Are you in a Dilemma about change of Job or Selection of Career? Consult now!

By: Future Point | 30-Nov-2018
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Are you in a Dilemma about change of Job or Selection of Career? Consult now!

Career to a great extent, decides the quality of life that a professional is likely to have. A good and stable career becomes paramount in ensuring survival in this highly competitive world. But we all know that constantly evolving technology poses frequent challenges in our path to a successful career. When it comes to the security & stability of a career, then these challenges can decide whether you will stay in the game or will become history!

Who would have thought in the early 90's that computers would become such a dominating force on this planet? Who would have thought that mobile communication would revolutionize the transfer of information in such a phenomenal way?

Nobody could have imagined the path breaking innovations that modern medical science of today has made. Hence, one thing is very clear: 'In order to survive the transformations or evolutions in technology, we must make the right decision at the right time, when it comes to career'. But, how can one perceive the movement of future when it comes to selecting a line of career or even making a switch in a current job that would prove to be beneficial for one's career in the times to come?

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Simple, by taking the help of Vedic Astrology!

The ancient and divine science of Vedic Astrology provides an incredible insight into the future and reveals what the destiny of an individual has in store for all aspects of his/her life. It also suggests practical and highly effective remedial measures that have the potential to alter the course of destiny in one's own favour. When it comes to career prediction or job prediction, the segment of astrology that deals with career is referred. This is called- Career Astrology!

Career Astrology examines what the planets and stars in the life of an individual signify, when it comes to:

  • Type of career that would be best suited to the native.
  • Time periods of major swings in the career domain.
  • Suitable sectors in which maximum career growth can be expected.
  • Travels related to career.
  • Times when promotion or financial increment in career can be expected.
  • Favourable period of making a job switch.
  • Role & subsequent effect of competitors around in career.
  • Periods of caution (if any) when serious dent in career is seen.

For decoding such tedious scenarios, a Career Horoscope of the native is constructed. This career horoscope is actually a blueprint of the entire career aspect of one's life. It is the key that reveals all that destiny has decided for the native, when it comes to career. An experienced career astrologer as per the planetary situation in your career horoscope, decodes your complicated karmic structure from your past lives to understand its effect on the career aspect in your current life.

What does a Career Astrologer looks for in a Career Horoscope?

The 6th House

The 6th house is the primary house of Job in a native's horoscope that a career astrologer analyzes in order to look at what the planets say about the job/career prospects of that native. Placement of planets that signify bad results for the native in this house are capable of wreaking havoc in one's career domain.

Here it must be noted, that a career astrologer also looks for the presence of any malefic planets that are casting an aspect on the 6th house or the planets that are positioned in the 6th house while being in the Nakshatras governed by malefic planets. Further, if the lord of 6th house is placed in either 8th or 12th house, then this in particular, creates unwanted friction in one career life.

Career Astrology


The Ascendant/Lagna and the Lord of the Ascendant/Lagna

Another important practice that astrologers follow, is of looking for careers as per signs present in the first house of a horoscope/kundli which is also called the ascendant/lagna and the strength of the planet that is the lord of ascendant/lagna. If the ascendant is affected by bad conjunctions and aspects, then the strength of the overall horoscope is reduced, thereby posing problems and obstacles in every domain of life including job or career. Furthermore, if the planet that is lord of the ascendant is weak, then it also damages the overall strength of the horoscope.

As a thumb rule: "The lord of the ascendant should not be placed in the 6th, 8th or 12th houses as it weakens the job and financial aspects in a native's life."

The 10th House

The 10th house is the house of profession or career. It also signifies name and fame of a native or the status in terms of power and position that a native enjoys in career or profession. A strong 10th house points towards the upward trajectory in career, especially when it comes to promotion and beneficial changes in job.

While Rahu (North Node of the Moon) is considered as negative for various other aspects of life in general, but here, it must be noted, that the presence of Rahu in the 10th house is considered to bestow the native with unexpected gains in power & position.

Presence of Doshas

A Dosha means a "Flaw".

In astrology there are many doshas that are formed by certain specific combinations of planetary alignments. These doshas are capable of inflicting severe damages to the growth prospects of an individual in terms of career and finances. One such dosha is Kaal Sarp Dosha.

This one dosha is the most dreaded name in astrology as it single handedly blocks all the positiveness signified by the benefic planets in a native's horoscope and brings terrible miseries and irreversible bad luck (unless treated timely and effectively) especially in the career and financial domain of a native's life. Therefore, it becomes extremely crucial to pay attention towards identifying & treating such damaging combination before it even harms you.

Transit Analysis

It is a deciding factor when it comes to determining the pin-pointed period when important decisions such as entering into a new career field or making a job switch must be taken for maximum chances of success. Identification of an unfavourable transit period cautions you well in advance, so that you can defer taking any significant step towards your job or career during that period.

Your True Nature

Career Astrology or Job Astrology identifies your true nature and the reason why we are using the word "true" is because it doesn't matter what nature the outside circumstances force you to take up, your true inner nature plays a pivotal role in determining your intensity of involvement with the fields of profession that you aspire to have a career in. Your chances of success are simply high in fields where your real intensity lies.


A Career Astrologer takes the help of another amazing science called Numerology. Numbers constantly emit vibrations into the cosmos and have an astounding effect in shaping up our destiny. By numerology, lucky numbers and days are revealed that are to be kept in mind before planning an interview or filing of an application. Adjustment of name number is also known to turn the wheel of fortune in ways that are not imaginable by most of the people.

Why Consult Future Point?

A Career Astrologer at Future Point makes the best recommendation for you and helps you to come across with maximum number of career opportunities in life. We at Future Point have decades long experience in helping our clients worldwide by recommending incredibly powerful remedies to them, in order to turn the tide of destiny in their favour.

So, when it comes to job prediction by astrology, look no further and go for an astrology consultation with Future Point!

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