Astrological Remedies for Growth, Health and Prosperity

By: Future Point | 10-Apr-2018
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Astrological Remedies for Growth, Health and Prosperity

Business is slack, payments do not come? Are you losing hope in your life? Then, we have some astrological remedies which will help you from your phase of adversity. Our tone-totke are everyday household remedies to help gain our hears wish, in this case better business, work prosperity and employment etc. Who does not want to be successful? We all want to reach the pinnacles faster than others. Nothing wrong in this ambition, here are some tips to help you achieve your ambitions.

  • Water the Peepal tree every Saturday and light mustard lamp at the base of the tree.
  • If you are unemployed for a long time and wish to seek good employment take a yellow lemon and cut it into 4 equal parts. Throw each piece one in each direction- North, South, East and West at a four-junction road for 11 consecutive days without a break. You will get an employment.
  • If you have professional problem, soak Black gram on a Friday night and season it with Mustard oil the following day. Divide it into three parts. A third of it may be given to a horse or buffalo, 2nd portion to a leper and take the last portion in your hand, wave it around your head in the anti-clockwise direction. Do this continuously for 40 days. Your impediment will vanish.

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  • If you need a favorable posting or promotion, then after your bath, offer water and flower to the rising Sun in the morning for 27 days, in a row without a break.
  • When anyone in the family goes for examination, for interview, to start a new venture or to hold a new post, take some whole green Moong dal and sprinkle it on that person. When that person leaves, sweep the grains and throw them outside. This will bring success to the person.
  • If some member of the family remains sick and you are trying to make him or her disease free, fit and a healthy person, then do the following totka – Make some Yellow chandan paste every morning by rubbing it on the stone and put it on the forehead of that family member. Tell him or her not to rub it. If one wears this tilak after doing some bhajan and mantra Jaap or collective prayer, it works well.
  • When your married daughter goes to her in-laws house for the first time, do the following totka – fill a ‘Lota’ with water, put some raw turmeric into it and rotate it seven times around your daughter’s head and then throw it outside. She will not face any problem on the way and she will get respect and honor from all the members of her in-laws.
  • When you are carrying your valuable items, jewellery or money while travelling or shifting, for their safety, do the following ‘totka’ – put Sindoor taken from Lord Hanuman’s feet into the bag or thing in which you keep your valuables. There will not be any danger of dacoit or Loot on the way. Do this experiment quietly as others should not get aware of it.

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  • Wear pomegranate tree Banda in Jyestha Nakshatra. Date tree Banda if worn after making it sidh in the right arm in Mool Nakshatra, bring relief from the evil effect of the planet. The same way Poorva tree Banda, if worn on the right arm in Poorva Ashad Nakshatra helps to cast off the evil effects caused by the planets.
  • If you fear that you might be getting fooled by your domestic servant, take a yellow flower and grind a paste out of it. Apply this tilak on the forehead of your domestic servant and he/she will always remain faithful to you.
  • For children who are lazy, try this. Take some liquor and offer it to Lord Bhairo. Leave a little liquor and rotate it around the child for seven times. Throw the liquor in a peepal tree after that.
  • If you find that your business is going through an immense crisis then you must make use of the powerful remedies for business growth. You must put ‘dhooni of Rai’ in your business place on a no-moon day, then there will remain no doubt that your sales would increase at a rapid rate.
  • You can also try gifting toys to poor and small children for the purpose of improving your sales growth.
  • Cows are supposed to be fed at regular intervals which will improve a better conjugal relationship in the family and also takes care of the health of the spouse.
  • Fasting on Mondays, doing Shiv puja in the sawan month and also Hanuman puja is a very good symbol of prosperity.
  • To ward off the evil at home take 8 siddha gomti chakra on Wednesday, take 2 first and rotate it 21 times and throw it to south direction then take 2 more, rotate it 21 times throw it to west direction and thus for north and east directions.

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