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Which is the Best Astrology Software for Muhurat?

By: Future Point | 10-Apr-2024
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Which is the Best Astrology Software for Muhurat?

In Vedic astrology, Muhurat holds great importance. It is common practice to look for an auspicious or shubh Muhurat before starting any significant activity. The Muhurta can be good or bad, and depending on its auspiciousness or inauspiciousness, it is either adopted or ignored for a specific task. LeoStar has developed the best Vedic astrology software to determine the Muhurat for various auspicious occasions accurately. Let's explore it.

Why considering Muhurat is important?

In ancient Vedic times, people used to consult a priest or scholar before undertaking any important activity in order to determine an auspicious Muhurat or time period. It is believed that performing actions during a good Muhurat would lead to positive outcomes while performing them during a bad Muhurat would result in negative consequences. 

Performing certain activities is prohibited during specific Muhurats. Rahu kaal, gandant, kaal vela, and the transit of planets like Moon, Jupiter, and Sun in specific nakshatras bring bad results.

Specific Muhurats were assigned for various activities such as marriage, childbirth, travel, and other auspicious events. Scholars used to calculate these Muhurats manually in the past, but with the advancement of technology, we now have software to do it for us. LeoStar Muhurat software is the best Muhurat software owing to its unique features, which are discussed below.

LeoStar Muhurat Software- Unique features

Hassle-free calculations: LeoStar Muhurat software is the preferred choice of professionals. It calculates accurate muhurta for various activities with absolutely no hassle. 

Shubh Muhurat for various activities: The software has built-in Shubh Muhurats for the "Maanglik Karya" (auspicious activities) based on the Hindu Panchangam. You can know the Shubh Muhurat for travel, job, marriage, childbirth, housewarming, medical treatments, buying and selling property, stock market, love relationships, business ventures, raising loans or finances, litigation, buying a vehicle, election, education, etc. This is popularly called Shubh muhurat and Vivah Muhurat software too. 

User-friendly: LeoStar's Muhurat software helps to obtain accurate Muhurats at your convenience. 

No mistakes: Using software eliminates the chances of any mistakes while calculating a Muhurat.

Quick: One can calculate a Muhurat at a much faster pace. 

Detailed info about the day Muhurat: You can calculate not just the day but also the part of the day which will bring promising results. It considers Tithi, Vaar, Nakshatra, Yoga and Karan to predict the most auspicious Muhurat.

Auspiciousness ranking: It divides muhurat into four categories depending upon the order of auspiciousness of the muhurat from high to low. It grades these categories as A, A++, B, and B+, etc. It also shows the percentage-wise auspiciousness of muhurat.

Worldwide approach: The software can be used in any part of the world to calculate auspicious Muhurat.

Freedom of choice: If you don’t wish to use any of the features in the software you can render it inactive. For example, if you do not need astrological information like combustion of the planets or astrological yoga on a specific day, you can turn it off.

Astrological information: The Muhurat software gives astrological information like combust, retrograde and rising planets to get a better idea of the day. Here, to enhance the accuracy, the software uses the rising lagna- movable, fixed and dual in the most effective manner.

The LeoStar Muhurat software is a useful tool that helps you know all auspicious and inauspicious Muhurats. Doing activities during inauspicious times brings inauspicious results. For example, if you bought a property during bad muhurta or signed papers during bad muhurta, chances of discrepancies and losses are there. The software gives you correct information about different Muhurat so you can choose the correct Muhurat for different activities and improve their auspiciousness even more.

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