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What A 'Debilitated Venus In Virgo' Means For Your Love Life

By: Future Point | 06-Jul-2019
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A debilitated Venus means when the Planet Venus in a Kundli is at its weakest. Venus usually is considered an auspicious planet but when it enters Virgo, it gets weakened and has a lot of consequences and causes a lot of changes in the life of the native. As per popular opinion, a debilitated Venus is negatively linked and is associated with several bad things along with a number of malefic effects it casts upon the native.

It is considered that a weakly affected Venus will work negatively every time, but it is not so. The word debilitated is directly linked to the strength of the planet Venus in a horoscope and not to the nature of Venus. The results of a debilitated Venus depends upon the Horoscope of a person. For Venus to provide positive or negative results one should check the results and positioning of the other planets in the Kundli. Planet Venus alone cannot provide positive or negative results, it needs to be supported or aspected by a stronger planet, which is either malefic in nature or benefic.

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Here are some of the malefic and benefic effects of debilitated Venus:

Debilitated Venus in 1st House

If Venus is beneficial in nature and is placed in the 1st house of the horoscope, it blesses the native with good results in relation to marriage, profession, finances, health, etc. The debilitated Venus usually is beneficial in nature when it enters the 1st house of the horoscope.

Effect of Debilitated Venus in Virgo

Venus in Virgo generally does have negative effects on marriage because Venus is related to love and partner. If Venus is in a debilitated position it affects the marriage in a negative way. Venus is generally supposed to give a cautious and careful personality. A person is desirous of infinite love and attention from the partner when Venus is debilitated. The mind of the person is always occupied by thoughts of love and their struggle to enjoy their married life becomes difficult. Expectations in such case causes disappointments. The placement of Venus indicates argumentative and critical characteristics in terms of love and marriage.

A Venus when in Virgo is not able to express their unconditional love to their partner. Venus in the sign of Mercury indicates that the person is going to have many love affairs. It also indicates that the connection would be more on the physical level than the emotional one.

Practical and Critical

People with this combination are too much on the mean and critical side, and this causes disharmony and lack of peace in relationships. Such people look for the materialistic things in a relationship and thus they ignore the intangible values of the heart. They often question themselves to know if the said relationship is suitable for them in terms of practical and material life. And as a result, they miss on noticing the love and only notice about the practical things of life.

Beautiful Appearance But Lack Of Magnetism Of Soul

The looks of such people are picture-perfect but the lack of magnetism of their soul makes them less attractive to the opposite gender. Their practical nature makes them less emotional and forces them to maintain a distant and cold relationship with their partner.

Expenses of Wealth

The Venus debilitated Virgo indicates that the native would lead a life with fewer luxuries and comforts. People with such combinations have to put the double amount of efforts to earn money. When a person works so hard for earning the money, they get less time for their loved one. The understanding factor between both the partners decrease and they tend to have arguments more frequently.

Marriage and love constitute the most essential parts of life and they help the person to be happy, emotionally and physically. Love plays an essential part in our lives. It not only affects our physical health but also affects our mental and emotional health. The world seems to look like a better place when you are in love. Being in a relationship is a great feeling, to know someone who is ready to give his/her everything to you. Knowing that a person would love to stand by your side no matter what the situation is, feels great. Strong relationships are made when both people have nurtured it with care and communication. Although relationships can take many forms, certain traits have been shown to be especially important for relationships. Love, care, and communication are just a few of them.

A debilitated Venus in Virgo has many malefic effects on the marriage and love life of a person. It may even lead to separation of the partners.

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Here are some of the remedies for strengthening your Venus:

  • Offering sweets to girls has been considered as the most powerful remedy for Venus.
  • Use of perfumes and silver ornaments will help you to strengthen Venus.
  • The following mantra for Venus should be recited for 108 times.
“Om Shum Shukraya Namaha”

If you’re still confused about what effects could a debilitated Venus cast in your love life and how you should protect yourself from the malefic effects of it, you should consult the best astrologer in Delhi. A talk to astrologer online service will help you to solve your various problems and provide you with effective remedies to strengthen your debilitated Venus.