What do the stars have in store for the marriage of Deepika & Ranveer?

By: Yashkaran Sharma | 16-Nov-2018
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What do the stars have in store for the marriage of Deepika & Ranveer?

"Tumultuous married life predicted. Will the couple stand the test of time?"

The horoscope of Ranveer Singh indicates that he has some kind of hidden talent in him which helps him handle all odd situations of life.

It is the exaltation of 3 planets in his D9 chart (Divisional chart of marriage) which should be considered as the secret of his immense popularity among the members of opposite sex but if we analyze horoscope of Ranveer Singh for his married life we find few challenging things for stability in relationship.

In nutshell his horoscope doesn't appear a promising one for the future of married life.

As per his Moon chart his rise in career started from 2011 and was in full swing till date but from 2019 onwards he shall face difficulties in his career and there will be downfall in his professional as well as personnel life from January 2020 onwards. He might face some bitterness in his relationship with Deepika even in the year 2019.

Marriage Astrology

Deepika Padukone is one of those creatures who come to this earth to learn about their relationship with their spouse. As per her chart she is likely to face lot of difficulties, instability & insecurity in her married life. At times it might become very difficult for her to save her relationship.

In nutshell the future of this marriage is uncertain. The one thing which shall keep them together will be their professional life but there are indications of downfall in the career of Ranveer Singh after January 2020 and at that time if both of them decide to work together for saving the career of Ranveer Singh in that situation definitely there will come stability in married life.

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