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Application of Numerology

Application of Numerology

By: Future Point | 26-Jul-2018
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Numerology is an age-old science like Astrology known as “Sankhya Sastra” In India This science was used in Teesa yantra, Ramala paddhati etc. for quick answers of questions to guide the future.

The western numerology based on the date of birth reduced to a single digit and also uses letters in the name of a person.

The main numbers in numerology are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and each letter of the alphabet represents a number. In Hebrew system alphabet numbers are as under:

A-1, B-2, C-3, D-4, E-5, F-8, G-3, H-5, I-1, J-1, K-2, L-3, M-4, N-5, O-7, P-8, Q-1, R-2, S-3, T-4, U-6, V-6, W-6, X-5, Y-1, Z-7

In short:-

1: A, I, J, Q, Y

2: B, K, R

3: C, G, L, and S

4: D, M, and T

5: E, H, N, X

6: U, V and W

7: O, Z

8: F, P

In Pythagoras system letters represent following numbers:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9




Example:-Date of birth 16th Feb 1942.

(16-02-1942) 1+6+2+1+9+4+2 =25=2+5=7

Number -7 is the Destiny Number of this person

Name: -Y. S. N. MURTHY

Y. S. N. M U R T H Y

1 +3+ 5+ 4+ 6+ 2+ 4+ 5+ 1 =31 =3+ 1 = 4 is the Personal Number

See the relationship between the two numbers obtained from date of birth and the name. The details given below explain the relationships of planets with numbers and human characteristics. We can get favorable time of an individual by studying the numbers of date, month and the year.

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palm reading

No.1 -The Sun, No.2-The Moon, No.3-Jupiter, No.4-Rahu (Dragon’s head) represents Hershel, No.5-Mercury, No.6-Venus, No.7-Ketu (Dragon’s tail) represents Neptune, No.8- Saturn and No.9-Mars. Zero ‘0’- signifies soul additional strength to the number in association.

No.1 represents The Sun for Royalty, Authority, Power and success, Teaching, Self-respect, Status, Fixed ideas, Leadership, Creative instincts etc.

No 2. signifies The Moon for Love, Intelligence, Memory, Emotions, Sensitivity, Water, Intolerance, Trading Action, Attraction, Moves with group.

No. 3 signifies Jupiter Scientist, Development, Busy with work, Self-confidence, Music, Literature, Creative-skills, Attraction of people, Motivation of people.

No. 4 signifies Rahu (Dragon’s head), also represents Hershel. It gives a good creative ability, Planning, Thirst for knowledge, Struggle to climb the ladder, Selfish, Emotional, Finishes the job in time, Different trade chooser, Politics, Skill in technical know-how, Sudden change in life.

No. 5 It is a number of Mercury for Intelligence, Humerous, Orator, Limitation, Power of buying, selling, Communication, Transport, Writer, Preacher.

No. 6 signifies Venus. Lover of beauty, Attractive personality, Social affairs, Developments, Adaptation to the circumstances, Friendly, Good expressions, Music and Arts, Sports, Tourism, Political affairs, Scheming.

No.7 signifies Ketu (Dragon’s tail) and Neptune. Assessment, Creativity, Decisive, Argumentative, Loves artistic things, Intuitions and occult sciences, Religious, Jack of all trades. Though he has a good company, feels alone.

No. 8 signifies Saturn. Gets the job done, Struggles, Late achievements, Tolerance, Frank, Long-term action plans, Large-scale business, Selfless -love, Can’t hear opposition.

No. 9 signifies Mars a Planet of courage. Boosts the things, Wisdom, Self-respect, Good leadership, Administrator, Convincing ability, Interest in Sports, Decisive, Loyal.

Further the numbers are divided in three group relationships to choose partners, associates, friends within the group as here :

Group-I (1-5-7): Group-II (2-4-8): Group-III (3-6-9)

Selection of favorable time, date, month, year or a person for obtaining better results.

No. Favorable Unfavorable

1 4 -8 6 -7

2 7 -9 5

3 6 -9 -5 4 -8

4 1 -8 3 -5

5 3 -9 2 -4

6 3 -9 1 -8

7 2 -6 1 -9

8 1 -4 3 -6

9 3 -6 -2 7

The total of date of birth number reduced to a single digit, is Destiny Number. Your name number is known as personal number. You may change your name by changing the consonants or vowels to obtain a favorable number vibration.

Select a good weekday:

1- Sunday, 2-Monday, 3-Tuesday, 4-Wednesday, 5-Thursday, 6-Friday, 7-Saturday

Select a favorable month :

I-January, 2-February, 3-March, 4-April, 5-May, 6-June, 7-July, 8-August, 9-September, 10-October, 11-November, 12-December

Select a favorable year: -Total numbers of digits reduced to a single digit gives the Year Number. See whether a year is favourable or not by the help of the above table.

Suppose a person was born on 3rd October 2000. October-10=1+0=1, Date-3, required year 2000=2, So 1+3+2 = 6 This gives the information for above said date, month and the year therefore it is good for social achievement, agreements, development of relationships etc.

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palm reading

Period of years:- Write your full name, set the numbers to each letter, each number represents number of years to pass on one after other from the beginning to end. First number gives First no. of Year to go at the beginning and the last one the end of the period. Again this cycle starts in same order.

Example:- Y. S. N. MURTHY is the full name

1, 3, 5, 4, 6, 2, 4, 5, 1. The first is one year, second, three years, third five years period and so on in order and again this order is repeated. In this way the dasa calculation is done.

This is an easiest way of approach to arrive and take quick decisions and avail opportunity. My Guru Pandit Y. S. N. MURTHY, life member of “All India Federation of Astrologers’ Society”, and faculty of this organization has done a lot of research work in numerology in addition to Astrology and other occult Sciences.

There are different approaches by different people like Cheiro, Sepharial, Hans Decoz, Dr. M. Katakkar, Dr. Ravindra Kumar, Prof. B. J. Rao, Acharya Lohani, and Pt. C. S. Rajasthani. Rasjo, Kabala of numbers, Chinese Numerology -Tablets, Pandit Gopesh Kumar Ojha etc.


Numerology is the easiest and simplest to learn and practice not only to study the character and personality of a person but also to choose right thing at right time to avail the opportunities in life.

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