Astrology & Remedies for FAMILY DISPUTES

By: Future Point | 02-Aug-2018
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Astrology & Remedies for FAMILY DISPUTES

Astrology has been an ancient science giving a detailed analysis of past, present and future & thankfully, the Vedic astrology being a scientific system, also offers various remedies to a native that can overcome problems. Family disputes can be over family property, or financial disagreement of any arrangement within the family etc. Many a time it so happens that a native is unaware of the family problems which they would be facing and shall ignore it for a prolonged basis. This can further aggravate the issues.

It is here the help of an expert and learned astrology would come handy. Where by, the horoscope of a native is analysed in detail by the learnt astrologer and then the probable cause of family disputes is identified with an appropriate solution to nullify the problem. Before any astrological remedies for family problems is suggested, a learned and expert astrologer will first zero down the reason for the problems. It could be: Ego issues, Prolonged arguments of disagreement, Jealousy, Monetary shortcoming within the family, Vaastu Dosha, or even Mahadasha or antradasha problems in a native horoscopes, etc., This study is a must. Since, only then an action plan can be worked out. Once the problem is understood, then a proper remedy for Family problems should be suggested.

It is imperative to bifurcate a Family problems Vs Grah Kalesh. As Family problems and Graha Kalesh are not synonymous. Since the former is more to do with family disputes, within the family, the latter can be mainly due to external factors. For example: Graha Kalesh can be due to poor inflow of money in business. This is an external factor and must be handled accordingly. However, a family problem is more to do with disagreements and differences in viewpoints. Therefore, the reason to study the problem is a must and accordingly remedial measures are suggested in astrology.

We at Future point, a team of expert and learnt astrologers have come out with the following simple solutions for both Family problems and Grah Kalesh. A native needs to understand these solutions as they would have a long term impact on a human being life. For more detailed analysis, native can write to us at Or visit our website

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Remedies for Grah Kalesh.

These remedies are simple and shall be effective in your daily life. They are:

  • Please control the tone of your voice at home. Even if you disagree with something, you must put your thoughts forward with a calm mind.Since, this will reduce the negative effect within the family.

  • Start with meditation on daily basis for at least 15-20 mins. This will calm down your mind and lead to effective actions.

  • Keep Sphatik Shivling or Medhak in your house. This will improve the positive Aura at home.

  • Respect your elders if they live with you. Since, this will reduce the negative energy.

  • Throw coins in running water. Preferable in a river.

  • Offer food and blankets to the poor and the needy outside the temple.

Similarly, there are remedies for Family problems. They too are simple and easy to perform.

  • Place a painting of waterfall in your house or a waterfall wallpaper in your home desktop to revitalize your relationships with family members.

  • Clean your house properly on Saturdays and Amavasya to make sure that there is no dust or wasteful things in your house. Make sure you don’t let any clutter surround you.

  • A simple remedy or Upay is to even Chant “Om Nama Shivaya” Or Gayathri mantra 108 times at home.

  • Do offer sweets once in a week, mostly on a Saturday to please the planetary alignment.

With these simple remedies one can keep the Grah Kalesh or Family problems at bay. There will be good relief from the above solutions and remedies. For more, please seek an appointment from our team of astrologers.

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