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10 sure-shot Astrological Remedies for a happy married life!

By: Future Point | 12-Apr-2019
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10 sure-shot Astrological Remedies for a happy married life!

Marriages in India are the union of 2 people, along with two families and their customs. These marriages in India are in fact more than that, when two people get married so does there families in views of a love marriage expert astrologer. When the opposite-sex lives under one roof as husband and wife, it's bound to make them a little riled up and they need some expert’s help in these matters. Horoscope matching for marriage is an easy way to get solutions for your day to day marriage problems. Here are some of the most beneficial Marriage Remedies that you can go for:

1. Wiping the floor with salt water daily goes a long way in helping your marriage as per astrological remedies. If not daily the native should at least try and wipe the floor with salty water once. This is one of the most commonly adopted husband wife problem solution by couples all over India.

2. Wearing either a golden or yellow bangle pair by the lady increases the chances of a happy married life for the couple. Wearing the bangles is supposed to bring peace and happiness into the lives of the couple. What’s also important is to wear the bangles with utmost dedication and seriousness, just putting them on for the sake of it won't do the couple any good. It's also supposed to bring happiness to your household.

3. The couple must keep 11 Gomti Chakra with Red vermillion in a vermillion box in order to solve marriage related problems in no time. It has been shown to resolve all the marriage-related problems gradually and steadily. This remedy has the potential to solve all the disputes between husband and wife.


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4. Whenever sweet items and fruits are brought into the house, it should be offered to the Gods first of all in order to gain his blessings, after that the sweet and fruits should be given to the children in the house and only after that should the couple take them. This procedure actually works great and has huge significance in Indian Culture History. The house which has happy children and is able to keep God happy as well will never have to go through any troubles of married life.

5. The husband should have saffron milk in breakfast and keep strands of saffron on his tongue given to him by his wife or mother then he can easily expect to have a harmonious and non-complicated life going ahead. This method has proven to be extremely helpful in the lives of many couples. Peace and harmony are two pillars on which a blissful marriage stands on.

6. In case there’s some problem going on between the family members its important to take this measure. Mix some wheat with black grams or buy a wheat mix from the market and mix the black grams on Saturday. You will see the problems you are facing will start to go down gradually and you’ll notice that your family members are a lot happier than they were before.

7. After marriage, just before the Vidaai time(the time when a girl leaves her house and leaves for her husband’s house), the bride should fill a yellow metal tumbler with Gangajal and mix turmeric powder in the water. Then one should place a copper coin in this turmeric water and circle it around the bride’s head for seven times and spill the contents of the tumbler in front of her path. Peace and prosperity shall always be with the couple.

8. The couple should also avoid getting their hair cut, nails clipped on Tuesdays, Saturdays, and Thursdays. Other than that one should also avoid washing clothes at home, applying oil on the hair on Thursday’s and Saturday’s. This remedy has proven to be extremely useful for the couple looking for solutions to their marriage problems.

9. The couple should also avoid eating any non-vegetarian items on Tuesdays and Saturdays in order to maintain peace in their life. On these days has a major effect on your life. Avoiding nonveg helps decrease the friction between the couple and ultimately you’ll notice an increase in happiness between the couple.

10. The couple should donate sweets to the needy on Tuesdays in order to lessen the impact of Moon and Mars from their lives. In case one feels that one’s marriage is heading towards the wrong path one should donate sweets along with their partner in order to save their marriage. The native should donate sweets to the nearest temple barefoot in order to gain maximum benefits from this remedy.

One must get advice from a family astrologer before proceeding to get married since he/she already knows the native very well and can put that information to good use. Matchmaking horoscope, Kundli matching are pretty commonly opted for by many couples to make their marriage dosha and any other problems free. Native can also go for kundali online and cut the time involved in the whole procedure.

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