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72nd Independence Day: 15 August, 2018

By: Future Point | 14-Aug-2018
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72nd Independence Day: 15 August, 2018

Independence is something that makes every other worldly pleasures look immaterial when compared to it. Often people who are born in an independent nation don't quite value the boon that they enjoy but it is very important to understand that living with our independent national identity and a governance of our own land is the highest honour that we can enjoy as individuals.

India got independence from the brutal British regime on 15th August, 1947. This independence came after a long and painful struggle for freedom in which countless Indians lost their lives.

We all know about the inhuman Jallianwala Bagh massacre and the Bengal famine that was responsible for killing thousands of people.

But in the end we got our independence and started building our nation, brick by brick. Although we have not addressed all the issues that our nation faces so far but there is not an iota of doubt about the fact that we have come a long way and accomplished many wonders in the journey.

India's picture as per Numerology from this I-Day to the next one:

This year on 15th August, India will celebrate its 72nd Independence Day. As per Numerology the yearly number that would affect India, comes out to be- 9 (Nine).

Number 9 is ruled by planet Mars and it signifies:

  • Boldness

  • Courage

  • Arguments

  • Confrontation and agitation

  • Issues related to borders

  • New developments in the fields of arms & ammunition

  • Security threats or challenges

This points out towards a heated year ahead for India till the next I-Day. Also, currently Mars is retrograde while being conjunct with Ketu in Capricorn which the exalted sign for Mars.

Though Mars will become direct again around the end of this month, it will still be exalted in Capricorn in conjunction with Ketu till November 5, 2018. Hence the coming months call for some caution as far as the smooth functioning of our nation is concerned.

After Mars leaves Capricorn in early November, the situation would still continue to be fragile as the overall yearly influence of Mars will still be there till the next I-Day.

This also points out to another extremely crucial fact that Mars is considered as a planet with fiery characteristics and such a planet in operation poses significant fears of a less than normal monsoon for the next sowing seasons and the danger of drought in certain drought prone belts of the country.

India's agriculture sector is the primary source of income for the largest part of our population and any turbulence in this sector does not augur well for our nation's economy and prosperity and in particular the well being of our farming community.

The coming months of this calendar year will witness assembly elections in some big states and next year in and around May, India will go for General Elections. These events take place under a strong spell of emotions among the voting community and chances of clashes is not something that can be ignored especially when the yearly ruling number is 9.

But since Mars represents armed forces, the 72nd year of Independence could show some regional dominance militarily by India which will further make the already strong and continuously growing military strength of our country.

Therefore to sum it up, the 72nd year of our independence will be an effervescent year that warrants us to keep our emotions in check and the country must be extra alert when it comes to security from threats both foreign as well as domestic.

We should enjoy our freedom but before that, we must always respect the countless sacrifices that our forefathers made for us to breath in this free air.

A Very Happy & Joyful Independence Day from us to all Indians!

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