Are you having Health Problems? Get Accurate Predictions and Effective Solutions!

By: Future Point | 01-Dec-2018
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Are you having Health Problems? Get Accurate Predictions and Effective Solutions!

Gautam Buddha once said that: Health is the greatest gift! But we all know that sound health is perhaps the greatest challenge in the life of a human being in today's hectic world. Even with the modern medical science making incredible breakthroughs, the health of people on a global scale is deteriorating, which is a clear sign of worry for most of the people. All the luxuries and comforts in this world are meaningless without a good health. So what should people who are facing health problems and those who don't want to get into health troubles in the future do?

Take the help of Health Astrology or Medical Astrology! A brilliant astrologer constructs the Health Horoscope of a native based on his/her birth details and analyzes the positions of different planets to determine their effects on the health aspect of a native. These Health & Wellness Horoscopes are not only a blueprint of what the planets and stars have in store for a native in terms of health, but also a map that decodes highly effective & powerful astrological remedies to get rid of all health problems in life.

Also, an experienced astrologer in his/her health astrology prediction to a client, suggests the famous Lal Kitab remedies for health that give surprisingly efficient results and shields the native from future health troubles as well.

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What does an Astrologer looks for in a Health Horoscope?

On a general basis, diseases or medical problems are witnessed when a planet gives result of the following houses in combination in the health horoscope of a native:

  • 1st and 6th: Small disease which is easily curable.
  • 1st, 6th and 8th: Long disease that require surgical intervention for cure, more so if Mars or Ketu gets connected.
  • 1st, 6th ,8th and 12th: The disease is not curable and life long medical treatments will be required.
  • 1th, 4th and 10th: The treatment becomes ineffective to a large extent.

The 5th and 9th Houses

The 5th house is the primary house of good health and the 9th house is the secondary house of good health. So, the condition of these houses in particular decides where the health scale will tilt for the individual. It must be noted that, presence of malefics in these houses is very damaging to one's health.

When a planet gives result of the following houses in combination, it is considered good for health:

1st, 5th, 9th and 11th.

Health Astrology

Other Important Points to Note

  • In the overall picture, Jupiter and Saturn play a crucial role in affecting the health of a native, as Jupiter is the natural benefic of health and Saturn is the natural malefic of health.
  • Jupiter in the Nakshatra of Saturn/Rahu/Ketu becomes weak and deteriorates the health of the native while on the other hand Saturn in the Nakshatra of Jupiter/Moon pacifies it own ill effects on one's health.
  • Presence of Kaal Sarpa Dosha in the Kundli/Horoscope or Natal Chart of a native gives serious health issues, unless treated timely & properly.

The Detailed Picture

Now one by one, let's us look at which major body parts do each of the 12 houses of the horoscope represent and what kind of medical health problems can a native face if these houses are weak/badly affected:

1st House:

Self, Head, Hair, Brain, Pituitary Glands, Complexion, Longevity and Overall Health.

Problems arising due to a weak 1st House:

Headache, Mental Tension, Paralysis, Abnormal activity of Endocrine Glands, Deranged Behaviour, Brain Fever, Nose Bleeding etc.

2nd House:

Right Eye, Throat, Mouth, Nose, Neck and Teeth.

Problems arising due to a weak 2nd House:

Poor Digestion, Speech Disorders, Throat problems, Cervical issue and Issues related to Gums, Eyes & Teeth.

3rd House:

Right Ear, Shoulders, Arms & Hands, Collar Bones and Nervous System.

Problems arising due to a weak 3rd House:

Malfunctioning Respiratory Canal, Thyroid Disorders, Imbalances in the Nervous System, Partial Paralysis caused by Depression, Stammering, Pain in the Shoulders, Fracture in the Collar Bone region, Partial Deafness, Respiratory Diseases, Asthma, Tuberculosis etc.

4th House:

Chest, Heart, Lungs, Digestive Organs, Stomach and Elbow Joint.

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Problems arising due to a weak 4th House:

Coronary diseases, Physical Ailments of Breast/Chest, Heart and Lung disorders, Mental Disorders, Lunacy and the problems connected to the Circulatory System.

5th House:

Heart, Liver, Gall Bladder, Pancreas, Spleen, Colon, Diaphragm, Spine and Spinal Cord.

Problems arising due to a weak 5th House:

Diabetes, Peptic Ulcers, Anemia, Colic Pains, Stones in the Gall Bladder, Acidity, Spinal Cord Disorders, Dyspepsia, Diarrhea, Pleurisy, Heart problems etc.

6th House:

Waist, Navel region, Lower Abdomen, Kidneys, Small Intestine, Upper part of Large Intestine and Appendix.

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Problems arising due to a weak 6th House:

Appendicitis, Poisoning, Constipation, Hernia, Blood Urea, Psychiatric problems, Exhaustion and Nervous Breakdown.

7th House:

Bladder,Ovaries,Pelvic Girdle, Lower half of the Back, Lumbar region, Kidneys, Lower part of Large Intestine, Inner Sexual Organs, Uterus, Cervix, Testicles and Prostate Gland.

Problems arising due to a weak 7th House:

Venereal Diseases, Arthritis, Gout Pains, Urination problems, Impotency, Sterilization, Renal problems, Nervous and Psychological Problems, Sexual Disorders, Venereal diseases etc.

8th House:

The Muscular System, Outer Sexual Organs, Bladder, Scrotum and Anus, Excretory Organs and Pelvic Bones.

Problems arising due to a weak 8th House:

Health Disorders like Fissure, Impotency, Piles, Urinary Infections, Boils, Chronic diseases etc.

9th House:

Left Leg, Bone Marrow, Thighs, Thigh Bones, Hips, Hip Joints and the Arterial System.

Problems arising due to a weak 9th House:

Low productivity of Blood, Leukemia, High Fevers, Diabetes, Rheumatism and Troubles in Hips and Thighs, etc.

10th House:

Knee & Knee Caps and Joints & Bones.

Problems arising due to a weak 10th House:

Arthritis, Broken Knees, Inflammation of Joints, General Weakness, Skin diseases, Allergies, Emaciated body etc.

11th House:

Ankles, Right Leg, Shin Bone, Shanks, Left Ear and Left Arm.

Problems arising due to a weak 11th House:

Circulatory problems, Fracture of the Lower Portion of Legs, Pain in Legs, Problems of Low Productivity of Blood, Cancer of Leg etc.

12th House:

Lymphatic System, Left Eye and Feet.

Problems arising due to a weak 12th House:

Sleep Disturbances and Weakens the Immunization Power of an individual.

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Some Diseases that are signified by Planets giving results of specific houses

  • Hysteria: Conjunction of Moon and Saturn signifying houses 1st, 3rd, and 8th
  • Phobia: Conjunction & Aspect between Saturn and Moon signifying houses 1st ,6th ,8th and 12th
  • Hallucinations: Combination of Ketu & Moon signifying houses 1st, 6th, 8th and 12th
  • Asthma: Mercury/Moon/Rahu/Saturn signifying houses 3rd and 4th
  • Blood Pressure: Mars/Moon signifying houses 6th,8th and 12th
  • Diabetes: Jupiter/Saturn/Rahu in the Moon signifying houses 3rd or 5th, 6th, 8th and 12th

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