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4 Reasons Why Kundli is Matched Before Wedding!

4 Reasons Why Kundli is Matched Before Wedding!

By: Future Point | 22-Jun-2018
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Marriage is a union between Man and a Women. It is considered the holiest relationship in any society. An arrangement where two individuals, after reaching a certain age, decide to settle down with each other. A mutual commitment which the two individuals agree to make for whole life.

In the western world, marriage is usually between two individuals who date each other and then decide their nuptial knot. But in our country, the belief of Kundali Matching is still given much importance, especially in the case of an arranged marriage. Many a time, even two individuals dating each other, do see their compatibility scores, before affirming a marital relationship.

Astrology is a Science. A Science of calculations, which servers the purpose as an “eye” to see our future an epithet given by our religious text, Vedas. It is hence even today, people believe that Kundli Milan is a better way to find out the future of a bride and a groom.

When we talk of Kundli Milan or Matchmaking in India, the most popular method for the same is called as Ashtakoot Matching. There are 8 parameters which comprise Astakoot matching. All the 8 parameters are given importance, however the following 4 is given minute detailing.

To check the compatibility:

In Kundli Milan, there are 36 gunas or points which are checked to ensure a happy married life. These 36 guans/points have a different attribute that reflect in a person’s life. These 36 points are imbibed into the Ashtakoot Matching system. The higher these attributes match between a man and a woman, the better is the married life. In this, the most important match making that is considered is: compatibility. Mainly emotional compatibility. For the emotional compatibility, the star of the bride and groom and considered, if they are compatible then it means the two individuals will complement each other. There will be happiness in their marriage.

Financial prosperity:

When two individual horoscopes are matched, they are considered as one, post marriage. Hence The bride and groom become one, post marriage. Both are considered important as they will bring stability to each other’s life. Therefore it is also one of the way to bring stability on financial front. As it is said, that no one can live merely with love, you need money to run a house. Similarly, the two individuals bring financial prosperity to their family. Any shortcomings in this, can lead to miseries for life. Hence this point is also given importance.

To support progeny:

The Union between Man and a woman, post marriage, is also to bring an extension in their lineage. This is possible when there is physical compatibility to raise a family. Along with raising a family, the health of the newborn is also looked through Kundli Milan. Since, mere childbirth will not bring happiness to any family. The health of the child is equally important as its creation. Therefore, this point is given due importance in a horoscope matchmaking.

To check for any Dosh:

A Dosh is a curse which one will have to suffer either for life or to a specific period of time. A Dosh will reduce the happiness since it leads to many shortcomings. However, a dosh can be rectified, considering its seriousness. Sometimes this dosh can be removed through simple match making, else one would need specific pooja to be undertaken. For e.g: one way to remove Manglik dosha is to the marriage of a boy and girl when both are manglik as the dosh is common in both. Another example is Kalsarpa Dosh. On an either way, a remedy is certainly recommended in our Vedas. Kundali Milan will help one to check the seriousness of the Dosh and accordingly find a suitable remedy if you feel that the Dosha of one can affect the other one badly. Similarly if one is having the probability of divorce in one’s chart then the match making practice shall go useless because the divorce Yoga shall destroy the marital bliss.

In nutshell before doing matching it is essential to see all aspects positive and negative of the horoscope and if any chart contains too much of negativity then it shall be better not to consider the horoscope for matching.

To know more about horoscope matching or Kundli Milan you can reach out to use Or mail us at Future point is a team of expert astrologers who can be consulted on any matter pertaining to astrology.

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