Zodiac Signs and How Well They Can Lie As Per Astrology

By: Future Point | 28-May-2019
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Zodiac Signs and How Well They Can Lie As Per Astrology

Lying is inevitable. Everyone lies. It is necessary sometimes to survive in this world. All of us lie, no matter how damaging or insignificant it may be.

Sometimes it just is about the nature of the person and sometimes it is about the situation but everyone does lie at some point or the other. Some people have such personality attributes where they go on lying about anything. They’ll lie about small things, big things, and even for things that don’t matter. They would even go on lying about normal things in life. Some people love to boast about themselves and the things they have been doing. Once they get started they go on and on until they are made felt the other way.

It might be really tough to know accurately about anyone with just the help of zodiac sign but, there are certain actions which help us to know about how frequently a person of any zodiac sign lies and also it helps to catch people when they are lying.

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People born under this sign are very smooth when they are lying about anything. They make sure to convince you about anything and everything they say. The problem for them arises when they have to lie to people who know them better than their own selves.

Usually, when Aries lie about anything they will attach a certain story along with it it. A short story which convinces you to trust them on their lies. And if caught, they know how to cover it up without making the other person angry or furious at them. And yes “Aries are surely allowed to make an honest mistake!”

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Taureans are usually concerned about every minute detail about the lie they make. If they are asked about anything, they usually tend to think and answer but they make sure that they do not take much time which will make people convinced about their lies.

They will take into note the story they have made and build up every small detail. If asked about it again they will come up with the exact same words in rehearsed ways as it has really happened. They usually get away with the lies they make as they are so good with them.

GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

The people born under this sign are terrible liars. But, on the other hand, they lie frequently and usually end up getting caught. Gemini will tell you something and if you go on to cross-question him/her even once, they will be hesitant in giving answers and will try to change the topic than any other thing.

The problem with Gemini lying is that their lies are never perfectly set up or rehearsed. They will start up with a new story and be over careful with their words. If caught, they will mess up everything and make sure that the other person knows that they are lying about the thing. But that doesn’t stop Gemini from lying.


Cancer people can’t help it but they are honest most of the times. That is a great quality to possess and it proves that they have been raised up right. But sometimes the situation demands them to be diplomatic which they are not able to do and end up disappointing people.

When a Cancer is trying to lie they are not able to look into the eyes of the person. They usually end up acting too occupied and once they have said, they will try to change the topic of conversation.


Leo is a very confident sign and when it comes to lying this confidence helps them to build up a story which is trustworthy. Leo is an influential sign and they end up convincing people to believe in their story. Apart from the confidence and influential skills Leo’s don’t make up the detail when they are lying.

A Leo is so strong with their words that he will make you doubt about yourself. You’ll be acting like an idiot if you try and blame Leo for anything.

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A person born under this sign thinks that providing a bit of detail with their lies will make people think of their lie as truth, which is not the case. They find themselves in a bigger problem while trying to cover up the old lie. When Virgo lies, he will go adding the irrelevant details which make the other person realize that they are making up things.

The details are harmless and irrelevant because of which the other person is sure about Virgo lying.


Libra has a very hard time lying to people about anything. They hate to be confronted and asked questions and often feels like they have lied to some wrong person. The lie will thus create disagreement and an argument which might heat up and damage things permanently. So once caught a libra usually confronts the truth which will help him to be in a more comfortable position. They will usually avoid talking to the same people they have lied to and will not like to be in the same room.

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Scorpio usually hates lies but that doesn’t stop them from lying themselves. When a Scorpio lies usually he is very good at it. He will convince you to trust him and his made up stories. But if a person starts to cross-question them, they will get defensive and act as if you’re the culprit instead of them. The only way to know a Scorpio is lying is when you see them getting defensive when the blame wasn’t that much.


Sagittarius is good at lying because they don’t spend much time thinking about any particular thing and don’t spend much time on any of their lies. They absolutely make sure you believe them and sometimes to an extent where you cannot accept the truth even after knowing it. If you question Sagittarius about his honesty he will look dead into your eyes and you will anyway trust them because of their justifications and their expression.

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The Capricorn born people are perfect liars because of their poker face and convincing image. When Capricorn lies it is almost impossible for a person to catch him but it doesn’t help them in the long run. Because when you know about the character traits of a person you will not trust them the same way. It might help Capricorns at the moment but in the long run, it will hamper their success probability.


Aquarius have their emotions on their face. They are terrible liars and even hates it. They will go on to tell people about not to lie and what can be the disadvantages if you lie. Even the nonchalant answers of Aquarius won’t help them when they lie. They will build up a trail of lies and will often find themselves in a stack of lies where they have no option but to confront.

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Pisces can either be a very bad liar or very good. It depends upon the situation and about the thing which he is lying. They are great at playing a blame game. When they lie about any certain thing they will victimize themselves and convince you to trust them on anything and everything they say.

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