ASTROLOGY AND TAROT: Similarities and Differences

By: Future Point | 14-May-2018
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ASTROLOGY AND TAROT: Similarities and Differences

Astrology Vs Tarot Reading

In horoscope reading an astrologer will follow a strict method to locate the position of the Sun, Moon and other planets to define the meaning. Although, intuition is not needed to predict the future however with intuition the greater accuracy can be brought in predictions.

Technology has advanced a lot over the time which has significantly improved ways of astrology as more data can be calculated and collected online from online astrology services. Through the process of grouping, the card Tarot readers can also give accurate Tarot readings.

The method of Tarot involves picking a deck that a reader personally connects with, practising the art of tarot, identifying the questions and answering them correctly, and being approachable to patrons comment.

While anyone can read the Tarot cards, there are some selected few who can easily connect with psychic abilities, who have an innate connection with the art. A person who has a good sense of intuition can easily manage to predict the accurate readings.

Birth Chart Vs Tarot cards

The key between Tarot readings and Astrology readings is – Personal Astrology uses your birth detail like date of birth, time of birth and location of birth to interpret the future. The birth details collected is very important as it signifies the precise position of planets to form a kundli of a particular person born on earth.

The Janam Kundli or Birth Chart is model of future prediction comes along the extensive report. It is a long report of astrological calculations. Natal chart is a report that provides planetary reading, house transit, and future prediction.

While doing a tarot reading the reader uses Tarot cards to unveil the interpretation. The deck of Tarot has 78 cards with each one has its own intuitive figure and story. The 22 Major Arcana cards stand for life’s karmic and spiritual instruction, and the 56 Minor Arcana cards signify the trials and tribulations that one may experience.

Study of Constellation Vs Natural Intuition

A Tarot reader’s best asset is the ability to interpret the cards. If someone personally wants to do the Tarot prediction for self then he or she can go by Tarot decks that come with guidebooks that provide a general meaning for the cards, but in the end, it depends up to the reader’s intuition to read the cards in a way that is suited for the circumstances. Tarot consultancy may vary wildly and this is welcomed and encouraged.

Astrology is a study of heavenly bodies. In astrology Mars, Venus, Moon, Jupiter Saturn, and Sun are all planets which play an important part in shaping the personality. The planets in your natal chart can depict a lot of your past, present and future.

When seen in an out perspective these planets move fast in a given period as a result they affect your day to day life, your moods and behaviors apart from the main events. Each zodiac sign has its unique characteristics which determine the personality traits of a person.

Science Vs Mystery

Tarot reading might seem like a practice that is unearthly and completely mystical. At some length it is right. However, Tarot is not as scary as it seems like. When seen carefully the tarot cards are means that are used to divert the attention. Anyone can do Tarot reading but astrology can only be guided by an expert.

Astrology speaks about the 12 zodiac signs, 27 constellations, 12 house of horoscope and 9 planets. And this constellation is a model of planets in the night sky which forms the complete birth chart. The Sun moves through all 12 zodiac signs in one seasonal year.

Whatever zodiac sign the sun is in at the time of your birth, will be your star sign. The reason why star signs are not always correct is that the description is generalized for all people born under that star sign. A professional astrologer also takes into account the moon, planets at the time of birth to bring accuracy in predictions.

Astrologer Vs Reader

An astrologer is a person who has the complete knowledge of astrology. An astrologer can understand the central principle of mapping the natal chart of an individual with the planets along with planetary conjunctions and planetary aspects and gives Astrological Consulting. The astrologer is an expert who has studied astrology to predict the future by understanding the positions of the planets.

Tarot Consultancy has a natural ability to comprehend human mind. They can examine the behavioral function of the sitter. This means a good psychic could tell a lot about the character without wasting much time in introducing. They are good at detecting and judging the actions of others.

One thing that is dissimilar when it comes to astrology and tarot is their reputation. Astrology is calculable and very closely related to mathematics but in tarot card has its own reading and meaning, and it is often different depending on the reader.

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