6 Premium Kundali Report for Your Life Solutions

By: Future Point | 20-Mar-2024
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6 Premium Kundali Report for Your Life Solutions

There is nothing in the world that can’t be seen from a Kundali! Let’s explore.

What is Kundali?

A Kundali, also known as a birth chart, is an astrological diagram that provides an individual with detailed information about their past, present, and future. Astrologers use the Janam Patrika or Kundali to understand the karmic debts and the results that an individual may face in this lifetime. By analyzing the Kundali, one can get predictions about different aspects of life, such as education, career, marriage, love life, travel, business, health, spiritual growth, and more. The Kundali is a snapshot of the sky at the time of a person's birth, and it can be generated using basic birth details like the date, time, and place of birth. By obtaining a free Kundali online, an individual can gain the most useful information about their life.

Why Kundali is important?

According to Vedic astrology, our present life's circumstances are the outcomes of our past karmas or deeds. This idea is also known as the karma doctrine, which is prevalent in almost every religion. It suggests that we all have to face the consequences of our actions. The 12 houses in the birth chart represent different aspects of life, and the alignment of zodiac signs, planets and nakshatras in these houses determine our fate. The Kundali is important to know about your individuality, strengths, weaknesses, blessings and curses in this present life.  

Know everything with your Kundali

As mentioned earlier, the birth chart consists of twelve houses representing different aspects of our lives. The strength of each house determines where we are likely to prosper and where we may face challenges.

Here's a brief overview of the twelve houses:

  1. First house: Indicates your personality traits, temperament, likes, dislikes, attitude etc.
  2. Second house: Indicates your wealth, speech, family, eating habits etc.
  3. Third house: Indicates your skills, talents, hobbies, siblings, courage etc.
  4. Fourth house: Indicates your domestic life, mother, house, education etc.
  5. Fifth house: Indicates your education, love life, interests, children, etc.
  6. Sixth house: Indicates your health, court cases, enemies, competition, debts, job, etc.
  7. Seventh house: Indicates your marriage, spouse, marital happiness, business partnerships, etc.
  8. Eighth house: Indicates your longevity, inheritance, in-laws, sudden events, etc.
  9. Ninth house: Indicates your father, teachers, religion, righteousness, higher studies, long travels, etc.
  10. Tenth house: Indicates your career, reputation, status, etc.
  11. Eleventh house: Indicates your gains, awards, achievements, social circle, etc.
  12. Twelfth house: Indicates your foreign travels and settlement, expenses, hidden enemies, spiritual growth, etc.

By analyzing the planetary effects in these houses, we get valuable information about different aspects of our lives.

Get Your Free Kundali Online

To obtain a free Kundali online, you only need to provide your basic birth details using the Future Point website. Their online portal provides automated free kundali instantly which gives you general insights about different aspects of life in the form of a report. The free Kundali online comes with free Kundali predictions such as:

  • General predictions for education, health, career, relationship and more
  • Mangal Dosha
  • Kundali Dosha
  • Dasha analysis
  • Good and bad results for different periods
  • Timing and effects of Shani Sade sati and Shani Dhaiya
  • Gem recommendations, etc.

One can also perform free Kundali matching at the website using their free services.

Free Kundali and Premium Kundali- Know the difference

Free Kundali gives general information about your life. You may know about good and bad results, but that is in a much broader sense. A free Kundali gives you a basic idea of your life, but to get detailed and personalized information, one should opt for a premium Kundali. 

Personalized life predictions: A premium Kundali gives personalized information about different life aspects of an individual. Premium Kundali predictions involve detailed analysis of the Kundali by the best astrologer who thoroughly checks all astrological combinations in the birth chart. The astrologer checks the Yoga, Dasha, and the transit of the planets to give the most meaningful predictions based on a specific birth chart. 

Personalized remedies: Remedies are different for different people based on their charts. A general remedy might not get the same results for all. The free Kundali provides general remedies, while the premium Kundali provides personalized remedies, which tend to be more effective in removing the Kundali Dosha. Premium Kundali is your personalized guide, enabling you to face every difficult situation with courage and confidence. 

Why consider Future Point for buying Premium Kundali?

Many sources offer personalized or premium Kundali services, but finding the best one is important. Future Point is a pioneer astrology institute that provides premium Kundali by the renowned astrologer Dr Arun Bansal. You should buy premium Kundali from Future Point for the following reasons:

The best astrologer: Dr Arun Bansal has been serving in the field of astrology for over four decades and has satisfied countless clients around the world.

Kundali Dosha and Rajyoga: Premium Kundali by Future Point provides comprehensive details about Kundali Dosha like Mangal Dosha, Guru Chandal Dosha, Kal Sarp Dosha, Angaarak Dosha and others. It provides remedies to remove their negative effects causing disruptions in life. You can also learn about auspicious Rajyoga and its effects on your life. The Kundali clearly reveals your strengths, weaknesses, blessings, and curses.

Accurate predictions and remedies: In astrology, accurate predictions are about the proper knowledge, expertise and experience, and Dr Arun Bansal has them all. He gives accurate future predictions and effective remedies.

No false promises: In premium Kundali by Future Point, you will get a crystal-clear picture of what may happen next. No false promises, no fake dreaming, its about truth only!

Practical remedies: The remedies are practical keeping in mind the modern times and limitations. With global exposure, his guidance is far from orthodox mindset. You get a fresher view and solutions to all your life problems.

Good and bad times: No premium Kundali, but Future Point will give you precise information about your good and bad times. With this report, you can find out when the stars are in your favour so that you can make important decisions without fear and reap maximum benefits. Conversely, the report also warns you about times when you should avoid making important decisions to avoid losses and failures.

Predictions as per timeline: You get detailed information about all aspects of life like career, health, relationships and more recorded in the form of a timeline. 

You are better aware and prepared for the future with premium Kundali by Dr. Arun Bansal.

Here we have provided the list of the 6 Premium Kundli Report





1 Sampurna-Maha-Kundali Rs. 2399/- Click Here
2 Brihat Parashar Patrika Rs. 2499/- Click Here
3 Bhrigu Patrika Rs. 899/- Click Here
4 Kundli Darpan Rs. 599/- Click Here
5 Life Horoscope Rs. 2324/- Click Here
6 Love & Compatibility Report Rs. 824/- Click Here

Here we have provided the list of the 6 Premium Kundali Report

1. Sampurna-Maha-Kundali 

Sampurna Maha Kundali provides the most comprehensive horoscope online. The Kundali gives future predictions about different aspects of life like education, career, relationship, finance, health, travel, spiritual growth and more for the next thirty years! The Sampurna Maha Kundali is the most detailed online Kundali available to date. It is carefully crafted after considering various astrological charts, calculations, Dasha and transit analysis. It is a sincere effort by Future Point to make you better prepared for the future and make the most of your life.

2. Brihat Parashar Patrika 

"Brihat Parashar Patrika" is an extensive online horoscope report that covers all possible aspects of life. Based on the most popular Parashari system, the report provides precise astrological information to its users. Written in easy-to-understand language, this 300+ page report can serve as a lifetime guide during difficult times. It provides solutions to all life problems, helping you stay a step ahead of life's uncertainties. The report presents information in a timeline, making it easy for users to differentiate between good and bad times.

3. Bhrigu Patrika Online Kundali 

Sage Bhrigu established the Bhrigu system of astrology. Many people worldwide have benefitted from Bhrigu Samhita Astrology. Future Point offers Bhrigu Patrika, which is based on the principles of Bhrigu Samhita and provides effective solutions to life's challenges through accurate predictions and remedies. Our Online Janam Kundali model ensures precise Kundali Predictions aligned with Vedic Astrology principles. It also includes a two-year month-wise report and 20 years of detailed Transit Predictions. Bhrigu Patrika will guide you towards success in difficult situations and help you find solutions to all your life problems.

4. Kundali Darpan 

Kundali Darpan by Future Point is a comprehensive Kundali report of 110 pages that offers accurate future predictions based on astrology and numerology. The report provides solutions to all your life problems through genuine guidance and Vedic remedies. This online Kundali report includes a five-year transit prediction and a five-year Darpan Phal. Every individual has a specific purpose for which they are born, and it's a karmic journey that everyone has to follow. The report provides valuable insights about your karmic debts, which will help you understand life better. You will be equipped to handle your good and bad times efficiently with future awareness.

5. Life Horoscope 

The Life Horoscope Report is a Kundali report that offers predictions for the next 20 years. This report provides precise future predictions based on astrology, numerology, and Lal Kitab. The report includes information about Kundali dosha and negative periods in life, as well as accurate Panchang calculations. By using this comprehensive report, you can face the future with awareness and confidence, making the most out of your life.

6. Love & Compatibility Report 

A love and compatibility report can help you find the most suitable partner for a successful and satisfying married life. The main reason for failure in a marriage is often marrying an incompatible partner. This report checks your compatibility, not just based on traditional Ashtkoota Milan, and goes much deeper. The report examines compatibility through the Lagna (D-1) and the Navamsha (D-9) charts, assessing Kundali dosha, considering mangal dosha and its cancellations, and nakshatra analysis. The report helps find the best match for you and goes a long way in ensuring a fulfilling relationship.

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