How Marriage Astrology Can Help New Parents Have a Strong Relationship?

By: Future Point | 28-Jun-2019
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How Marriage Astrology Can Help New Parents Have a Strong Relationship?

The definition of marriage varies from culture to culture, religion to religion and even from person to person. But, in India, it is an institution that is socially and ritually sanctioned between two people and two families. In a developing country, like India, marriage is compulsory for a person before pursuing any sexual intercourse with another person. The whole life of an individual change after getting married because then the person also has to think about the other person before doing anything. Your actions have any an equal reaction on your soulmate. In India, conceiving a child after marriage actually completes your marriage.

A Horoscope can tell whether the person will marry early or lately. The seventh house in a person’s Kundali indicates marriage, partnership, and relationship. In a male’s horoscope matching for marriage, Venus is the lord of the seventh house, when benefic planets are present in the seventh house then it indicates an early marriage but when malefic planets are present then it shows that the person will be married late. Whereas in female’s horoscope Jupiter is the master of the seventh house, it is important for a blissful and happy married life.

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Mars plays an important role in Kundali matching, if mars are placed in the 1st, 4rth, 7th, 8th or 12th then the person is said to be a Mangalik or have a Kuja or Mangal Dosh. Mars effects happiness and peace in married life. In certain cases, this Dosha is nullified but in many cases remedies are opted to eliminate this Dosh.

Divorce indicates a horrifying experience or situation that ends or kills a marriage. It’s a legal separation of a husband and a wife. Astrology plays an important role in such a situation if Mars, Saturn, Sun, Dragon’s head, Rahu and Ketu are present in the seventh house of an individual then it adversely affects a person’s love life.

Remedies to solve your Marriage Problems as per your Zodiac Signs:

Aries: Lord Sun controls the house of the marriage of the people belonging to this zodiac sign and if ever a problem arises, it is because of the planet, Saturn. So, it is beneficial for you if you render water to the planet, Sun. Also, donating black gram, black cloth, and black sesame seeds on Saturdays can end all your problems.

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Taurus: Mangal or planet Mars is responsible for providing affection in the marriage or relationship of the people who belong to this zodiac sign. The problems in your love life generally arise because of the planet, Jupiter. These people are advised to keep fasts on Tuesdays and donate yellow colored things like food, flowers, etc.

Gemini: If Venus in your birth chart is strong, then be ready to have a love and romance filled marriage, but if there are problems in your married life then Mars is responsible for that. For a happy married life, such people should avoid the usage of red color in their life and start using silver and white colors.

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Cancer: Planet Saturn brings love in your married life, but if it is in a weak stage then you can also witness serious problems like separation in your life. For having a good married life, you should chant Shani (Saturn) mantras and should focus more on yellow color rather than red color.

Leo: For all the people who belong to this zodiac sign, again Saturn creates love and romance in their relationship but Mercury is responsible for causing problems in their married life. These people are advised to make more use of blue color in their lives and also start donating green vegetables to cattle on Wednesday for improvements in their love life.

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Virgo: Saturn brings love and affection in their relationship but the planet, Mars is responsible for causing all the troubles in their love life. If you want that love and passion again in your love life then chant Shani mantras and keep fasts on Tuesdays and avoid the intake of salt.

Libra: Mars is the source of all the love and care in your marriage and Jupiter causes all the problems in your love life. If you want a trouble-free relationship then you should religiously read Hanuman Chalisa and you should donate bananas on every Thursday. While bathing, you should mix a little bit of turmeric powder in the water you are using for bathing.

Scorpio: Venus is the in charge of love and affection for you but Mercury spoils the situation in your married life. For saving your married life, Start using perfume (Itr) on you and donate green gram every Wednesday, to reduce the negative effect of Mercury. These remedies can bring love and peace back in your life.

Saggitarius: For all the Saggitarians, Saturn is the root cause for all your love problems, for solving problems in your relationship one should chant Shani Mantras, should donate black things like black cloth, black gram, etc. Stop using sugar and make use of jaggery.

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Capricorn: Moon is responsible for kicking out love and care from your relationship. To strengthen Moon start making more use of silver like by wearing silver earrings, silver pendants, silver rings, etc. Worshipping Lord Shiva will give you some real results as it will make your connection even stronger with your partner.

Aquarius: While Sun rarely works in your favor, it is the planet, Mars that can cause real destruction in your love life. If you want your married life to be a successful one then You should observe fasts on Sundays and should go to Hanuman Temple on every Tuesday.

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Pisces: Moon brings love and affection for the people who belong to this zodiac sign but it is the planet, Mercury that creates a disturbance in an individual's married life. You should worship Lord Shiva on every Full Moon day because that can only bring the love, affection, and passion back in your relationship.

There is a probability that these remedies will solve your problems but for full assurance, you can also talk to an Astrologer or can contact our Love Marriage Astrologer.

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