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Why should people go for Horoscope Matching before Marriage?

By: Future Point | 07-Sep-2020
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Why should people go for Horoscope Matching before Marriage?

Since times immemorial, people in the Indian societies have been seeking the guidance of Astrology when it comes to all key aspects of life such as marriage. 

Marriage is perhaps the most important aspect of an individual’s life and it must be finalized after performing due diligence with respect to the planetary effects that are being cast upon an individual as well as the one with whom the individual is planning to tie the knot.

Yes, that’s right!

Planets literally decide the ultimate course of our destiny as per their positioning in our horoscope or kundli. Hence, we cannot afford to ignore their significance and must take into account what they are signifying for various aspects of our lives, especially marriage before we actually take a major decision.

Significance of Horoscope or Kundli Matching 

Horoscope Matching is an astrological process that evaluates the ‘real’ compatibility between a boy and girl who want to become life partners based on the placement of various planets in their natal horoscopes.

Kundli Matching has multiple parameters upon which the compatibility of a couple is evaluated, some of them are:

  • Real or Innermost Nature: This is the most crucial factor that decides whether the couple would lead a harmonious married life that would have ample love, joy, trust and loyalty or would face bickerings, bitterness and discord in their marriage.
  • Health: In order to lead a happy married life, both the partners must have planets in their respective horoscopes signifying an overall healthy life without any major health related set back.
  • Sexual Compatibility: With being sexually compatible with each other as per the state of certain key houses as well as planets in their horoscopes, a couple cannot enjoy marital bliss in their lives.  
  • Childbirth: This is one of the key aspects that is evaluated very deeply & comprehensively in the horoscopes of both the boy & girl but more so in the horoscope of the girl. The horoscopes on a net basis must promote safe & successful childbirth in order to deem a match of the boy & girl as perfect.
  • Finances: In this materialistic world, it is crucial that both the partners must have planetary placements in their respective horoscopes that signify a decent & balanced state of finances otherwise financial crunches will keep on making the life of the couple challenging and exhausting.

Couples who are in a love relationship and face problems in getting married should immediately consult with an astrologer to get their love compatibility evaluated. 

An experienced astrologer after performing Horoscope Matching would reveal the Love & Marriage Prospects for both the boy & girl along with suggesting them remedies that have the potential of addressing the root planetary issues that are actually creating hurdles in their path to getting married.

Hence, whether it is love marriage or an arranged marriage, people must know what the planets & stars are pointing out for the marital domains of their lives.

The process of Horoscope Matching reveals the true compatibility of the boy & girl who wish to tie the knot so that a union that is not favoured at all by the planets & stars could be either avoided or “necessary remedies” that are specific to the natal horoscopes of the proposed couple must be performed to timely ward off or pacify the negative planetary effects that are slated to disturb their marital union later in their lives!

Therefore, before taking the most crucial step of your life, Talk to Astrologer and see what the process of Horoscope Matching reveals for you so that you must be able to make an informed decision.

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