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Will you be super rich in this life: A Vedic Astrology Perspective?

By: Future Point | 18-Oct-2018
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Will you be super rich in this life: A Vedic Astrology Perspective?

Do you aspire to become ultra rich? Well! the obvious answer is who doesn’t wants to? Though, many of us envy the super rich for their opulence, expensive tastes and the attention they enjoy & often, we’re forced to ask..WHY!? Why are they ultra rich & we aren’t? All of us crave to be rich like them & enjoy their lives to the fullest. But what is the way to know if one’s born with a silver spoon or he/she can earn it with sheer diligence? Thanks to the ancient science of astrology which has always helped mankind to solve the questions arising in their minds.

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How does astrology help?

Astrology, an ancient science has always provided solutions to the problems of mankind, through the extensive study of the Horoscope or Kundali. It is the science of the study of the natal chart, which provides the hints to the individual’s life path. If when a native is rich and successful, his/her personal natal chart must’ve played an important role in uplifting the business and professional gains.

Thus, when a learned and experienced astrologer forecasts the future of an individual, he first checks if the native has the “Financial Prosperity in Horoscope” which promises timely gains. If yes, then when and how can it be activated if any minor impediments block it. For this a learned and expert astrologer checks some of the important houses and verifies the presence of some auspicious combinations in the native’s horoscope.

For instance certain important astrological combinations which provide wealth & prosperity are Raj-Yogas, they’re of the following types-

Gajakesari yog, Parivartan Yog, Panch-Maha-Purusha Yog etc., if these types of yogas exist in a native’s horoscope, then he/she is destined to enjoy abundance in his/her present life. Some examples are Late Dhiru-Bhai Ambani, Amitabh Bachchan, Mahindra Singh Dhoni etc. It is no doubt that despite their humble beginnings, they all reached an excellent height in their respective spheres, due to the presence of Raj-Yog in their natal horoscope. But what happens if a native is not blessed with such Raj Yogas? Will there be no financial prosperity or if there is any other combination which should be considered to check financial prosperity in a native’s horoscope.

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Is there any other method for wealth related predictions in astrology?

Yes! there are methods in astrology through which the wealth accumulation can be predicted. Below are some of the other combinations & houses which are used in Vedic astrology to check if a native is capable of earning and accumulating huge wealth.

The 1st house: In Vedic astrology, the study of first house is given much importance. Since, this is the start point in any natal chart, the analysis of this house is very crucial. If any shortcoming is seen in the first house, then the horoscope owner with best Raj-Yog too cannot become super rich. Such is the importance of this house.

Here if the 1st house is free from affliction and blessed by either aspects or presence of benevolent planets, then the native is assured to earn name & wealth in his/her present life. Again, the lord of the 1st house and its placement is of paramount importance for an accurate prediction regarding career & wealth accumulation.

2nd house: This is the house which would enable a native to earn money. So, along with the 1st house the analysis of the 2nd house is also important. If this house is weak and afflicted then earning money will not be easy for the native. Therefore, the support of 2nd house for earning a decent income in any form is very important.

A strong second house would mean that the natives have the ability to fill-up their bank accounts through regular flow of money.

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4th house: This is the house of land related property. Since, a long time, rent income has been a very fascinating source of income, which enables a native to earn some extra bucks as rent from the land properties like house, shop, godown. Thus, if a native is destined to become rich by building asset capital and then earn wealth, then the fourth house will exhibit extraordinary strength in the chart.

8th house: the 8th house is usually regarded as the house of obstacles. However, as every coin has two sides, the other side of 8th house is the house of ancestral gains. There are many lucky people who inherit huge properties & wealth from their ancestors and then become rich and famous without much efforts.

Inheritance is also be possible from In-laws via a rich spouse. Since the 8th house is also the house of in-laws, one can become rich through the support of one’s in laws.

10th house: This is the last house which should be checked for wealth as this is the house of career. Though this isn’t a house that directly indicates a super rich individual. The 10th house is the house that indicates power and control. Therefore, many times, it happens that people may not have money in their hands, but manage their finances remotely. Therefore, this house is also checked for Money Astrology Forecast.

Of course, in all the above houses, the house lord and its placement are checked for analysing the outcome. Since, any financial problem solution, can be rectified via thorough analysis of the horoscope.

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