Do you want to know about the Golden Period of your life?

By: Future Point | 15-Nov-2018
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Do you want to know about the Golden Period of your life?

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In this hectic world that is full of daunting challenges, one easily tends to get demoralized at some point or the other. In a scenario where there is cut-throat competition everywhere, it is very difficult to remain in high spirits all the time. Plus, the constantly evolving technology in today's modern world, poses risks to the professional path that one is walking currently.

So what should I do?

Should I give up?

Should I stop working hard?


There is no success without hardwork and dedication. Those who choose the path of escapism, always remain at the mercy of others. However, a smart person does not follow the herd. Rather, looks for ways that give him/her an edge over the herd and catapult him/her to a position in life where there are opportunities waiting to be seized for success with little or no competition around.


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This is what is described as a smart approach to life. But an average person rarely finds himself/herself at a juncture in life where there are growth opportunities within reach. However, if by some chance, one do get to be at such an interesting crossroad in life, then that would be truly a Golden Period for that individual.

So speaking in layman's terms, a Golden Period is:

  • A period when success comes naturally towards us.
  • A period with minimum or perhaps no hurdles in life.
  • A period when we get assistance from everyone around us.
  • A period when all our actions result in an overall favourable outcome, irrespective of the conditions around us.
  • A period in which we emerge victorious over our enemies & competitors.
  • A period of reaping exponential gains for our original efforts.
  • A period in which our past investments come to maximum fruition and the present time gives us great investment opportunities for the future.
  • A period when our health blooms in full potential.
  • A period of family bliss & happiness.
  • A period when singles meet their beloved or people already having a partner experience the joy & sweetness of relationship with their partner.
  • A period when we get out of legal problems that we have been facing in our life.
  • To sum it up- The best phase of life!

Role of Vedic Astrology in determining The Golden Period of Your Life

The ancient science of Vedic Astrology is no less than a boon to humankind as it reveals what the future holds for a native and suggests incredibly effective remedial measures that have the potential of altering the course of a native's destiny.

Vedic Astrology analyzes the positioning and aspects of planets in the horoscope of a native and determines the effects that they are casting on the native. In order to find out the Golden Period in an individual's life, deep analysis involving examination of the horoscope from multiple angles is needed. Mind you, this is no easy feat. Hence, it is successfully done only by an experienced astrologer.


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The Golden Period in a person's life is calculated by:

Analysis of the Lord of Ascendant:

The Lord of Ascendant or the Ruler of the first house in a native's horoscope is a planet that is extremely crucial when it comes to shaping up the overall destiny of the native.

Transit Analysis:

The natal chart or the birth horoscope of an individual is formed right at the time of his/her birth as per the then placement/alignment of planets in the Zodiac belt. But, the planets keep on moving in the Zodiac belt continuously and thus keep on changing signs in the Zodiac belt. This means they give two types of results: one that is pre decided as per their position in our birth horoscope and second as per their transitory movement in the different signs of Zodiac belt. So in order to identify the Golden Period in the life of a native, the transitory movements of benefic planets as per the birth horoscope of the native is examined as well.

The 9th House:

The 9th house is the 'House of Fortune'. Now what other than the house of fortune itself, can reveal the Golden Period of one's life? Therefore, while decoding the Golden Period of an individual's life, special emphasis is given towards analyzing the House of Fortune.


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The sign present in the 9th house reveals the ruler of that sign which in turn becomes the ruler of the 9th house. This reveals the planet that holds the key to one's fortune. However, only a brilliant astrologer can dig in further to arrive at the time when the fortune is expected to blossom as there are so many other moving parts involved such as-

  • Planets positioned in the 9th house
  • Planets aspecting the 9th house
  • The situation of the 9th house in the current transit chart
  • The relation of the 9th house with the Lord of Ascendant.
  • The Nakshatras in which the planet/s present in the 9th house are situated.

Numerology Analysis:

People highly undermine the power of numbers and their effects on them. The correct numerology analysis of a native based on his/her date of birth reveals the time period that will be supported by numbers too in harmony with planets that will eventually result in realization of desires of the native.

Believe it or not, these are just a few parameters on which the Golden Period in the life of an individual is calculated because every horoscope is unique just as the karmic baggage that all of us carry. If "When will my good time start?" is the burning question of your heart, then do consult us for all the future predictions that will prove to be extremely beneficial for you.

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