What is Mangal Dosha and what remedies to overcome from this dosha

By: Future Point | 31-Oct-2018
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What is Mangal Dosha and what remedies to overcome from this dosha

In Vedic astrology, Mangal dosha is considered to be the most malefic dosha of a birth chart. It affects a person’s life in many ways and its main focus on marriage. It brings misfortune and bad luck for the person.

In astrology terms, Mangal dosha is also known as the Kuja dosha, bhom dosha, and angrakha dosha. It is said that if a person has manglik dosha in his birth chart they cannot get married easily.

What is Manglik dosha?

Mars is related to the Manglik dosha. Mars is considered the planet of war and it creates highly unfavorable situations for marriage. Mars in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, and the 12th house a person’s chart then it means he has manglik dosha in his kundali. A manglik person is said to be under the negative influence of Mars.

Mangal dosha creates tensions, discomfort, unhappiness, and separations in married life. Most of the people suffer from disharmony in their married life. At the time of marriage or horoscope matching, manglik dosha is highly considered and it is the most important parameter in kundali matching.

Characteristics of Manglik dosha

  • Male and female, both have manglik dosha in their birth chart.
  • Mars signifies war, aggression, and people with manglik dosha are said to be ill-tempered or having anger issues.
  • Mangal dosha causes the delay in marriage and creates problems in married life. It causes tension, mishappening, and discord in the relationship.
  • It is said that marriage between two Manglik persons is supposed to nullify the effects of this dosha or planet.
  • It is believed that those who had ill-treated their parents in the previous birth will have this mangal dosha.

Effects of Manglik dosha

  • If mars are placed in the first house in birth chart then conflicts and violence have occurred in the married life.
  • When mars are in the 2nd house, creates disturbance in family life and tensions in professional and married life.
  • Mars presence in 4th house means the person facing problems in getting the success in his professional life. He keeps switching jobs.
  • When mars is in 7th house, the excess energy makes the person ill-tempered. A person is unable to establish a cordial relationship with his family because of his domineering nature.
  • Presence of Mars in the eighth house, the person stays away from his elders and loses the paternal property.
  • When the mars placed in the tenth house, the person suffers from mental problems and issues and facing economic problems.

Remedies for Manglik Dosha

  • Kumbh vivah is the perfect solution of manglik dosha. It is kind of marriage which can reduce the malefic effects of manglik dosha. In this remedy of manglik dosha, a manglik person has to get married to a tree which nullifies the mangal dosha.
  • Tuesday is dedicated to planet mars and to please this planet one should fasting on this day. During the fast, a person is only allowed to eat toor dal. Mangal dosha remedies enhance the life of a manglik person.
  • Chanting the mantras can also nullify the bad effects of mangal dosha. One can chant the navgreha mantra and hanuman chalisa every Tuesday. It also brings favorable results for the mangliks.
  • With the blessings of lord hanuman, one can be mitigating the ill effects of mangal dosha. Performing pooja and visit the lord hanuman temple every Tuesday. Est
  • Astrologers suggest mangliks to wear Red coral or Moonga gemstone embedded in the gold ring. This ring should be wear in the ring finger of the right hand.
  • It is advised that manglik person should be marrying after the age of 28 because the intensity of the mangal dosha decreases with age.
  • Chant hanuman chalisa once in a day.
  • If you are mangik then you must consider a manglik partner for marriage.
  • Everyday chants this mantra at 108 times while sitting in front of Hanuman Ji statue or picture. The mantra is – om shreem hanumante namah.
  • Donate sharp objects like knives, red gram dal made foods, wheat pieces of bread, red color clothes, and red stones on Tuesday.

Manglik dosha puja

Manglik dosha puja can also be done to remove the effects of Manglik dosha. This puja is done by esteemed panditji. He chanted the mantras to remove and reduce the malefic effects of mars. You can also book online mangal dosha puja from Future Point.

If you are Manglik and wants to marry a person who has not Manglik dosha then it may create a problem in your life. You must nullify the Manglik dosha before the marriage to a person who is free from Manglik Dosha.

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