Weekly Horoscopes for All Zodiac Signs

By: Future Point | 13-May-2018
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Weekly Horoscopes for All Zodiac Signs

So, you've faced the bad week and good week depends on your stars. Now, enjoy as much as you can in weekends and get prepared you face the Monday monster again!

I know guys it’s tough, but if you know what's coming for you this week then you could dodge your problems easily. So, let's show you what your stars have in store for you this week.

Aries- you could face the tides of arguments and problems in your relationship this week, it happens it's a sign of a perfect relationship so don't dwell yourself into the problem rather than find the way out of it.
Good news! You will build some monetary sources this week. You may feel lonely or short changed this week. Health will be fine. Spend some time with your spouse and family on Sunday.

Taurus- can you hear the wedding bells? Well, soon you'll get a marriage proposal from your better half in this week, are you ready?
Your officials in your workspace will be impressed by your work. Stars are showing a great progress in your work life, keep going like that. Financially, keep your hands away from your pockets situation is bit tight this week.

Gemini- you'll be a social butterfly this week. It's party time for gemini natives, don't live your life like a robot guys just breathe! It's an extremely profitable week for those who are associated with the marketing industry. Take care of your health this week.

Cancer- you'll begin the week with a slow note, maybe because of the Sunday hangovers. You'll same problem on focusing on your work this week, don't worry this is a phase that will pass soon. Professional matters will give you good results this week. Some of you may face relationships problems this week, just give yourself a break.

Leo - you may be busy in some governmental work this week. Work and business are the area that will keep you sane this week. A break up or extremely disharmony is foreseen. Do not take a drastic decision for now as major planets are retrograde. Spending some time with your family will bring you peace and happiness, try it you I'll love it. Take care of your health lions.

Virgo - love is in the air for virgo natives this week. You may get bumped with someone you seeking for this week. Keep your eyes open. Don't spend so much money this weekend or you may need it in future. Health will be fine, work life will be amazing. Spend some time with your long lost friends.

Libra - This is not your week libra natives, things may not work as you expected. Your ruling planets are about to retrograde which will have some malefic effect on your life. But, this will end soon. Love doesn't seem to bring any respite too. Family expenses will rise this week. It's good to turn your survival mode on for this week but it's a phase of life, take it as a lesson

Scorpio - some good opportunities are waiting for you in series this week don't miss them. Opportunities are disguised as challenges, analyze your problems rather than regretting it. You may see you long lost friend this week. New beginning of love life, get ready to taste it. This week is very good for your career. Try to understand the feelings of your partner.

Sagittarius - what's playing into your mind? Pick up your phone and speak to this person who could be anyone. You'll instantly feel better. Emotions will run high; keep calm. You shall want to spend and have fun, but don’t overindulge in wasteful pursuits of hedonism. You are, therefore, advised to plan your investments with long-term benefits and returns in mind. Caught up in financial matters.

Capricorn - Capricorn you've gone through enough, this week will be on a flight mode for your work life and enjoy with your family. Be careful when dealing with any tricky person or situation. You I'll feel drained due to a lot of pressure from your work life. Health will be fine. Monetary flow is perfect.

Aquarius - Don't be too busy, give yourself and your family a good time, of course you deserve it. There should be equilibrium between the work and personal life and you are too bad at it right now. Take a deep breath and go out for a work after having back breaking working hours.

Pisces - No, don't underestimate yourself pisces. You may feel emotionally drained this week. The time is sensitive for pisces natives this week. Think positive you will get positive outcomes. Monetary flow will be fine. You will get support from your family. For career, you should wait for favourable results.

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