signs are ruled by Saturn and are afflicted or, then a Blue sapphire is suggested.

Cancer: If Caner is in the 7th house then this sign is ruled by Moon. Pearl is the gemstone to this planet.

Leo: When the 7th house is ruled by Lord Sun and its sign as Leo, then Ruby gemstone is recommended if afflicted by any malefic planet.

Thus, in a nutshell, these are some remedies that are suggested to the native.

Sometimes, marriage happens at the appropriate time, but the problem of progeny is delayed. This is usually observed when Rahu or Ketu is in between any of the aforementioned planets. In such cases, wearing a Cat’s Eye Gemstone and Gomed Gemstone for marriage and having a child will benefit the couple. But to find the exact and detailed remedy only a learned and a study of expert astrology advice for gemstone will be beneficial.

Marriage is not always easy and fun! There will be days when you will have a hard time coping with your anxieties, or times when your partner needs you more than you need them. Marriage requires patience and understanding. It requires trust and faith to be present. There comes hard times and happy times and sometimes the hard times last longer than they should. If you find yourself in this type of situation, do not get discouraged. You can use the aforementioned gemstones to rebuild and/or strengthen the relationship. It can bring more love and joy into your marriage. Or you can Talk to an Astrologer and get perfect solutions to all your problems.

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