Is Kundali Matching Important for Marriage? Exploring its Significance

By: Future Point | 22-Jun-2018
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Is Kundali Matching Important for Marriage? Exploring its Significance

Marriage is a sacred union between a man and a woman. It is considered the holiest relationship that ties two people together in a bond that’s going to help through every situation in life. An arrangement where two individuals, after reaching a certain age, decide to settle down with each other. A mutual commitment which makes two individuals agree to stand by each other when the times are tough. In companionship, they see each other grow and prosper in life.

In the western world, marriage usually happens between individuals who are in love and have decided to settle down with each other. However, in the Indian context- the entire paradigm shifts as they base it off on Kundali Matching Online that is done before tying the knot. This especially happens during an Arranged marriage arrangement. Many a time, even two individuals dating each other, do see their compatibility scores, before affirming a marital relationship.

Astrology is Science. A Science of calculations, which serves the purpose as an “eye” to see our future, an epithet given by our religious text, Vedas. It is hence even today, people believe that Kundli Milan is a better way to find out the future of a bride and a groom and if they’ll be able to enjoy conjugal bliss. When we talk of Kundli Milan or Matchmaking in India, the most popular method for the same is called as Ashtakoot Matching. There are 8 parameters that comprise Astakoot matching.

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All the 8 parameters are given importance, however, the following 4 is given minute detailing.

To check the compatibility

In Kundli Milan, there are 36 gunas or points which are checked to ensure a happy married life. These 36 gunas/points have a different attribute that reflects in a person’s life. These 36 points are imbibed into the Ashtakoot Matching system. The higher these attributes match between a man and a woman, the better is their married life. In Kundli Milan, the most important attribute is considered to be- compatibility; mainly emotional compatibility. For the emotional compatibility, the stars of the bride and groom and considered, if they are compatible then it means the two individuals will complement each other. There will be happiness in their marriage.

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Financial prosperity

When two individual horoscopes are matched, they are considered as one, post marriage. In Kundali Matching, when the horoscopes are matched, the couple is considered as a single entity and a compatibility score is generated as per the Ashtakoot matching system. This is mainly taken into consideration due to the fact that each of them will bring in something or the other to support each other’s life.

It is also one of the ways to bring stability to the financial front. As it is said, that no one can live a happy life merely with love, you need money to run a house. Similarly, the two individuals bring financial prosperity to their individual lives and that of their families. Any shortcomings in this can lead to miseries for life. Hence this point is also given importance while calculating the couple’s compatibility status.

To support progeny

A marriage also denotes the need for a lineage and to continue the family name. When a marriage is on the cards, the foremost thing that is checked is the house that deals with progeny and if it is free from all problems. Along with raising a family, the health of the newborn is also looked through Kundli Milan. Since mere childbirth will not bring happiness to any family. The health of the child is equally important as its creation. Therefore, this point is given due importance in a horoscope matchmaking. The more the score, the more chances are there of a problem-free pregnancy and a healthy baby.

To check for any Dosha

A Dosha is a curse that one will have to suffer either for life or for a specific period of time. A Dosh will reduce happiness since it leads to numerous shortcomings. However, a dosha can be rectified, considering its seriousness. Sometimes this could be done by fulfilling a dosha remedy suggested by a Top Astrologer. When a couple goes for matchmaking or Online Kundali Milan, or Marriage Consultation by an Astrologer- they can learn about these Doshas in their horoscope. With simple remedies upon its diagnosis, these can be removed and rectified. Some Doshas if remain untreated can even be fatal to one of the partners. There are powerful remedies along with specific Online Pujas that could be performed under the guidance of Brahmin Pandits.

Example: If a boy with Manglik Dosha in Kundali gets married to a girl with Manglik dosha in her Kundali, the dosha gets canceled & nullified. Another example is the Kalsarpa Dosh. But either way, a remedy is recommended in our Vedas. Kundali Milan will help one to check the seriousness of the Dosha and accordingly find a suitable remedy if you feel that the Dosha of one can affect the other one badly. Similarly, if one has the probability of divorce in their chart then the matchmaking practice shall go useless because the divorce Yoga will most probably destroy the marital bliss. To come up with a solution, you can easily perform the remedy and get rid of the dosha thus mentioned in Kundali.

In a nutshell, before performing Kundli matching it is highly essential to see all the aspects, no matter the positive and/ or negative of the horoscope to get rid of them and aim for a better love life.

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